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Module 12 Summer in LA

Unit 1 一.、阅读对话找出下列短语。(96页)

1. 看上去真好看 2. 一点紧

3. 学校发奖仪式 4. 热烈欢迎……

5. 作为一名学生 6. 在飞机场

7. 在录音间 8. 别说傻话了


1.住处 2. 短裤 3.太阳镜 4. 裤子

5.客人 6.课程 7. 主人 8.一段____________

三、 语言点学习

My trousers are a bit tight. 我的裤子有点紧. a bit 表示“有点,稍微相 当于a little ,用来形容形容词.修饰不可数名词用 a little 或 a bit of . 如: 我的鞋子有点紧.


Unit 2 一. 说出下列列单词的意思:

various organize place of interest

fill in address 二. 阅读课文,在文中画出下列单词和短语并写在横线上。(98页)


3. 在…….开始每周测试5. 参加6. 安排旅馆住宿

7.当然 课下9. 购物中心10. 名胜

11. 填写申请表12. 付款 综合练习:


1. One of my best friends _________ (have) moved to America.


3. The whole family________(be) having supper when I dropped in.

4. At the moment, the whole class ________ (enjoy) sightseeing trips in the city.

5. The government ________ (be) trying to promote good relationship with other countries. 6. My study group ______ (want) to have pen friends.

7. My father’s company ____(be) paying for summer courses for our class.

8. Our team _______ (have) organized a match against a visiting school.

9. Six weeks ________ (be) a long time to be away from home. ’ll be no trouble at the concert


1.The mother with two children often _______(go) to the town.

2.Ten minutes _______(be) enough for me.

3. Listen! Some birds __________(sing) in the tree.

4.Neither my father nor I _______(be) there just now.

5 These police often _______ (help)the children across the street.

6.I think maths _______(be) very interesting.

7.The writer and teacher _______ (be)coming now. 8.His family ______ (be)a large one.The whole family _____(be)watching TV.

三、选择填空。1. Your trousers ____dirty, you must have _____washed.

A. is; it B. are; it C. are; them D. is; them

2. Where ____rubbish, there are flies.

A. there are B. there is C. is D. there has

3. The Olympic Games ____held every ____years.

A. is; four B. are; four C. is; five D. are; five

4. Many a man _____ come to help us.

A. have B. has C. is D. are

5. He is the only one of the students who _____elected.

A. are B. have C. has D. is

6. Three-fourths of the homework _____today.

A. has finished B. has been finishedC. have finished D. have been finished

7. Those who ____ in ____compositions, please hand them in this afternoon.

A. hasn‘t handed; his B. haven’t handed; their

C.has handed; their D. have handed; his

8. Jane is one of the best students in her class who _____by their teacher.

A. are praised B. is praised C. praised D. praising

9. The whole class _____the teacher attentively.

A. are listening to B. is listening to C. are listening D. is listening

10. The United States of America _____one of the most developed countries in the world.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

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