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河北省藁城市尚西中学2013-2014学年七年级英语上学期期中试题(无答案) 人


Ⅰ.听力部分 (30分)


1. A. BBC B. NBA C. HB

2. A. Helen B. Alan C. Jane

3. A. See B. Say C. Six

4. A. fine B. nine C. five 5. A. what B. white C. that


6. A. Good afternoon! B. Good evening! C. Good morning!

7. A. I’m 15. B. I am fine. C. My name is Mike.

8. A. It’s “Aa”. B. It’s pen. C. This is pen

9. A. Grace. B. Dale. C. Smith.

10. A. 959-28. B. I’m 959-28. C. OK!


11. Where is Helen? A. In Beijing. B. In Chengdu. C. In Guangzhou.

12. What is red?

A. Helen’s jacket. B. Helen’s cup. C. Helen’s pencil.

13. What is Betty’s last name?

A. White. B. Green. C. Brown.

14. What is Betty’s phone number?

A.521-6683. B.563-8221. C.582-8681.

15. What color is Betty’s quilt?

A. Red. B. Black. C. Yellow.




( )21. This is eraser. It is not ruler. A. a, a B. an,a C. a, an

( )22. Thanks your photo of your family. A. to B. at C. for

( )23. Please the English book to his room. A. take B. have C. bring

( )24. The books are very good, I like . A. they B. their C. them

( )25. . Is this your pencil case? A. Hello B. I’m sorry C. Excuse me

( )26. I Lin Dong, My English name Gina.

A. am, am B. is, am C. am, is

( )27. Li Lei an English book. A. don’t have B. doesn’t have C. doesn’t has

( )28. 26个字母中小写字母手写体能占三格的字母是 .

A. i, f, g B. f, j C. g, p, y


( )29. is my father, name is Wang Jian.

A.He; He's B.He; His C.His; His ( )30. I eat for lunch. A. chicken B. a chicken C. chickens ( )31. I can see some balls, and they are the floor. A. in B. to C. on

( )32. Jim’s brother five basketballs. A. have B. has C. is ( )33. David and Jim like bananas? A. Does B. Do C. Is

( )34. Let’s basketball. A. play B. play a C. play the ( )35.Are these your books? A. Yes, they’re. B. Yes, they are C. Yes, these are.

( )36--______ you _____ computer games? --Yes, I do.

A. Do, plays B. Do, play C. Are, play D. Are, plays

( )37. I have ____ book . A. good B. fun C. boring D. interesting

( )38.The map is in your _______ room.

A. grandparent B. grandparents’ C. grandparents D. grandparents’ s

( )39.A clock and a schoolbag _______ on the desk. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )40.--_____ is your schoolbag? ---It’s on the desk.

A. What B. Where C. When D. How

II.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分) My name 41. Jack Green. Jack is my 42. name,43. Green is my last name. I’m twelve . I’m 44. English boy. I 45. a sister. 46. name is Mary. She is seven . She is a 47 . She 48. watching TV. My father and my mother are 49. , and 50. like their work. .

( )41. A. am B. is C. are

( )42. A. family B. last C. first

( )43. A. and B. but C. or

( )44. A. a B. an C. the

( )45. A. have B. has C. am

( )46. A. His B. Her C. She

( )47. A. teacher(教师) B. student(学生) C. boy

( )48. A. like B. likes C. is like

( )49. A. teacher B. a teacher C. teachers

( )50.A.They B. Them C. Their



This is Jim’s room. It’s small but very nice. There is(有) a chair, a desk and a bed in the room. A computer and some books are on the desk. The bed is next to the desk. Under the desk, there is a baseball. His computer game is under the bed. There is a photo of his family on the wall(墙). He likes his room. ( )51. There is in the room. a desk B. two desks C. three chairs ( )52. are on the desk.

A. A book and a computer B. A computer and some books C. Some books and some computers ( )53. There is under the desk. A. a chair B. a computer game C. a baseball ( )54. There is on the wall. A. a photo of his classmates B. a photo of his teachers C. a photo of his family ( 55. The room is . A. small B. nice C. small and nice


My name is Tom. I am a boy. This is my room. It’s very messy (凌乱的)My quilt is on the floor.

My books and dictionary are on my bed. The computer game is under the bed. My pencil box 2

is on the

Dresser. My schoolbag is on the chair. My keys are on the desk.

56. The boy’s name is _______ A. Bob B. Tom C. Mike D. Jack

57. His room is _______. A. clean B. tidy C. messy D. nice

58. His quilt is _____. A. on the floor B. on the dresser C. on the chair D. under the bed. 59. His books are ______. A. on the dresser B. on his bed C. on the chair D. on the desk

60. ______ is / are on the desk.

A. His dictionary B. His pencil box C. His keys D. His schoolbag

(C) This is my brother, Mike. He plays soccer every day. He has two volleyballs. He has three basketballs and

five soccer balls. He watched volleyball, basketball and soccer on TV. He plays sports every day. I am Tom. I have only one basketball, two ping-pong bats and some ping-pong balls. I don’t play basketball

every day. I play ping-pong every afternoon.

61. Mike is Tom’s______.

A. cousin B. friend C. brother D. sister

62. Mike has _______ basketballs.

A. five B. four C. three D. two

63. Mike has ______ soccer balls.

A. five B. four C. three D. two

64. Tom has _______ basketball (s).

A. four B. three C. two D. one

65. Tom plays _______ every afternoon.

A. ping-pong B. basketball C. volleyball D. soccer.


Good morning! I’m Jack Miller. Here is a photo of my room. You can see a bed, a schoolbag, a desk, a model plane and some other (其他) things. The schoolbag is on the desk. My English book isn’t in my schoolbag. It’s on the desk. The model plane is blue. Where is it? It’s under the chair. Look at my clock. It’s on the bed. A computer game is on the desk. It isn’t mine. I found it this morning.

It’s white. I think it’s Bob’s. Because Bob’s name and telephone number are on it.

66. 判断正误(T/ F)

My schoolbag, my English book and a computer game are on the desk. ( )

67. You can see a bed, a ______________________ in Jack’s room.

68. Where is Jack’s model plane? __________________________________________

69. What color is Bob’s computer game?




72.Where are the ________?

73.Let’s _______ soccer after school.

74. That _________ interesting.

75. English is easy for ________.


76. don’t, a, I , baseball, have. _________________________________________.


77. let, play, them, games, computer, _______________________________________.

78. map, in, your, the, grandparents’, is, room. _____________________________________.

79. is, his, photo, family, here _______________________________________________ 80. is, number, what, his, telephone,_____________________________________________? VII.写作(10分)




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