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一.单项选择, 从A B C 中选出最佳答案。(每小题1分,共计15分)

( )1、----How are you ?


A、I’m ok B、Thanks C、Hi

( )2、----Hello ! Are you Alice .


A、No ,I’m not B、Yes , I’m C、Yes ,I’m Kate

( ) 3、She is a students . __________ name is Jane .

A、Her B、She C、He

( ) 4、----How do you do ?

----___________ .

A、Fine , thanks B、How do you do

C、How are you

( ) 5、----How __________are you ?

----I’m twelve

A.class B.grade C.old

( ) 6、This is ________egg ,That is __________ ruler .

A、a/an B、an/a C、a/a

( ) 7、----Do you have a car ?

----NO, ___________ .

A、I do B、I don’t C、I am

( ) 8、Linda and Jane are in __________classes .

A、the sane B、different C、same .

( ) 9、-----_______is that boy ?

-----oh , he is Ben .

A、Whose B、Who C、What

( )10、 Ben is ______friend .

A、Li Ming B、Li’s Ming C、Li Ming’s

( )11、----What does your uncle do ?

----__________ .

A、He is fine B、He is a teacher C、He is from China

( )12、-----Would you like _______rice ?

------NO , thanks .

A、much B、some C、any

( )13、What can I do ________you ?

A、to B、at C、for

( )14、-----_______is this dress ?

-----It’s twenty yuan .

A、How many B、How much C、How old

( )15、We go to school _______7:30_______the morning .

A、in/at B、in/in C、 at/in


Maria and Wang Jun Feng are good friends . Maria is 1_____ Canada .She is thirteen __2_____ . Now she is ___3__ BeiJing . No.10 High school . she is in class one , Grade one . ___4___ phone number is 8675-4888 . Wang Jun Feng is from Fujian ,china . 5___ English name is Tina . He is thirteen ___6__. He is _ 7__ class

Three , Grade one . His phone number __8___ 8876-5422 .They 9____in the 10___class .

( ) 1、A、to B、from C、 at

( ) 2、A、year old B、years old C、 years olds

( ) 3、A、at B、in C、from

( ) 4、A、He B、her C、His

( ) 5、A、His B、Her C、he

( ) 6、A、too B、years old C、year

( ) 7、A、in B、at C、from

( ) 8、A、is B、am C、are

( ) 9、A、aren’t B、are C、is

( )10、A、some B、same C、any

五、阅读理解 。(ABCD篇短文,共20小题,每小题2分,,共40分)

( A)

On Sunday , Kangkang goes out for a picnic with his friends . They take many thing there . Many wants Kangkang to sing songs with her , but he has no time . He has to cook with Jane and Michel , steve carries water for them . Mar ia flies a kite with her dog .Bobby . They are all very happy .

( )1、Who goes out for a picnic with his friends ?

A、Kangkang B、Wang Jun Feng C、LiMing

( )2、Mary want’s to sing a song with her ?

A、WangJunFeng B、Kangkang C、Jane

( )3、Who cooks with Kangkang ?

A、Jane B、WangJunFeng

C、 Jane and Michel

( )4、Who flies a kite with the dog Bobby ?

A、Maria B、Kangkang C、Steve

( )5、How many friends go out for a picnic ?

A、six B、five C、seven

( B )

Mona Smith is our headteacher(班主任). She teaches us English. We don’t know her age because that’s a secret. She is a young good-looking woman. We call her Mona. Few of us call her Miss Smith. She is tall and strong. She has long brown hair. She always wears a pair of glasses.

In her class she is very serious. She often teaches us English songs. She sings very well. She makes us speak English. Answer her questions in English. Act dialogues in English, too. She always makes her lessons interesting. We all like her lessons.

After class she often plays volleyball with us. She is very friendly to us. We like talking with her. Sometimes she buys chocolates(巧克力)and fruit for us. She is our good friend. We all like her.

6. What does the headteacher teach? __________.

A. Chinese B. Math C. English

7. What do her students call her? ___________.

A. Mona Smith B. Miss Smith C. Mona

8. What is Miss Smith like? ________.

A. She is thin. B. She is strong

C. She is tall and strong

9. How is her class? __________.

A. It is very serious and interesting.

B. It is boring

C. It is difficult

10. Why does her students like her class? Because she___________.

A. can sing English well

B. can play volleyball with her students

C. is friendly to her students and make her lessons interesting

( C)

I have a good friend. His name is Jones. He has a nice, brown coat. He loves it very much, but his wife does not like it, because it is old. She often says, “Give it to a poor man.” But Mr Jones always says, “No, I like this coat very much.”

One day, Jones is smoking. Suddenly a cigarette(香烟) falls on it and makes a hole(洞) in it, so Mrs Jones says, “Please don’t wear it again, throw it away.” Mr Jones takes it to a small tailor(裁缝). “Please make another coat like this one.”

The tailor makes the coat very carefully. Then he lights(点燃) a cigarette, and makes a hole in it in the same place just like the old one. When Mr Jones goes to fetch(取)it, he is very surprised.

11. Why doesn’t Mrs Jones like the coat? Because .

A. it is nice and brown

B. it is not nice

C. it is very old

12. What does Mr Jones always say? He says“___________ .”

A. I like this coat

B. Give it to a poor man

C. No, I don’t like this coat. 13. makes a hole in the coat.

A. Mr Jones B. Mrs Jones C. A cigarette 14. What does Mr Jones ask the tailor to do? He asks the tailor to .

A. make a new hole in the coat

B. make a new coat just the same as the old one

C. make more money

15. Who do you think is foolish (笨)?_________.

A. The tailor B. Mr Jones C. Mrs Jones

( D)


This is the Green family . Mr and Mrs Green are from England . They are both good English teachers . They teach English in a iunior high school in China . They like their jobs a lot . They have two children ,Tom and Betty . They are in BeiJing now . They are in the same school . But they are in different grades . Mr Green can speak Chinese . He likes reading ,Tom and Betty like playing games in the park .

( )16、The Green family are from canada .

( )17、Now they are in England .

( )18、They teach English in china

( )19、Tom and Betty are in different grades , but in the same school .

( )20、The two children like reading .

四. 词汇


1. There’s a map of __________ (Chinese)on the wall.

2. The twins are in different ________( class). 3. (be) these shoes old or new?

4. Let’s go (swim) tomorrow.

5. This is a dark blue shirt, it’s not (David).

B、根据汉语完成单词。(5分) 6. They have different (相貌, 外表) . 7. (日本人) and Chinese look the same. 8. What color are those (橡皮)? 9. Do you (认识) the girl in green?

10. I’m very glad to_______(遇见)you here.


1. He has long black hair.(改为一般疑问句)

__________ he _________ long black hair?

2. They have yellow caps. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________caps do they have?

3. She has your telephone number.(改为否定句)

She _______ ______ your telephone number.

4. Can I help you?(改为同义句)

_______ can I do _______ you?

5. It is Kangkang’s coat. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it?



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