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答案) 人教新目标版

分数(120分) 时间 (90分钟)


1. This is _______eraser and that is _____ ID card. A. a ; an B. an, an C. an, a D. a, a

2. You can ask the teacher _____ the book. A. in B. on C. for D. at

3. –What do you call your father’s sisters? --_____.A. Uncles B. Cousins C. Aunts D. Parents

4. –Look at that photo. What a happy family! --Yes, it’s a photo _____ my family.

A. at B. for C. of D. in

5.What’s five and three? --It’s ______. A. seven B. nine C. eight D. ten

6.–What’s your phone number? --______ 227—2738A. it’s B. It’s C. It’s a D. Its

7.Please give(给) ________ English book to her. A. me B. I C. mine D. my

8. What’s your name? ----_________________.

A. My name is Helen B. Good morning C. His name is Frank D. Her name is Cindy

9. She’s Mary Smith. Smith is her _______. A. name B. first name C. last name D. two name

10._____ is Jane. ______ phone number is 286—7986.

A. She, She B. She, Her C. Her, She D. Her, Her

11.---We are going to visit the zoo tomorrow.(明天) ---_________.

A. Good morning B. Have a good day! C. I’m fine D. Well

12. This ______ my sister and those ______ my parents. A. is, is B. is, are C. are, is D. are, are

13.Is this _______ notebook? --- No, it isn’t ________.

A. yours, mine B. hers, his C. your, mine D. your, my

14. I must ______ my keys. A. find B. found C. lost D. to lose

15. There is (有) an _________ in his telephone number. A. zero B. three C. eight D. nine

16. --- Is he Jack? ---_____. His name is Dale.

A. Yes, he is B. No, he is C. Yes, he isn’t D. No, he isn’t

17. ---My name is Gina. ---Hi, Gina! ______________.

A. Nice meeting you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you D. Thank you 18. Those are her _______. A. friend B. sister C. brother D. parents

19. –Who is the girl _______ the photo? -----Sally. A. in B. on C. at D. of

20.Frank found a set of _______. A. key B. keys C. a key D. two keys 21. This is a map ______ China. A. to B. for C. with D. of

22.-- Mom. _____ is my friend, Lilan – Lilan, _____ is my mom. A. this, this B. that, this C. that that

23. ______ your great help. A. Thank for B Thanks for C. Thank you D. Thanks 24. Those are _________. A. his boxs B. your book C. his books D. my watch

25.—Are those your books?No,_____. A. they’re B. they are C. they’re not D. they aren’t II. 完形填空 (10分)

Hello, boys and girls! I __26___ David. My 27____ name is Hand. This is my pen. It is black. That is _28____English book. It’s 29____. 30____ that? Oh, 31___ a comic book It isn’t 32_____. I 33____ my comic book at school. Is this comic book 34___? Please 35___ me at 398—5926

26.A. is B. are C. am D. be 27.A. first B. last C. the D. a


28. A. an B. a C. the D. / 29.A. blue color B. a blue C. blue D. color blue

30. A. Is B. What’s C. It’s D. Is it 31. A. this is B. he is C. I’m D. it’s

32. A. mine B. my C. me D. I 33.A. lost B. looked C. found D. met

34. A. your B. you C. my D. yours 35. A. meet B. thank C. call D. excuse III.阅读理解(30分, 每题2分)


Hi! I’m Jim Green. My telephone number is 3568—9876. MY jacket is blue. This boy is my friend. His first name is Jack. His last name is Brown. His phone number is 9678—6731. His jacket is red.

36. Jack’s last name is _________. A. Jim B. Green C. Jack D. Brown

37.What’s Jack’s telephone number?

A. Three five six eight nine eight seven six. B. Nine six seven eight six seven three one C. Three five eight six nine eight seven six. D. Nine six seven eight six seven one three.

38. What color is Jim’s jacket? A. Red B. Green C. Blue D. Yellow

39. What’s Jim’s last name? A. Jim B. Green C. Jack D. Brown

40. Jim and Jack are ________. A. sisters B. brothers C. friends D. teachers


This is a photo of my family. My grandfather’s name is Harry Black. My grandmother’s name is Helen

Green. My father’s name is David Black. My mother’s name is Mary Smith. I have a black dog. Its name

Is Xiaohei. My name is Mike. I’m ten. My dog is two years old. I love my family and my dog.

41.There are _________ people in Mike’s family. A. four B. five C. six D. seven

42.Xiaohei is Mike’s _______. A. brother B. sister C. dog D. cousin

43.David Black is Mike’s ______. A. brother B. father C. mother D. sister

44.Mike’s parents are ________.A. Harry and David B. David and Mary C. Harry and Helen

45. What’s the writer’s (作者的) name ?________ A. David B. Helen C. Mike D. Mary


46. You can call _____ to get back your watch. A. Kevin B. Richard D. Jack

47. Who found an ID card?______ A. Richard B. Kiki C. Jack

48. Who lost an ID card/ _______ A. Jack B. Kevin C. I don’t know

49.Richard’s telephone number is ______. A. 13079047011 B. 321-4120 C. 512-7807

50. Who lost a dictionary? ________ A. Kevin B. Richard C. Coco.

IIIV. 任务型阅读(10分, 每题2分)


Here is my family photo. I am a girl. My name is Jane. This is my grandmother. She is old. These are my parents, Harry and Kate. These are my three sisters and my brother. My brother is the only (唯一的) boy in my family. My Grandmother and my parents love him. My sisters And I love him, too. He is a good boy.

51.判断正误(T/F) There is only one boy in Jane’s family _______________.

52.写出“My name is Jane”的同义句。 _________________________________________.

53.What’s the name of Jane’s mother? _______________________.

54.把”Here is my family photo” 变成复数句子__________________________________________.

55. 把划线句子翻译成汉语。________________________________________________________. V. 词汇 (20分, 每题2分)

1. We often borrow some books from our school _______________.(图书馆)

2. Here are some _________(picture). They are beautiful.

3. In the ___________(下一个) photo is my son.

4. What’s your t____________ number? It’s 743—7896

5. This is your English ________________(字典), Mrs. Smith.

6. Jeff and Helen are Jim’s p________. Jim is their son.

7. Miss White is my English teacher._______(her) is a good teacher.

8. Excuse _______(I ). May I know your name?

9. This is ________(he) backpack

10. What’s this in _________(China)

VI.连词成句 (10分, 每题2分)

1. the, in, who, photo, girl, is, the. _____________________________________________?

2. is, brother, those, my, are, friends, and, this, my.


3. aunt, sister, is, my, mother’s, my. ______________________________________________.

4. your, this, is, book, English. ___________________________________________?

5. ask, your, it, teacher, for, can, you, help. ____________________________________________. VII.写作 (15分)

假如你叫张英,请根据提示介绍一下你的家人,要求不少于50字,内容要包括所给的提示,另外可适当发挥。 1. 祖父母:张林(67岁) 林玉平 (65岁)

2. 父母: 张明(教师) 李丽(工人) 3. 孩子:张英 (13岁,学生) 张威(9岁, 学生) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


考号____________ 姓名__________ 班级_________



52.________________________________________ 53.___________________________________________________________




1._________________ 2._________________ 3.____________________

4._________________ 5._________________ 6.____________________

7._________________8._________________.9______________________10._________________ 3



2.____________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________






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