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2013年新版七年级上册英语Unit 5巩固练习

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball ?


一、写出下列动词的第三人称单数形式 goes has does plays 1.do______ 2.go _____ 3. have _____ 4.play _____ gets studies knows 7.get______ sounds 5.study______ 6.know______ 8.sound______ relaxes 11.don’t______ likes 9.watch______ watches10.relax______ doesn’t 12.like_______ 二、词形换装 doesn’t don’t 1.do not(缩写)______ 2.does not (缩写)______ does not let’s 3.let us (缩写)______ 4.doesn’t (完整式)______ football ping-pong 5.soccer(同义词)_______ 6.table tennis(同义词)______ hard difficult/hard 7.difficult (同义词)______ 8.easy (反义词)_______ boring different 9.interesting /fun(反义词)_______10.same (反义词)_______ us before 11.after (反义词)_______ 12.we(宾格)______ sports bats them 14.sport(复数)______15.bat( 13.they (宾格)_______ 复数)_____ well interesting/interested 16.good(副词)_______ 17.interest(形容词)________________ boring/bored 19.relax (形容词)___________ 18.bore (形容词)___________ relaxing/relaxed

三、英汉互译 1.棒球球棒 baseball ball 2.让我拿它。 Let me get it. 3.让我们走吧!Let’s go. 4.足球 soccer ball/football We are late. 5.我们迟到了! 6.乒乓球拍 ping-pong bat Let’s play. 7.让我们玩吧! 8.听起来很好. Sounds good. 9.打篮球 play basketball 10.打排球 play volleyball 11.玩电脑游戏play comuter games12.看电视 watch TV
13.一本有趣的书 an interesting book 14.进行体育运动 play sports 15.体育用品 sports things 16.三个排球three volleyballs 17.打乒乓球 play ping-pong (ball) 18.在学校 at school/in school


o you have a soccer ball? 1.D___ 2.-Do they have a tennis ball?-No,they d______ . on’t oes he have a TV? 3.D____ oes 4.-Does she have a pen?-Yes,she d_____. et’s play soccer. 5.L___ on’t have a ping-pong ball. 6.I d____ 7.That s______ ounds good. play tennis 打网球)? 8.Do you ___________( play 玩). 9.Let’s _____( has (有) a basketball. 10.John ___ have (有) a volleyball? 11.Does your friend ____ 12.Do they w____TV? atch 13.I have an _______ interesting (有趣的) book? only 只,仅) watches sports on TV? 14.She ____( tennis balls 15.Do you have some ___________ (网球)?

五、用do或be的适当形式填空 don’t Do you have a phone?Yes,I ___./No,I do 1.____ _____. does. /No,she _____. doesn’t 2.Does ____ she have a hat?Yes,she ___ do 3. Do ____ they have friends?Yes,they ___./No,they_____. don’t aren’t Are they English?Yes, they___ are . /No, they _____. 4. ____ 5.____ _____. Does Dave have a book?Yes,he ___ does. /No,he doesn’t Is Lily your sister?Yes,she ___ is . /No,she _____. isn’t 6.____
六、句型转换 1.She is my sister.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定、否定回答) isn’t your sister?Yes,she ___./No,she is Is she ____ ____ _____. 2.They are in Class 11.(同上) aren’t are Are they in Class 11?Yes,they ___./No,

they_____. ____ 3.He has a baseball.(同上) Does he____ have a baseball?Yes,he does ____ ___ ./No,he doesn’t _____. 4.My friends have a volleyball.(同上) your friends ____ Do ____ have a volleyball? ____ do . /No,they_____. don’t Yes,they ___

5.He plays basketball.(同上) Does he____ play basketball?____,he Yes does No doesn’t ____ ___./____,he _____. 6.I have a map.(改为否定句) don’t _____ have a map. I _____ 7.Gina has some volleyballs.(改为否定句) have _____ Gina _____ volleyballs. any doesn’t _____ 8.He plays sports every day(每天).(改为否定句) play He ______ sports every day. doesn’t ______ 9.I like tennis.(改为否定句) don’t _____ like I _____ tennis. 11.What about playing soccer ?(改为同义句) play football Let’s ______ _______.
七、用所给词的适当形式填空 interesting 1.The book is very(非常)__________(interest). relaxing 2.Music(音乐) is _________(relax). boring 3.The book is very(非常)__________(bore).

watches 4.She _______(watch) TV after school every day. relaxes 5.My friend ______(relax) on the beach(海滩). 6.She _____(have) a tennis ball. has basketballs (basketball) on the floor. 7.There are seven _______ 8._____(do) he have a ping-pong ball? Does him 9.Let ____(he) _____(play) basketball . play 八、单项选择 ( A )1. Let us ____ baseball.

A.play B.plays C.playing D.to play ( C )2. -Let ____ go. -That ____ good. A.he;sound B.his;sounds C.him;sounds D.he;sounds ( B )3. They play ____ soccer. A.a B./ C.the D.an ( D )4. He plays tennis____.He is a ____ tennis player. A.well ;well B.good;good C.good;well D.well;good

( B )5.-Let’s watch TV now. - _____ sounds great. A. This B.That C.These D.Those ( C )6. I am ____ in the _____ book. A.interested; interested B.interesting; interesting C.interested; interesting D. interesting; interested ( B )7. I like ____ music. A. relax B. relaxing C. relaxed D. relaxes ( B )8. He ____ and ___ TV at home on Sundays. A. relax; watch B. relaxes; watches C.relaxing; watching D.to relax; to watch ( A )9.The question(问题) is not easy. It’s very ____ . A.difficult B.good C.relaxing D.fun ( D )10.-Does your father have a baseball? - _____ . A. Yes,he have B.No,he does C.Yes,he doesn’t D.Yes,he does

( B )11. She___ TV every day. A. watch B. watches C. looks at D. sees ( A )12. There is a soccer game ___ . A. on TV B. on tv C. on radio D. in TV ( C )13. They ___ soccer at school___ their friends. A. play; and B. plays; with C. play; with D. plays; and ( A )14. My sister and I are ___ the same school. A. in B. at C. on D. under

1.你有一个排球吗?是的,我有。 Do you have a volleyball? Yes, I do. 2.她有一个足球吗?不,她没有。 Does she have a soccer ball? No, she doesn’t. 3.他们有一台电脑吗?不,他们没有。 Do they have a computer? No,they don’t.

4.他有一只乒乓球拍吗?是的,他有。 Does he have a ping-pong bat? No, he doesn’t. 5.让我们打网球

吧。这听起来不错。 Let’s play tennis.That sounds good/great. 6.你打篮球吗? Do you play basketball? 7.他们有篮球,足球,网球和排球。 They have basketballs,soccer balls,tennis balls and volleyballs. 8.让我们玩电脑游戏吧。这听起来很有趣。 Let’s play computer games.That sounds interesting. 9.英语令人感兴趣,但语文无聊。 English is interesting ,but Chinese is boring. 10.放学后,我和我的同学们打乒乓球。(with) I play ping-pong ball with my classmates after school. 11.迈克在星期天(on Sundays,放句末)看电视,玩电脑游戏(两件事情 可用and连接)。 Mike watches TV and play computer games on Sundays.

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