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七年级英语期末试题 (时间100分钟 满分120分) 一、单项选择(共15小题,计15分)


( )1 There is _____‖u‖ and _____ ―f‖ in the word ―funny‖. A. a, an B. a, a C. an, an D. an, a ( )2. My sister is __________.Today is her ________ birthday. A. four, four B. fourth, four C. four, fourth D. four, the fourth ( )3. – I like bananas and salad. What do you like? --I like _________. A. banana and broccoli B. bananas and broccolis C. pears and broccoli D. pear and broccolis ( )4. You can have this T-shirt ______ only ten dollars. A. for B. on C. in D. with

( )5. There are two windows _______ the wall, and a map is _______ the wall.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on , in ( )6. I don’t have ______ color pencils ,but she has_______.

A. some, some B.any, some C. some, any D. any, any ( )7. –Thank you for your letter. -______________.

A.It doesn’t matter. B. It’s funny C. You are interesting D. You’re welcome

( )8. Can you play ___________ trumpet?

A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )9. English is _______ favorite subject. A. Lucy and Lily B. Jim and Tom’s C. Jim’s and Tom D. Lucy’s and Lily’s

( )10.Look! These yellow shorts are on ___ for $12.

A. sell B. sale C. sells D. Saling ( )11. He can play the drums __________.

A. good B. well C. nice D. much

( )12..-What is the ____ of the shoes? -30 dollars. A. number B. price C. color D.year

( )13. The two brothers ____ green pants from me and sell them ____ you.

A. sell, to B. buy, from C. sell, from D. buy, to

( )14. He likes English ___ he likes math. But I don’t like Englsh ___ Chinese.

A.but, and B. or, and C. and, or D. so, or ( )15、Sandra Clark is _______ star.

A、running B、a runner C、a running D、runner

二.补全对话,从下面的方框中选择句子补全对话。(每题1分,共5分) A: B: Yes, please. I want a skirt for my daughter. A: B: Green or blue.

A: Look at the skirts over there. We have different colors. Which would you like?

B: I think the green one is nice. A: It’s 150 yuan. B: Oh, it’s too dear.

A: It’s only 60 yuan.

B: It’s cheap(便宜的), but it is big. A: Yes. Here you are.

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阅读下面短文,然后从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳选项。 I am on my birthday. I can get lots of presents(礼物)on that . My parents give me a great birthday every year. Many of my friends come to the party. I often have the party at home with my friends and my parents. this year, my present is a trip to . I spend(度过) eight in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing with my . It’s very and interesting. My parents take lots of photos for me. We also eat some food in these nice places(地方). so delicious(美

( )28、A、boring B、difficult C、relaxing D、sad ( )29、A、China B、Chinese C、American D、England ( )30、A、It’s B、They’re C、this is D、That is 四.阅读理解(A-D每小题2分,共40分)


Betty is an American girl. She is thirteen. She is in Beijing with her parents. She doesn’t know much Chinese. She can’t speak Chinese well. Sometimes her friends don’t understand(理解) her. It’s Sunday morning. She’s going to the zoo to see the pandas(熊猫). She’s waiting at the bus stop(站点). At the

味的)!I am very happy in those days.

( )21、A、happy B、unhappy C、interesting D、boring ( )22、A、store B、birth C、day D、time ( )23、A、trip B、cake C、party D、gift ( )24、A、But B、In C、Also D、On ( )25、A、Chinese B、China C、English D、England ( )26、A、years B、year C、days D、day ( )27、A、friends B、cousins C、parents D、classmates

bus stop she asks a Chinese boy how to go to the zoo. But the boy can’t understand her. Then she takes out(取出) a pen and some paper. She draws a panda on it and shows(展示) the picture to the boy. The boy smiles (笑)and then shows her the way (道路)to the zoo.

( )31.Betty is in Beijing with her _________.

A. brother B. sister C. mother D. father and mother ( )32.She can speak _________ Chinese. A. much B. little C. any D. not ( )33.She is going to the zoo _________.

A. by bike B. by bus C. by train D. on foot ( )34.She’s going to the zoo to _________.

A. see her friends B. see tigers C. see monkeys D. see pandas ( )35.The boy _________.

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A. shows her the way to the zoo B. doesn’t know the way C. goes to the zoo with her D. gives a map to her

B There is an old man in a house. In the house there are many mice(老鼠). The old man has a cat. Every day the cat catches(捉) mice and eats them. An old mouse(老鼠) says, ―All mice must come to my room this evening. We must think a way of doing about the cat.‖ All the mice come. Many mice speak, but they don’t know what to do. At last (最后)a young mouse stands up and says, ―We must put a bell(铃铛) on the cat. When the cat comes near, we’ll hear(听见) the bell and run away. So the cat can’t catch us.‖ ―Who can put the bell on the cat?‖ asks the old mouse. But no mouse answers. ( )36.The old man has _________.

A. a cat B. a dog C. a son D. a daughter ( )37.Every day the cat kills(杀死) many _________.

A. fish B. mouse C. mice D. people

( )38_________ says, ―When the cat comes near, we’ll hear the bell and run away.‖

A. The old mouse B. The old man C.. The young mouseD. The young man

( )39.All the mice come to the _________.

A. old man’s houseB. old mouse’s roomC. cat’s room D. young mouse’s room

( )40.Which sentence(句子) is right?

A. Every day the cat can’t catch mice. B. The old man catches all the mice.

C. Many mice know what to do. D. None of mouse can put the bell on the cat.

C I usually get up late(晚) on Saturdays and Sundays. I have my breakfast at around nine o’clock. I like eggs and an apple for breakfast. I often go to see my uncles after breakfast. They’re very fun. Uncle Jim is a runner. He runs for eight hours every day. I like to run with him because it’s really interesting. But I often run with him for only one hour. I’m usually very tired after that. Uncle Bob is a movie star. He’s really busy(忙的). It’s very difficult for me to see him on weekends. Uncle Bill is an English teacher. I like him, and I like English, too.

( )41.When do I have breakfast on weekends?

A. At eight. B. In the afternoon C. At around nine. D. At around seven.

( )42.Uncle Bob is _________.

A. a runner B. a clerk C. strict D. busy ( )43.I often _________ on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. get up at six B. play soccer C. watch TV D. go to see my uncles

( )44.Who is a teacher?

A. My father. B. My mother. C. Uncle Bill. D. Aunt Lily. ( )45.I like _________ for breakfast.

A. eggs and apples B. eggs and milk C. milk and apples D. bread and milk


I often go to movies 1). my friend, Mike. My favorite actor is

七年级英语试卷1第 3 页 共 5 页

Paul Jackson. He has a new movie, My Father’s Birthday. It’s a very funny comedy. Mike likes the actor Rick Smith. He really likes his movies, Black September. It’s a very successful thriller, but I think it’s boring. One interesting thing: Mike is English,2). he likes Beijing Opera! He often goes to see Beijing Opera on weekends. Mike’s father likes it, too. 46.写出句中空格上的单词 47. 写出划线句子My favorite actor is Paul Jackson. 的同义句. actor Paul Jackson 48.翻译下列句子: It’s a very successful thriller, but I think it’s boring.

_____________________________________________________________ 49. I think it’s boring.(变为否定句) I think it boring.

50.回答问题:What kind of movies does Mike really like? __________________________________________________ 五.选词填空(本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


great pants. are they? Only $ 20. Anybody can afford 59. prices.

for yourself at Jenny’s Store! 六.按要求改写句子,每空一词。(每空1分,15分) 61.She wants to buy a shirt.(变成否定句) She 62.Peter likes action movies .划线提问) action movies?

63. How old is your brother? (同义句? 64. June likes Chinese action movies. (一般疑问句) ? (就划线部分提问)

_______ _________ _______ ________do you want to see ?

66.He and his friends often go to see Beijing Opera on Saturday and Sunday.(同义句)

He often goes to see Beijing Opera his friends _______ ________. 七.根据汉语,完成下列句子。(每空一词,每空1分,共10分)

67.这些电脑多少钱? _________ __________ are these computers?

It’s the time of year again.51to Jenny’s Clothes Store. Have a at our new clothes. We them at a very good

68.你们的学校郊游活动在何时? ________ is your school _______?

price. We have new T-shirts for $15 each. Skirts are 55. sale for only$15. Do you to have one? We have

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Liu Chonghao _______ comedies are very __________.

70.我想加入音乐俱乐部。 I want ________ _________ the music club. 71.我经常帮助他学习英语。 his English. 八.书面表达。(共10分)



My friend


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