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8A Unit 7 复习

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Unit 7


Welcome to the unit
? 把某物带给某人 bring sth to sb.
bring sb sth ? 什么都不穿 with nothing on

? 做某事的最好时机 the best time to do sth. ? 今天天气怎么样? What’s the weather like today?
How is the weather today?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 充满 A be full of B = A be filled with B 忘记生长 forget to grow 忘记/记得要做某事(未做)forget /remember to do sth 忘记/记得做过某事(已做) forget/remember doing sth 飞往远方 fly far away 在花丛中嬉戏 play among flowers 躲避四月的阵雨 hide from the April showers 夏日甜蜜的回忆 sweet memories of summer days 真是放风筝的好时节 what a perfect time to fly a kite ! 在慵懒的下午 on lazy afternoons 在池塘边 by a pool 秋天的落叶 autumn leaves( leaf) 变成褐色 /红色 turn brown/ red

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

落地成堆 fall into piles upon the ground 落在地上 fall on the ground 收割庄稼 harvest crops 下雪的季节 the snowy season 再度,又一次 once again 与…押韵 rhyme with… 在一个炎热的夏日下午 on a hot summer afternoon 温度迅速上升/下降 The temperature rises/drops quickly 有夏日甜蜜的回忆have sweet memories of summer day 在树荫下 in/under the shade of trees 忙于收割庄稼 be busy harvesting crops 忙于做某事 be busy doing sth. = be busy with sth.

? 天变得乌云密布 The clouds became dark. ? 幸运的是天没下雨/不 Luckily, it didn’t rain. / 幸的是,天下大雨了 Unluckily, it rained heavily. ? 从早到晚 from morning till night ? 踢球 kick the ball ? 我看见一些孩子正在 公园踢球。I saw some kids kicking the ball in the park. ? 看见某人正在做某事 see sb doing sth ? 在下雨天/下雪天 on rainy/snowy days ? 得重感冒 have/catch a bad cold ? 发高烧 have a high fever ? 咳嗽厉害 cough a lot =have a bad cough ? 糟糕的一天 an awful day

? 昨天 Hobo用棍子在沙滩为Eddie搭了帐篷。
Hobo built Eddie a tent with sticks at the beach yesterday. =Hobo built a tent for Eddie with sticks at the beach yesterday.

? 今天早上当我醒来妈妈正在给我做早饭。
Mum was making breakfast for me when I woke up this morning.

在傍晚时分 in the late afternoon Integrated skills 降到零度以下 drop/fall below zero 下降到零下十度 drop/fall to minus ten degrees/ten degrees belo 降到零度以下 drop below zero 变得更加乌云密布 turn more cloudy 9度左右 around nine degrees = about nine degrees 在30多度 in the thirties 某人是30多岁 Sb is in one’s thirtieth 的其余部分 the rest of…… 剩余的水 / 书是 the rest of the water is … / the rest of my books 最低气温/最高气温 the lowest/ highest temperature 保持在零度以上 stay above zero 在每年的这个时候 during this time of year 有一点冷 a

bit cold=a little cold 有一点水 a bit of water=a little water 风刮的很大 The wind is blowing hard./heavily 当心,保重 = There is hard/heavy wind Take care

Study skills and Task
? 用…遮住… cover… with… ? 使某人昏昏欲睡 make sb sleepy ? 引发了很多的问题 cause a lot of problems. ? 一年中最好的季节 the best season of the year ? 雪球仗 (have)snowball fights(打) ? 大雾/雨/雪 大风 heavy fog/ rain/ snow strong wind ? 被厚厚的白雪覆盖 be covered in deep white snow ? 被覆盖… be covered with sth ? 结冰的(形容词)be frozen (对某人来说)做某事怎样 It is +形容词+( for sb) to do sth. ? 相互扔雪球 throw snowballs at each other ? 堆雪人 make snowmen ? 用胡萝卜做它们的鼻子 use carrots for their noses ? 用……做某事、作为…… use sth to do / for doing、for sth ? 到处 everywhere = here and there


? 根据句意完成单词 1 You can’t see stars on c_______ nights. lear 2 It is easy to fly kite on a _______ windy day. 3 London has more f_______than any city in the world. og butterflies 蝴蝶) in spring. 4 Our garden is full of bees and _________( 5 Amy didn’t go to school yesterday because she c_______ aught a cold. 6 My grandpa can remember all of his old friends, so he emory has a good m_______. ntroduce Mr Green to you, Mum. 7 Let me i________ arelessly so there were lots of 8 Jack did his homework c_______, mistakes. 9 We should face the _________( 事实) when we have fact difficulty in our daily life. rotecting the wild 10 Everyone should take part in p________ animals.

? 二, 用所给词的正确形式填空 1 The sun shines __________(bright). It is a sunny _____(sun) day. brightly 2 It was _______(fog) today. foggy working 3 They had a hard time _________(work) in that village. 5 You should read at _______(little) ten pages of the book every least day. 6 Winter is perfect for __________(skate) for children. skating 7 Please cut out the ___________(necessary) words. unnecessary To keep to exercise 8 _______(keep) healthy, I decide __________(exercise) half an hour a day. 10 Look, the teenagers are making cards _________(show) love to show for their mothers. travelers 11.The __________(travel) are planning to go to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. shiny (shine) and beautiful, I think it 12. This pen looks ___________ must be more expensive than mine. ? 13. Please answer the ___________(follow) questions. following ? 14. Jane, don’t forget ____________(turn) off the TV before to turn going out.


英语五种基本句型 一. S+V(主+谓) 二. S+V+P(主+系+表) 三. S+V+O(主+谓+宾) 四. S+V+IO+DO(主+谓+间宾+直宾) 五. S+V+DO+OC(主+谓+直宾+宾补)

A. Five kinds of sentence structures. P81
1. Subject (S) Verb(不及物动词) →1. (Vi)


The temperature drops.
2. Subject

→2. S + V + O


Verb 及物动词 (Vt


Object (O)

Farmers harvest crops.
3. Subject (S)


Verb Predicative 系动词 (P) → (linking verb) 描述主语

3. S + V + P

Autumn leaves turn brown. 主语+系动词+表语

4. Subject VerbIndirect Object Direct Object →4. (S) (V) 间接宾语(IO) 直接宾语(DO)

sth. 主语+谓动+间宾+直 sb. Hobo brought Eddie his clothes. 宾
Object Complement Direct Object Verb (OC) (DO) (V)

S + V + IO +DO

5. Subject (S)

→5. S + V + DO + is OC Eddie is watching Hobo work.主语+谓动+直宾+宾补

Five kinds of sentence structures:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

S + V (Vi.) S + V (Vt.) + DO S + V (Linking verb) + P S + V + IO + DO
sb sth

S + V + DO + OC



He fed the dove some food.

We call the dove Peace.


Discuss how to tell (区分)
Kitty gives Simon some books.( )A

Simon found the weather warm.( ) B A S+V+IO+DO Rule: B S+V+DO+OC

Simon is some books.(逻辑不合理是双宾语) The weather is warm.(逻辑合理是宾语补足语)

We can add an adverbial to each of the above five main structures. We use an adverbial to show when, where or how an action is done.
e.g. Hobo built Eddie a tent with sticks at the beach yesterday.
how where when when
He gave me a book at the school gate yesterday.


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