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Mainly Revision
Object Clauses
MADE BY Huang Shaoyuan

一.教学任务 二.教学重点


1.宾语从句的概念 2.宾语从句的引导词 3.宾语从句中的语序 4.宾语从句的时态变化

三.教学难点 1. if与whether的区别 2. when与if 引导的宾语从句和状语从句 3.宾语从句与简单句的互换

什么 是宾语从句?


简单句 We know him. 主s 谓v 宾 o We know he likes English. 复合句
主s 谓v
主s 谓v 宾o



Find out the Object Clauses
Do you know who is the first Chinese astronaut(宇航员)? Our teacher told us that the earth goes around the sun. Please tell me where she has gone.

I don’t know if he will come tonight.
Let’s find out what’s on tonight .
We are proud of that Beijing is one of the biggest cities in the world .

二 .宾语从句的引导词
1.由从属连词that引导的宾语从句 e.g. I hear (that) he will be back in an hour. 注:that 在句中无词义,在从句中不能充 当句子成分,在口语中往往被省略。

2.由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which,what和连接副词 where,how,why,when引导的宾语从句。这些连词既有词义又 充当句子成份。
e.g.1)Do you know whose book it is ?(谁的,作定语) 2)Could you tell me why the train is late? (为 什么,作状语) 3)He asked who could answer the question.(谁, 作主语)

3.由从属连词 whether, if 引导的宾语从句
if/whether 引导宾语从句 表示“是否”之义,在句中 不充当句子成份。 if/whether可互换, 但whether…or not为固定搭配. e.g. I want to know if/whether she is right . They didn’t know whether Tom could come back or not . 看一看:I don’t know if it will rain tomorrow.If it rains ,I’ll stay at home. I want to know when he will come back.When he comes back, please tell me. 想一想:when和if 可以引导什么从句?它们的时态有什么特 点? when和if 既可以引导宾语从句,也可以引导状语从句。在宾语 从句中,时态根据需要确定;在状语从句中,遵循主将从现的 原则。

If 与whether 的区别
1. I don’t know _____ he will come or not. 与or not 连用只能用whether 2. I don’t care of ______ he is handsome. 介词后只能用whether 3. He wondered ______ to stay here the next week.

与to do 不定式连用只能用whether 4. ____ he will come is not decided.

三. 宾语从句的语序
无论主句是陈述句还是疑问句,宾语从句 都是运用陈述句的语序,即是“主语在前, 谓语在后”的顺序。
Helen says that she will learn French next year. Do you know where he comes from?

He asked me if I could get to the bus station on time.


将下列问句变成陈述句。 1. Can he swim ? → He can swim . 2. Does he have a pen ? → He has a pen . 3. Which place did he go to ? →

Which placehe went to . 4. What's wrong with you ? → What's wrong with you . 5. What happened to you ? → What happened to you. 6. Which is the way to the station? Which is the way to the station . →

想一想 说一说

为什么4,5,6 语序不变?

将上面的句子置于一个主句后,变成一个宾语从句。 Can you tell me/I want to know/I wonder/Please tell me……? e.g. Can you tell me if/whether he can swim?

Jim was ( be ) a worker two years ago. Jim is ( be ) an English teacher now . Jim will cook ( cook ) dinner tomorrow . Jim is singing ( sing )a popular song now. Jim has been ( be ) to the Great Wall twice . Jim was playing ( play ) basketball when his father came back. Jim had learned ( learn )1000 Chinese words by the end of last semester.

I hear (that)

1.当主句是一般现在时,宾语从句的时态不作限制, 我们可以根据句子的需要使用任何一种时态。 (需要性原则)

1) He will go to Hong Kong . 2) He is sick. 3) He is reading a book . 4) He has finished his work. 1) He would go to Hong Kong . 2) He was sick. 3) He was reading a book . 4) He had finished his work.

He said

2.当主句是一般过去时的时候,宾语从句必须运用相 应的过去的某一种时态,从而达到主句和从句的相互 一致。(呼应性原则)

一般现在时 从 句 时 态 连 接 前 连 接 后 时态保持不变 一般现在时 一般过去时 一般过去时 过去完成时 过去将来时 过去进行时 过去完成时


一般将来时 现在进行时 现在完成时

He told me (that) Summer is after Spring . I was told (that) the sun is much bigger than the moon. My parents told me (that) no news is good news.

在的真理时,就不用受到主句时态的限制,仍是用一般 现在时态。(特殊性原则)

比一比 I don’t know where I should go. Tell me how I can do it. ① I don’t know where to go. ② Tell me how to do it. 你有什么发现? 结论:由连接代词和连接副词引导的宾语从句 ←→疑问词 + to do 的简单句。 条件:(1). 主主从主 (2). 主(间)宾从主 练一练 1.I don’t know what I shall do next .(变为简单句) → I don’t knowWhat to do next . 2.John didn’t decide which book he would buy .(变为简单句) → John didn’t decide which book . to buy 3.Can you tell me how to get to the bus stop ?(变为复合句) to the bus stop ? → Can you tell me how I can get 4.Please tell Lucy how to use the MP5 .(变为复合句) can use the MP5. →Can you tell Lucy how she

Ⅰ.Find out the mistakes and correct them.
1 Could you tell me where do they live? 2 She knew that Danny is a student. was 3 He told me that winter was colder

than autumn. is 4 Do you know who car it is? whose

Ⅱ. Choose the right answers.
1. Could you tell me B ? A. where the twins were B. where the twins are C where are the twins 2. A: Do you know D ? B: Yes , he came here by train . A. when he came here B. if he will come here C. why he came here D. how he came here 3.She says she B English for ten years . A. learned B. has learned C. was learning D. have learned 4. The teacher told us that the earth B round . A. was B. is C. will be D. would be 5. Tell me D . A. what wrong is with him B. what's wrong to him C. what the matter is with him D. what's the matter with him 6. My friend asked me B . A. who is the girl B. who the girl was C. who was the girl D. who the girl

that(陈述句 )

宾 语 从 句 三 要 素

引导词 if/whether(一般疑问句 )


主句为一般现在时从句可为任何时态 一般过去时 过去将来时 主句为一般过去时 从句 过去进行时 过去完成时 客观真理 自然现象
公式定理 名言警句 时态不变

语序 宾语从句的语序都为陈述句语序


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