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九年级英语下册 Unit6 Get Ready For Jobs单元测评 冀教版

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Unit6 Get Ready For Jobs单元测评(冀教版九下)



1. Have you made your d________, Xiao Hua?

2. It’s not f________ to give him the gold medal! He doesn’t deserve it.

3. Will you please l________ the table for dinner?

4. She had to make a c________ between the two dresses.

5. The criminal was sent to p________ for a year.

6. He is now studying l________ and wants to become a lawyer.

7. Pan Yu Liang hadn’t had a good e________, but she became a famous painter later.

8. These shoes do not m________, one is large and the other is small.


1. I will ring you up as soon as Jenny ________ back tomorrow.

A. come B. came C. comes D. will come

2. Hurry up, ________ we will miss the first train.

A. or B. then C. but D. and

3. Both Kate and I ________ ready for the picnic now.

A. is not B. is getting C. are getting D. am getting

4. This idea sounds as ________ as the other one.

A. greatly B. well C. interested D. exciting

5. You ________ go and help him with the housework.

A. don’t need B. not need C. needn’t to D. needn’t

6. —What ________ the number of the girls in your class?

—About twenty.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

7. Mrs Smith gave us ________ on how to learn English well.

A. some advices

C. some advice B. many advices D. all the above

8. ________ Lily ________ Lucy may go with you because one of them must stay at home.

A. Not only ? but also

C. Both?and? B. Neither ? nor D. Either?or?

9. Many children enjoyed the book Harry Potter ________ by JK Rowling.

A. who writes

C. was written B. which is writing D. which was written

10. —I feel tired and weak.

—Why not stop ________.

A. to work

B. to have a rest D. to go on with your work C. having a rest

三、完形填空 There was a bridge over the river. 1 often took some parts of it away. So Mr White, a farmer of fifty-two, was told to 2 it. He had neither wife nor children and lived in the house 3 the bridge. He worked hard and always got up several times at night 4 it was much softer than before. Once the old man 5 to his sister’s birthday party. He asked two days’ leave and went there. He 6 much that day and fell to sleep as soon as the 7 was over. His sister had to carry him to a room with her husband. At midnight he 8 . He forgot where he was and went out to see if the bridge was all right. But he didn’t 9 it. He was surprised and told the police station about it on 10 . Later on he forgot what 11 that night and he returned to his house the following afternoon. When he saw the bridge, he 12 it all. He hurried to ring up the police station again and told them the bridge wasn’t 13 .

“It’s too late, Mr White,” said the officer. “We 14 the criminal last night. The judge sentenced(判决)him to ten years in prison this 15 .”



The date palms(枣椰树)are wonderful trees. People eat trees. They feed them to their animals. They use the leaves and wood to build houses. They use the wood to build boats. They make baskets from the leaves. They burnt the other parts of the trees to cook food.

The date palms came from the Middle East. Seven thousand years ago people in Sycria and Egypt ate dates. They made pictures of the date palms on their buildings. Today the date palms grown in the Middle East, parts of Asia and Africa, southern Europe, and other warm parts of the world.

There are more than 27 hundred kinds of palm trees. Most of the trees can’t

grow in the Middle East, because it is too dry. But the date palms grow well there.

1. People make boats from the ________ of the date palms.

A. leaves B. wood C. dates D. flowers

2. The date palms come from ________.

A. Asia B. Africa C. warm parts D. the Middle East

3. People eat ________.

A. flowers

C. leaves B. dates D. other parts of the date palms

4. Today the date palms grow in ________.

A. the land of the North Pole

C. the warm places B. northern Europe D. the cool places

5. People use ________ of the date palms.

A. the whole B. no parts

D. the fruit and leaves


Mr and Mrs Brown had always spent their summer holidays in New Jersey(新泽西)in the past, staying in a small inn(旅店)at the foot of a hill.

One year, however, Mr Brown made a lot of money in his business, so they decided to go to London and stay at a really good hotel while they went touring around that famous city.

They flew to London and arrived at their hotel late one evening. They had expected that they would have to go to bed hungry, because in that small inn in New Jersey, no meals were served after seven. They were surprised when the waiter asked whether they would take dinner there that night. “Are you still serving dinner?” asked Mr Brown. “Yes, certainly sir,” answered the waiter. “We serve it until half past nine.”

“What are the times of meals then?” asked Mr Brown. “Well, sir,” answered the waiter, “we serve breakfast from seven to half past eleven in the morning, lunch from twelve to three in the afternoon, tea from four to five, and dinner from six to half past nine.”

“But that hardly leaves any time for us to see the sights of London.” said Mr Brown.

1. Where had Mr and Mrs Brown always spent their summer holidays? C. the leaves and wood

A. In New Jersey.

C. In New York. B. In Washington. D. In London.

2. Where did Mr and Mrs Brown decide to go when they had a lot of money?

A. To New Jersey.

B. To a small city in England

C. To their hometown.

D. To the capital of England.

3. How did they go to London?

A. By bus B. Be sea C. By air D. By train

4. In the passage the sentence “But that hardly leaves any time for us to see the sights of London” means _________

A. We can go to see the sights of London at any time.

B. We have little time to see the sights of London.

C. We have enough time to see the sights of London.

D. We can see more sights of London.

5. From the passage we know that this was the ________ time for Mr and Mrs Brown to go to London.

A. First


请你选择最喜欢的一门学科,以My favourite Subject 为题,写一篇短文,说说喜欢这门学科的理由,以及平时是怎样学习的。




B. Second C. Third D. Fourth


一、1. decision prison 6. law

7. education 6—10 ACDDB 6—10 ACABC

11—15 ADBDA

8. match

2. fair

3. lay

4. choice


二、1—5 CACDD 三、1—5 BCDAD

四、A. 1—5 BDBCA 五、范文

B. 1—5 ADCBA

My favourite Subject

English is my favourte subject because English is used widely in the world,especially in Yiwu,a city with so many foreigners. What's more,I like it because my English teacher is kind and friendly to me.

In order to learn English well,I read English aloud every morning and listen to the teacher carefully in class. After class,I often wacth English programs and keep an English diary every day.

In a word, I love English and I will continue to learn it better.

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