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八年级英语上册期末测试 姓名___________成绩_______


17. —Will you please _______ the TV? — I want to see the Animal World.

A. turn off B. turn down C. turn on D. turn up

18.—The banana is too big. —You can ______ first.

A. cut up them B. cut them up C. cut it up D. cut up

19. There a concert sometime next week.

A. is going to be B. are going to be C. is going to have

D. is gong to has.

20.—Hi, Amy! How __________ your school trip to the beach? —Hi, Tom! We __________ a good time there.

A. is, having B. was, had C. are, had D. were, have

21. — How long did he_________ ? —For 12 years.

A. start swimming B. started swimming C. swim D. swam

22.The man was born ________1976.

A. in the 24th of June. B. on the 24th of June C. in June 24th

D. for June 24th

23. Tina’s sister began to ride a bike to school ___________.

A. when 6 years old B.at the age of 6 C. at the age of 6

years D. at 6 years old

24.Does your father often go to work__________?

A. by a train B. on a train

C. take a train D. catch a train

25. It was an ___________soccer game. The soccer fans were very


A. exciting, exciting B. exciting, excited C. excited,

excited D.excited, exciting

26. It’s raining. You _________ out now.

A. had better not go B. had not better go C. should go

D. didn’t have better go

27. She didn’t answer the question, her mother kept her _______

for an hour.

A. standing B. to stand C. stood D. stand

28.—_________ we keep the room clean enough all the time?

—No, you _________.

A. Must; doesn’t have to B. Do; don’t have to

C. Must; don’t have to D. Must; mustn’t

29.What’s ____________ food in China?

A. popular B. more popular C. the most popular D.

most popular



Alice stopped ____________ TV and started doing her homework.

A. watch B. watching C. watched D. to watch


What do the people usually do on weekends? Some people like to 31 at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr Smith 32 hard in a factory during (在期间) the 33 . On the weekends, he usually 34 the same thing. On Saturday he washes his car and on 35 he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt 36 a farm there. It isn't a big one, but there is always 37 to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them some 38 . Mr and Mrs Smith help in the field. At the end of the day, they are all 39 and Mr Smith's aunt 40 them a big meal.

3 l. A. play B. stay C. be D. so

32. A. works B. does C. makes D. studies

33. A. day B. year C. week D. month

34. A. does B. do C. make D. has

35. A. Friday B. Saturday C. Thursday D. Sunday

36. A. have B. has C. bring D. find

37. A. many B. much C. any D. most

38. A. food B. rice C. cakes D. fruit

39. A. full B. angry C. hungry D. happy


40. A. give B. puts C. makes D. does

四、 阅读理解(每小题2分,共30分)

Every year there is the Spring Festival in China. Usually it is in January or February. It’s the most important festival in China. So before it comes, everyone has to prepare things. They buy beef, pork, chicken, fruit and many other things. And they often make a special kind of food called “dumplings”. It means “come together” in Chinese. On the day before the festival, parents buy new clothes for their children and children also buy presents for their parents. On the festival eve, all the family members come back to their home. This is a happy moment. They sing, dance and play cards. When they enjoy the meal, they give each other the best wishes for the coming year. They all have a good time.

41. Which is the most important festival in China? .

A. Mid-autumn Festival B. Spring Festival

C. Children’s Day D. May Day

42. The Chinese usually have their Spring Festival in .

A. January or February B. February or March

C. September or October D. December or January

43. What’s the special kind of food for the Spring Festival in China? .

A. Pork B. Fish C. Dumplings D. Noodles 4

44. The food “dumplings” mean “ ”.

A. be delicious B. be hungry C. come together D. come back

45. When they are having dinner on the festival eve, the Chinese

A. sing, dance and play cards B. buy each other presents

C. never drinks D. give each other the best



Ann’s grandpa was very rich and he had some shops. The old

man began to learn drawing

when he was sixty, and he loved it very much. For twelve yea

rs he drew a lot and there were many pictures in his workroo

m. He was pleased with them and kept them well. One day, the

old man was ill. He had to stay in hospital. Before he di

ed, he said to Ann, “I want to give my pictures to a school

as presents. Then the students can remember me forever. B

ut I don’t know which school I’m going to give them to. Ca

n you help me? ” “Well, ” said the little girl, “you’d

better give them to a blind school. ”

46. Ann’s grandpa was ____________.

A. a driver B. a teacher

C. a blind man D. a rich man

47. The old man tried his best to be ____________.

A. an artist B. a farmer


C. a doctor D. a teacher


he was sixty.

A. writing

C. money D. drawing


When the old man was in hospital, he was ____________ years old.

A. 60 B. 70 C. 72 D. 78

50. Ann thought her grandpa’s pictures were ____________.

A. nice B. beautiful C. good D. terrible


Once Goethe, the great German poet, was walking in a park. He was thinking about something when he noticed he came to a very, very narrow road. Just at that time, a young man came towards him from the other end of the road. It was too narrow for both of them to pass through at the same time. They stopped and looked at each other for a while. Then the young man said rudely, “I never make way for a fool.” But Goethe smiled and said, “I always do.” Then he turned back quickly and walked towards the end of the road. 根据短文内容,回答问题。

1. Where was Goethe walking?

6 The old man loved ____________ very much when B. his shops


2. Who came towards Goethe from the other end of the road? ________________________________________________________________

3. Was the road too narrow for both of them to pass through at the same time?


4. Did the young man make way for Goethe?


5. Who turned back quickly and walked towards the end of the road?


1. 中国以长城而闻名于世。







Andy was born in China 15 years ago.In 2005, she 77 to the USA with her family.As a high school student,she has found many differences 78 Chinese and Americans:

About money 1) Americans like to spend 79 than they have,so many of them are always in debt(欠债).But Chinese usually spend less than they have, so many 0f them always have 80 left in the bank.

2) The American kids themselves make their own money.Most Chinese kids always 81 their parents for money. 3) Many American parents think there is 82 need to send their children to an expensive university.It’s different in China.Many Chinese parents would do anything to send their children to expensive universities 83 their family isn’t rich enough.

About school

1) Many American girls take part in sports,dancing and singing groups while many Chinese girls take part in study groups.

2) Many American students think that B is a girl while many Chinese students think that B is too 84 .


About friends

Most American parents let their sons or daughters make friends by 85 . They never ask them about their friends while Chinese parents usually enjoy knowing more about their children’s friends 86 many different ways,and usually stop them from staying out too late with friends.

77. ___________ 78. ___________ 79. _________ 80. ___________ 81. __________

82. ___________ 83. ___________ 84. _________ 85. ___________ 86. __________

十、根据下列几个问题,以I'm going to be a/an?为题写一篇80


1.What are you going to be when you grow up?

2.Why are you going to be that?

3. How are you going to do that?

4.Where are you going to work? Why?








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