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American Classroom Rules

1. If the teacher asks a question, you should give an answer. If you do not understand the

question, you should put up your hand and ask the teacher to repeat the question. If you don’t know the answer , it’s all right to tell the teacher that you don’t know . Then he or she knows what you need to learn.

2. There is no excuse for not doing your homework. If you can not go to school, you should call

your teacher or your classmate and ask for the homework. It is your responsibility to find out what homework you have missed. It is not the teacher’s job to remind you of missed homework.

3. You must not be absent(缺席) on a test day. If you are badly ill, call and let the teacher know take the test within one or two days after you return to class. Bad illness is the only reason for missing a test.

4. Be on time! It’s not polite to be late. Also, it bothers other students. If you must come in late,

be sure to do it quietly. Have your books out of your bag before you come into the classroom. Then go to your seat and sit quietly. In the US, it is not necessary to knock at the door before you come into the classroom.


45.If you can not go to school,___________.

A.the teacher will remind you of the homework B.the teacher will call you what your homework is

C.you should find out what your homework is D.you don’t have to do your homework

46. If you are badly ill,__________________

A.you can’t be absent on a test day B.you should take the test within one or two days

C.you should let your teacher know that you will be there for the test D.you can miss the test

47. In the US ,_______if you are late.

A.it’s all right to come into the classroom within knocking at the door

B.take your books out of your bag after you come into the classroom

C.it’s not necessary to keep quiet when you enter the classroom

D.it’s not polite to knock at the door

48. The underline word “makeup” in the 3rd paragraph means________

A. 化妆 B. 编造 C. 组成 D.补考

49. The main idea of the passage is_______

A. that you should answer the teacher’s questions in class

B. that you have the responsibility to do your homework

C. the rules you should follow as an American student D. that it’s polite to be on time for class


About ten men in every hundred have the trouble of color blindness in some way. Women are luckier, only about one in two hundred is affected(感染)in this matter. Perhaps, after all ,it is safer to be driven by a woman.

There are different kinds of color blindness. For example, a man cannot see deep red. He may think that red, orange and yellow are all shades (影子) of green. Sometimes a person can’t tell the difference between blue and green. Only a few unlucky men may see everything in shades

of green— a strange world indeed.

Color blindness in human beings is a different thing to explain. In only one eye there are millions of very small things called “cones(锥状细胞)” . These help us to see in the bright light and to tell differences between colors. These are also millions of “rods“(杆状细胞),but these are used for seeing when it is nearly dark. They show us shapes but not colors.

Some insects have favorite colors. Mosquitoes(蚊子) like blue but do not like yellow. A red light will not attract insects, but a blue light will. Human beings also have favorite colors. Yet we are lucky. With the help of the cones in our eyes, we can see many beautiful colors by day, and with the help of the rods we can see shapes at night.

50. “Color blindness” means ______ in Chinese.

A. 盲目 B. 无色 C 色盲 D 讨厌颜色

52. Some people say it’s safer to be driven by women because ________ .

A. women drive more carefully B. women are better at driving than men.

C. women can see things more clearly .D. there are fewer color — blind women.

53. With the help of the “cones”, we can ____.

A. tell different shapes B. kill insets C. see in the dark D. tell orange from yellow

54. We can attract and kill mosquitoes by using a ____ light.

A. red B. yellow C. blue D. green

55. Which of the following sentences about color blindness is TRUE?

A. None of men can see deep red. B. Not all of men have the same problem in recognizing colors.

C. None of men can tell the difference between blue and green.


In Britain you may often hear “Drop in any time” or “Come to see me soon”, but you can’t really do that. People just say those things to make you feel welcome . It is better to telephone before visiting someone at home. If you receive a written invitation to an event that says “RSVP”, you should reply to let the person who sent the invitation know whether or not you plan to go .

You should never accept an invitation unless you really plan to go. You may refuse by saying, “Thank you for inviting me, but I will not be able to come.” If , after accepting , you are unable to go, be sure to tell those who are expecting you as soon as possible that you will not be there. Although it is not necessarily expected that you give a gift to your host, it is considered polite to do so, especially if you have been invited for a meal. Flowers, chocolate, or a small gift are all appropriate(合适的). A thank-you note or telephone call after the visit is also considered polite and is an appreciation for the invitation.

56. What can you do when a British friend says, “Drop in anytime” ?

A. Visit him or her at any time. B. Say no time to him or her seriously

C. Telephone him or her before visiting. D. Visit him or her soon.

57. What does the underlined word “RSVP” probably mean in Chinese?

A. 请自便 B. 请回复 C.请审阅 D.请来访

58. What should you do if your British friend sends you an invitation but you do not want to go?

A. Do not give him or her an answer. B. Tell another friend to go instead of you.

C. Tell him or her that you can’t be there for some reason.

D. Tell him or her that you don’t want to go there.

59. Which of the following is considered impolite in Britain?

A. Buy small presents when invited. B. Refuse the invitation without telling anyone.

C. Write a thank-you note after a visit. D. Give a telephone call after a visit.

60. Where would you probably see this passage?

A. In an invitation. B. In a guidebook. C. On a poster. D. In a newspaper.

[任务型阅读] (D)

Cancer is a serious disease. Adults and children can get cancer. The cancer center treats many patients each year. More and more people in California need cancer treatment. Scientists are trying to find new ways to treat cancer. They also want to help cancer patients learn about the disease.

to patients. It also wants to add a special hospital. This special hospital is for children with cancer. More space is needed. More money is needed, too.

A woman lost her son to cancer. He was only five years old when he died. She wants to do something to help other children with cancer. She wants more research to be done, so other children won’t get sick. One thing she can do is donate money to the cancer center. She donated a large amount of money to help treat children with cancer.

It will be an expensive project. The woman’s donation will help, but much more money is needed. A local university will provide some of the money. The rest of the money will be donated by local people. They expect that it will take two years to raise the rest of the needed funds. 根据短文内容简要回答问题。

61.According to the passage, what are scientists trying to do?

62. The underlined word “expand” means_______ in Chinese. 63.Why did the woman donate a lot of money to the cancer center?

64.How long will it take to raise the rest of the needed funds?

65.Not only__________but also ______________is needed to add a special hospital.


Confidence is very important in daily life. It can help you develop a healthy attitude. A study shows that the people who are more confident are much healthier. They can have more chance to make themselves successful. But how to be more confident? Here are some suggestions:

Speak loud when you are not confident, you can’t do well what you want to do. You speak in a voice so low that other people can hardly hear you. Try to speak loud enough so that people can hear you clearly. The high voice can help you become more confident.

Play sports Encourage yourself Write down a list of things you did during the day to see how many things you have done well. Did you finish your homework? Did you tell a joke that made everybody laugh ? Give yourself praise for the good things you’ve done.

Get rid of(消除) fear Fear comes along with failure. But it’s easy to overcome if you know that failure is part of your life. Don’t hide your head just because you said something stupid last time. Try to start again and believe you can do better.

Pick up a hobby


66.How many suggestions can help you to be more confident?


67.How can you encourage yourself ?







Life Is A Cup Of Coffee

A group of graduates got together to visit their old university professor.

The conversation soon turned his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and cups of different —paper, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain-looking, some expensive, some cheap —telling them to help When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said, “If you have noticed, all the nice-looking normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source(源头) of your problems and stress.”

“What all of you 有意识地) went for the best cups... And then you began eyeing each other’s cups.”

“Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and just tools to hold and contain life, and the kind of cup we have does not decide, or change the

quality of life we live. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we 41 to enjoy the coffee. Don’t let the cups 42 you. Enjoy the coffee instead.”

33. A. into B. up C. over D. away

34. A. leave B. offer C. buy D. help

35. A. kinds B. sizes C. colors D. designs

36. A. him B. himself C. them D. themselves

37. A. cheap B. ordinary C. expensive D. unique

38. A. When B. Although C. If D. Since

39. A. nearly B. hardly C. rarely D. really

40. A. condition B. position C. tradition D. situation

41. A. fail B. try C. dislike D. manage

42. A. promote B. interest C. drive D. harm

四、阅读理解 (共15小题;每小题2分,共30分)

阅读下面短文,从各题A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。


It was a winter afternoon in 2000. Lily, our only daughter, sat quietly, all her heart put in her work. Every once in a while she would ask how to spell the name of someone in our family, and then painstakingly(费力地) formed the letters one by one. Next, she added flowers and green grass at

the bottom of each page with a sun in the upper right corner, surrounded by the blue sky. Holding them at eyes level, she was satisfied.

“What are you making, honey?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” she said, covering up her work with her hands.

It wasn’t until later that evening that I noticed a “mailbox” fastened onto the door to each of our bedrooms. There was one for Edward, one for Tom. She hadn’t forgotten Peter or baby Paul. For the next few weeks, we received mail regularly. There were little notes showing her love for each of us and short letters full of tiny things that only a seven-year-old would notice. I was in charge of receiving baby Paul’s letters, page after page of colored scenes including flowers with happy faces.

“He can’t read yet,” she said, “but he can look at the pictures.” have never changed. One afternoon only a week or so ago, I found a love note next to my pillow. “Thanks for always being there for me, mum.” It read, “I’m glad that we are the best friends.” I couldn’t help but remember that her smile has brought me countless hours of joy throughout the years. There are angels among us, I know, I live with one.

43. What was Lily busy doing that afternoon in 2000?

A. Playing a spelling game. B. Examining her work carefully.

C. Doing her drawing homework. D. Preparing love notes for the family.

44. Every time the writer received her daughter’s mail, she felt ______.

A. surprised B. happy C. proud D. interested

45. The underlined words “something about her” in Paragraph 7 means ______.

A. her habit of writing letters B. her interest in drawing pictures

C. her action of giving us surprises D. her love for the family members

46. Why did the author write the passage?

A. To draw people’s attention to her daughter.B. To tell people her daughter’s growing stories.

C. To remember the true love from her daughter.

D. To describe the angel living with her all her life.


After their 15-year-old schnauzer-poodle mix, Bailey, died in 2007, Ron Gillette and his wife, Ann, looked for months to find the right new pet. Finally, the couple found out a young Yorkshire terrier-poodle mix. His name was Oscar. “He was very attractive,” says Gillette, 65. Oscar quickly made himself at home, sleeping on his new owners’ bed at night.

A diabetic(糖尿病患者) for 25 years, Gillette faithfully took his medicine four times a day and generally had no problems. But on March 17, at about 3 a.m., he got out of bed to use the

bathroom. “I must have taken the wrong amount of medicine before I went to sleep because my blood sugar was dangerously low,” he says. Suddenly, he fell onto the bathroom floor.

“Usually, Oscar barks little. He’s very quiet and well-behaved,” says Gillette. “But when I hit the floor, he let out sounds like a wild animal.”

“Honestly, it sounded like the dog from hell,” says Ann, “I didn’t know what the sound was. Then I saw my husband lying on the floor. He was out cold.” She ran for the phone and called an ambulance.

Gillette spent several hours in the hospital. By 6:30 a.m., he had been well enough to go home. “You would never doubt Oscar is a hero,” says his grateful owner. “He’s a gentle little guy. We

can walk him on our block, untied, without any problems. He’s got a lot of confidence now. And everyone wants to pet him.”

Even before Oscar became famous, the couple had given their pet a new nickname. “We felt the name Oscar wasn’t serious enough,” says Gillette, “so sometimes we call him Eduardo”—more suitable, the couple think, for an animal of his heroism.

47. On March 17, Mr. Gillette ______.

A.suddenly fell off bed by the bathroom B. took the wrong medicine and was in danger

C. went to sleep because his blood sugar was low

D. probably didn’t take the right amount of medicine

48. After Mr. Gillette fell down, Oscar ______.

A. became a wild animal B. ran to Mr. Gillette to help

C. barked to attract attention D. stayed quiet and well-behaved

49. From the passage we can learn that the couple are ______.

A. pet lovers B. pet collectors C. animal protectors D. animal trainers

50. The couple gave Oscar a new nickname “Eduardo” because the name can ______.

A. show their love for the pet B. show the pet’s heroic character

C. make their pet more famous D. make their pet more attractive


World travel has moved on to a new level. Travelers can plan their online tours as new some tourism websites grow to host over one million users.

These websites can give you the answer to almost any tourism question. Advice and

information are not provided by a single source, such as the website host, but rather from travelers themselves—often in the thousands. This has proved to be very helpful for would-be travelers who are seeking information on questions such as where to find the best museums or beaches, whether it is better to tour Brussels by bike than on foot. Questions about food and restaurants, tourist spots, safety, and other matters are all answered. Posted advice promotes better preparation, such as what to pack when heading for Sicily.

Besides the useful advice, virtual tours have also been made available. If you’d like to view the nearby areas, or to know what it is like to be very close to the Seine River, a walk along it would improve the experience.

Virtual tours have sprung up globally. In South Africa, John Gore established the Virtual Tour Guide. He said, “The world is panoramic(全景的).We are able to turn our heads and look in all directions and get a feel for where we are, but the photograph cannot show or describe that

experience completely.” It is technology that makes it possible to share the world around us in a 360-degree way, which really makes the viewer feel as though he or she is really there.

51. The underlined word “spring up” in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. move B. appear C. compete D. provide

52. What can we learn from the second paragraph?

A. More and more people want to travel abroad.

B. More and more people prepare to head for Sicily.

C. Tourism websites provide various helpful information.

D. Tourism websites provide answers to all our questions.

53. What helps us share the world in a panoramic way?

A. Information. B. Photograph. C. Technology. D. Experience.

54. What’s the best title for the passage?

A. Virtual Tour B. World Travel C. Virtual Reality D. Tourism Advice


Students who used cell phones to monitor calories and physical activity, and got personalized feedback(反馈), lost more weight than those who didn’t, a new study shows.

“Cell phones are a powerful communication tool for weight loss,” said lead researcher Melissa Napolitano of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in

Philadelphia. She reported findings last week at a meeting of the Obesity Society.

She and her colleagues invited 52 college students, most of them women, average weight of 190 pounds. They were divided into three groups. One was a private Facebook group where they got eating and exercise advice and podcasts(播客) on topics such as setting goals and food control. They also got support from other members.

A second group got the same online advice, plus a book of calorie counts. They also got a text message three days a week reminding them to send in calorie intake and exercise information, and they had feedback. The other four days, they got personalized tips and reminders by text messages.

A third group was put on a waiting list and got no extra help.

Group 1 lost an average of 1.4 pounds, Group 2 lost 5.3 and Group 3 lost half a pound. “Group 2’s loss was relatively good, but without any face-to-face contact,” Melissa said. “The key is personalized feedback: We really want to copy a face-to-face treatment with text messaging.” Gary Foster, director of Temple’s obesity research center, said, “Dieters often say they need to be held responsible. Text messaging tries to copy the interaction with a health professional. There is someone on the other end.”

55. What’s the main reason why Group 2 lost more weight?

A. Setting personal goals. B. Receiving online advice.

C. Sending exercise information. D. Getting personalized feedback.

56. From the last paragraph, we know that ______.

A. dieters should be directed professionally

B. dieters should get regular support from others

C. dieters’ calories should be controlled by others

D. dieters should explain what they should do to lose pounds

57. According to this passage, the most effective way to lose weight might be ______.

A. using a book to count calories correctly

B. meeting face-to-face with a health professional

C. getting eating and exercise advice from Facebook

D. sending information and getting feedback with text messages

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