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1 We went climbing as soon as we arrived / got/ reached there yesterday. 2 John is (not )as old as you.

3 We should speak English as much as possible in our English class. 4 When you get lost, you can ask the police for help .

5 Many students often ask their teachers how to learn English well. 6 The teacher often tells me to study harder.

7 He made me wait for a long time at the gate of the cinema yesterday. 8 The little girl is afraid to go out in the evening .

9 Mother was busy doing housework yesterday afternoon.

10Many people are afraid that they will lose their jobs.

11If you don’t hurry , you will be late for work.

12 Hangzhou is famous for silk.

13 We are getting ready for our final exam.

14 I am sorry for my mistakes.

15 I am very glad that you can come to the evening party.

16 Please show me your picture = Please show your picture to me. 17 Either you or he is right.

18 Neither he nor I have ever read this book.

19 I enjoy reading my favorite books on Sunday afternoon.

20 A lot of students find it very hard to keep running every day. 21 Beijing is becoming more and more beautiful.

22 I can get on well with my new classmates.

23 Tell your mom to get the dinner ready as soon as possible. 24 If we are in trouble, we’d better ask the teacher for help.

25 Could you please help me with my English?

26 He always asks me to help him solve the problems.

27 I don’t think it is good for your eyes to sit too long at a computer. 28 I would like to look up some new words in the dictionary. 29 It takes me only ten minutes to walk to the office every day. 30 Eating more junk food is bad for your health.

31 It’s important for us to learn English well.

32 It’s time for supper.

33 Chang’an Street is about 10 kilometers long.

34 Hurry up! Don’t keep them waiting too long.

35 Will you please keep the door open?

36 Tom can always make us happy.

37 My younger sister likes singing and dancing very much.

38 My mother makes me read English every day.

39 Don’t worry. Let me help you .

40 That movie is not interesting at all.

41 Not only you but also he likes English.

42 My father didn’t come back until midnight yesterday.

43 I have two friends. One likes drawing, the other likes playing basketball.

44 The students are having a PE lesson. Some are running, others are playing football. 45 I often see teachers help students with their schoolwork in their office. 46 The boy is so young that he can’t go to school.

47 The boy is too young to go to school.

The boy is not old enough to go to school.

48 He spends most of his money on books.

49 Tom spends an hour doing his homework every day.

50 Teachers try to stop the students from going to the Internet cafes.

51 The students stopped talking when the teacher came in.

52 He stopped to have a cup of tea, and then went on working.

53 It’s a fine day today. You don’t have to take an umbrella with you .

54 Tom brought many chocolates with him to visit me .

55 The more times you see the words, the better you remember them.

56 I was late this morning because there was something wrong with my watch. 57 Why not let the children do what they love to do ?

58 We used to have a lot of free time.

59 Tomorrow is Sunday. What about going hiking?

60 What’s wrong with your bicycle? What’s the matter with your bicycle?

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