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1.---______Rose_____Jack watched Prince William’s wedding on TV yesterday. ---What a pity! They missed the exciting moment.

A.Both; and B.Not only; but also C.Either;or D.Neither; nor

2.It’s so warm today. You’d better _____your coat.

A.not take off B.not to take off C.don’t take off D.take off

3.We often watch films_____Channel Six.

A.at B.in C.through D.on

4.Three weeks_____not a short time.

A.be B.is C.are D.has

5.Most young people find_____exciting to watch a football match.

A.it B.this C.that D.one

6.A number of new houses_______in Wenchuan last year.

A.built B.are built C.were built D.will be built

7.Yesterday evening I was playing the piano____the doorbell ring.

A.when B.before C.while D.after

8.---Nancy, don’t always______that old jacket. It looks terrible.

---But I think it’s cool, Mom.

A.wear B.dress C.put on D.take off

9.Believe yourself. You’re better than______. You’re the best. Wish you success!

A.anyone else B.someone else C.else anyone D.else someone

10.We don’t have much homework now and our school bags are_____they used to be.

A.as heavy as B.not as heavy as C.as heavily as D.not as heavily as

11.---Where does Mr.Black live? Can you guess? ---Sorry, I can’t guess______.

A.where does he live B.where he lives in

C.where does he live in D.where he lives

12.He asked me_____.

A.if she will come B.how many books I want to have

C.they would help us do it D.what was wrong with me

13.What did your father say? He said that______.

A.Japan is to the east of China

B.Japan was to the east of China

C.Japan is in the east of China

D.Japan is on the east of China

14.Not only many foreign countries but also China____involved in the financial crisis(金融危机) at present.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

15.This matter is just a secret _____. Please don’t tell the others about it.

A.from you to I B.between you and me C.between you and I D.from I to you

16.The book is well worth_____. Do you think so?

A.to read B.reading C.to be read D.being read

17.---I saw Alice go to Grandpa Zhang’s home just now.

---Yes, she is often seen _____the old man with his housework.

A.help B.to help C.helps D.helping

18.Sixia devoted herself_____children.

A.to educating B.to educate C.educate D.educating

19.Usually, Betty_____in colourful skirts in summer.

A.wears B.is dressed C.is wearing D.dresses

20.---What should we____the old books? ---Let’s ask our teacher how to _____them.

A.do with; do with B.deal with; deal with

C.deal with; do with D.do with; deal with


1.Zhang Ziyi is a very good________(act) in the world.

2.In Western countries, thirteen is a(n)_________(luck) number.

3.He__________(direct) the film at 5 o’clock yesterday evening.

4.Would you please______(show) us around your school?

5.When he saw one of his old friends in the street, he stopped ________(chat)with him happily.

6.The eight fishermen on board__________(send) to the hospital by yesterday morning.

7.By 5:30 yesterday afternoon he ____________(finish) writing the laboratory report.

8.I _________(write) three letters to him before I got his letter yesterday.

9. You had better not________(leave) your son alone at home.

10. The old man was___________(bleed) when the doctors arrived.

11.It’s said that the ________(attack) ws a tall and strong man.

12.I wonder whether he_________(come)or not tomorrow.

13.My friends told me that my classmates_________(have)a party then.

14.The thief was seen_________(break)into the house through the window.

15.The detective said the ___________(kidnap)must be a person who knows his family well.

16.We need_______(match)to start the fire.

17.Nice to meet you here, Tom. I______(think)you were in another city.

18.Food will not be as________(taste)as it is today.

19.Tom says that they________(play)basketball at six yesterday evening.

20. I hear that the USA__________(send)a space robot onto Mars already.

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