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( )11.The driver is sitting in ______ front of his car and there is another car in _____ front of it.

A.the, the B.the,/ C./,/ D./,the

( )12.—What are ________ teacher doing? —They’re having a meeting.

A.this B.that C.they D.those

( )13.His father is a doctor __________.

A.at a hospital B.in hospital C.on a hospital D.on hospital

( )14.He is a teacher _______ No.1 Middle School_______ Shanghai.

A.at ,in B.at, at C.on, in D.in, at

( )15.This is _______ bedroom.

A.Betty’s and Mary’s B. Betty and Mary’s C.Betty’s and Mary D. Betty and Mary ( )16.—Are these your English book?

—No,______ aren’t. I think they’re _______ books.

A.they; her B.their; her C.their; she D.they; she

( )17.There are ________ people in the picture.(找出错误的一项)

A.twelve B.twenty C.seventy—four D. seventy—for

( )18.There are some trees ________ our classroom.

A.in front B.in front of C.in the front of D.front of

( )19.I can’t see the cat. It’s _______ the door.

A.in B.on C.between D.behind

( )20.There are some ________ on my desk.

A.picture B.photo C.dictionaries D.apple

( )21.—Hello, Bill. — .

A.Yes, David. B.Sorry, David. C.Hi, David. D.What, David.

( )22.— The weather in Nanning in Summer? —It’s very hot.

A.How B.What’s C.How’s D.Where

( )23.There a bag and some books on the desk.

A.is B.are C.do D.am

( )24.How many boys in your class?

A.there is B.there are C.are there D.is there

( )25. are the bananas? They’re yellow.

A.What B.Where C.How D.What colour

( )26. you got juice? Sorry, I haven’t.

A.Do, some B.Have, any C.Have , some D.Are, any

( )27.There is a big tree the classroom.

A.in B.under C.on D.behind

( )28.There are students in his class.

A.fourty-two B.forteen-two C.forty-two D.twenty four

( )29.Jenny can play ______ volleyball, but he can't play ______ piano.

A./, / B.a, / C.the, / D./, the

( )30.—______________ —P-E-N, pen.

A. Is it good? B. Do you like the pen? C. How do you spell pen? D. What’s that in English?


31.I have a / family.

32.The orange is / .

33.He hasn’t got any or .

34.I like playing / .

35. / are healthy food.



(A) name is Bob. Bob doesn’t like playing sports, but he likes sports show(节目油炸食品), and healthy. Many boys and girls like ice cream, but they don’t like it. __ ( )36.A、Her B、My C、His D、He

( )37.A、Bob B、Nick C、Nick and Bob D、I

( )38.A、no B、not C、 / D、in

( )39.A、What B、How C、Where D、Why

( )40.A、eggs B、chicken C、pears D、meat



My name Jack. I’m eleven old. I have one brother. His name is Jason and he is fourteen. I have not sisters.

I live my mom, dad and grandma in a small house America. There lots of things to do here. My friends and I go to the movies(去看电影)on Saturdays. I like football with my brother. I want to join the football club(俱乐部). I have seven pets(宠物)—a dog six birds. I like them, my mother doesn’t like .

( )41.A、do B、is C、are D、can

( )42.A、year B、days C、weeks D、years

( )43.A、an B、some C、any D、a

( )44.A、with B、to C、in D、on

( )45.A、at B、in C、on D、to

( )46.A、is B、are C、do D、does

( )47.A、very B、well C、good D、how

( )48.A、but B、or C、and D、with

( )49.A、or B、but C、then D、and

( )50.A、them B、their C、they D、it



We are middle school students. We’re in Class 3, Grade 1. This is our classroom. It is a nice big room. You can see a clock over(在上方) the blackboard. You can see desks and chairs in the room. They’re new. The books are on the desks. The bags are behind the chairs. Can you see a big desk? It is the teacher’s desk. On the teacher’s desk you can see some flowers. They are for our teacher, Miss Gao. She is a good teacher. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。

( )51.A clock is under the blackboard.

( )52.The books are on the desks and the bags are behind the chairs.

( )53.We are students. We’re in Class 1, Grade 3.

( )54.The teacher’s desk is big.

( )55.Miss Gao is a good teacher.


This is a teacher’s family. The father’s name is Lake Smith. He is forty-four. The mother’s name is Kate Smith. She’s forty-two. The Smiths have a son, Jim, and a daughter, Ann. Jim is fourteen, and Ann is twelve. The son looks like his father, and the daughter looks like her mother. They are all in No.4 Middle School here. But the Smiths are teachers, the son and daughter are students.

( ) 56.Jim’s father is _________.

A、a worker B、a teacher C、a doctor D、a driver

( ) 57.Ann’s mother’s name is ___________.

A、Lake Smith B、Kate Smith C、Jim Smith D、Ann Smith

( ) 58.Jim looks like his__________.

A、father B、mother C、aunt D、uncle

( ) 59.Are Jim and Ann in the same(相同的) school?

A、They are in the same school? B、They are in different schools.

C、Yes, they are. D、No, they aren’t.

( ) 60.Is Kate Smith a teacher?

A、No, she isn’t. B、Yes, she isn’t. C、Yes, she is . D、No, she isn’t.



Han Mei is a Chinese girl. She is thirteen. Her brother's name is HanLin.? He is fourteen. Han Mei is a middle school student. She is a good student. Han Lin and Han Mei go to the same school. Han Mei's father is a doctor. Her mother is an English teacher.

( )61.How old is Han Mei?

A、She is 11 years old. B、She is twelve C、She is 13. D、She is fourteen

( )62.What's her brother's name?

A、Her brother's name is Han Ping. B、He is Han Mei.

C、His name is Han Bing. D、His name is Han Lin.

( )63.Does Han Lin go to school?

A、Yes, he goes to the same school. B、No, he is a worker.

C、No, he is a student. D、Yes, he goes to a different school.

( )64.Is their father a teacher?

A、Yes, he is B、No, he isn't C、Yes, he's D、No, he is

( )65.Is their mother a doctor or a teacher?

A、Yes, she is a doctor B、Yes, she is a teacher

C、She is a doctor D、She is a teacher


Dear Dad and Mum,

How are you ? I’m fine in London at the International School of English . I’m in Class Six with eleven other students. They are from Canada , Japan and Australia . Our teacher’s name is Emma Joans. She helps me a lot and I like her very much .

I’m living with an English family . Mr and Mrs Hill have three children . They are David, fifteen, Helen, twelve and Becky , nine . They are all very kind to me . I like to make friends with them, but it’s not easy to understand each other. London is very big and interesting . The weather is good – cold but sunny . English food is OK , too . But I don’t like coffee(咖啡) at all .

Write to me soon , please

Love from

Han Mei


( )66.How many students are there in Han Mei’s class ?

A、Ten. B、Eleven . C、Twelve. D、Thirteen

( )67.In the International School , Han Mei is studying _____ .

A、Chinese B、French C、Japanese D、English

( )68.Who’s the youngest(最年轻的) child(孩子) in the Hill’s family ?

A、Helen. B、Becky . C、David. D、Emma.

( )69.From the letter we know Han Mei doesn’t like _____ .

A、the parks in London B、the school in London

C、the weather in London D、some of English drink

( )70.Han Mei writes this letter in ______ .

A、England B、Japan C、America D、China


A:Hey, Susan!


A: Is my computer game on the table?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

A: Oh, OK. . Are they on the bookcase(书架), too?

B: . They’re on the chair.

A: Oh, so where’s my pencil case?

B: .

A:And where’s my backpack(背包)?

B:It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair.

A:Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys(钥匙)?







A:What’s this?

B:It’ of my family.

A:How many people there in your family?

B:There are six.

A: ?

B:Yes, I have got a brother and a sister.

A:Who’s that man? Is it your uncle?

B:No, it isn’t.

A: is that old woman?

B:That’s my grandmother.


81.__________________ aren’t his parents.

82.bag is behind the chair.

83.Helen is from _______________________.

84.We haven’t got any ____________________ .

85.My father is a factory _______________________.

86.__________________ is my favorite sport.

87.The little girl can __________________ English very well.

88.Little Bob__________________ a nice toy car now .

89.There__________________ some books and pens on the desk .

90.There are three _________________ in our school.



吴东(Wu Dong)是一名学生,他今年13岁。他家里有三口人,他父母和他。他们来自北京。他们最喜欢吃

面条和水果。吴东也喜欢牛奶青菜和米饭。他会游泳,也会踢足球。他喜欢运动,在他家的旁边有一个操场,每星期六下午(on Saturday afternoon),吴东和他的同学会在那踢球。

_____ ___ _________________ ___ _________________


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