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新版新目标七年级下册Unit 1 can you play the guitar课件

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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?
Period 1 Section A 1a-2d

Can you sing

Yes, I can. I can sing. ?

No, I can’t. I can’t sing.

Believe me I can fly. love in your eyes I can fly sitting silent by my side I'm proud that I can fly going on holding hands I’m proud that can fly. toI give the best of mine walking through the nights till the end of the time hold me up hold me tight believe me I can fly lift me up to touch the sky I'm proud that I can fly teaching me to love with to give the best of mine heart the heaven in the sky helping me open my mind

-Can you fly ?

-No, I can’t. It’s difficult. - Can you play basketball? -Yes, I can. It’s easy for me. I can play basketball very well.

Ask and answer in two. -- Can you…? -- Yes, I can. I can play …very well. / No, I can’t. I can’t play … It’s…

swim Can you…? eat sp



/ ?? /

k English



Can he/she
ch air

/?? ? ? / __e _ ss

Get to know musical instruments 认识乐器


play the guitar


play the piano

play the violin


play the drums

play the trumpet


1. 踢足球 2. 打篮球 3. 打乒乓 4. 打排球 5. 打棒球 6. 打网球 7.下象棋
13. 唱歌 14. 跳舞 15. 游泳 17. 画画

play soccer play basketball play ping-pong play volleyball play baseball play tennis play chess sing dance swim draw / paint pictures

8. 弹吉它 play the guitar 9. 弹钢琴 play the piano 10. 弹小提琴 play the violin 11. 吹喇叭 play the trumpet 12. 打鼓 play the drums


1a Match
Can you draw?


A can_____________. speak English B can_____________. draw play chess C can_____________. dance D can_____________. sing E can_____________. play the guitar F can_____________. swim G can_____________.


a e

c d


Listen and number the conversations [1-3]


A: Can you swim ? B: No, I can’t .
A: I want to join the art club . B: Can you draw ? A: Yes, I can . A: I want to join the music club . B: Oh, can you sing ? A: Yes, I can .



Listen and finish
Conversation 1

Can the girl sing? A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can’t.

Conversation 2

swim The boy can’t ________. wants ____ to join the The girl____ ____ art _____ club . can ______. draw Because she ____

Conversation 3

2a Listen and circle
Here are many clubs.
English club
Can you draw?

g b

art club
chess club

a e

music club
swimming club

c d


2a. Listen and complete the sentences
chess 1. Lisa wants to join the _________ club, but she can’t play ___________. chess English club. 2. Bob wants to join the _________ English He likes to speak __________. sing 3. Mary likes music. She can __________ and dance ________. Bob likes music, too. music They want to join the ___________club.

2d. Role play the conversations

Jane: Hi, Bob. What club do you want to join? Bob: I want to join a sports club. Jane: Great! What sports can you play? Bob: Soccer. Jane: So you can join the soccer

club. Bob: What about you? You’re very good at telling stories. You can join the story telling club. Jane: Sounds good. But I like to draw, too. Bob: Then join two clubs, the story telling club and the art club! Jane: OK, let’s join now!

Homework :
Lever A: 1.Copy the new words three times,

and learn them by heart.
2.Read the conversations three times.

Lever B: Recite the conversations in
2b and make up a new one.

Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?
Period 2 Section A 3a-3c

汤姆和琼想去参加游泳俱乐部,这是他们和管理员之 间的对话呢?朗读并填充. me .I want to join a club. Tom: Excuse _____ Clerk: What club do you want to join? swimming Tom: I want to join the ____ __club. swim ? Clerk: Oh, can you___ Tom: Yes, I can. Welcome to our club. Clerk: Ok. _____ Tom: Thank you. too ? Clerk: What about you? Can you swim, ___ June: No, I can’t. Sorry Clerk: _____ , you can’t join our club.

3a. Write questions and answers
1. Wu Jun/ speak English/ speak Chinese Can Wu Jun speak English? No, he can’t, but he can speak Chinese 2. Mike/ play basketball/ play tennis 3. Jane and Jill/ dance/ sing 4. Grace/ play soccer/ play volleyball 5. Bill/ write stories/ tell stories

Let’s say


clean the floor


draw swim play chess speak English

Let’s learn

She has no arms(胳膊).
can draw with her feet(脚). But she ________ _______

Let’s fill

can’t walk(走). But he _________ can 1.He _______ play tennis. can 2. He has no arms. But he ________ write. can’t stand up(站立). 3. They ________ can _________________. play basketball But they_____

dance … sing

I /she/he

My friend can… and she/he can…
My friend can…but she/he can’t…

3b. Complete the poster
play sing tell dance

Students Wanted for School Show
We want students for the school show. Can you sing or ______? _______ dance Can you ______ play the guitar? Can you_____ tell stories? Please talk to Mr Zhang after school.



Ping-pong club volleyball club music club English club art club science club

Make a survey.
Name What club do you want to join? What can you do?


music club

sing and dance

Report: music club In my group, I want to join the__________ , sing and dance because I can __________.____ wants to ______ , because she/he______________. And_______________________________ __________________________________.

Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?
Period 3 Section B 1a-3c

3b. Complete the poster
play sing tell dance

Students Wanted for School Show
We want students for the school show. Can you sing or ______? _______ dance Can you ______ play the guitar? Can you_____ tell stories? Please talk to Mr Zhang after school.

-- Hi, can I help you? -- Yes, ____ please _______. I want to join the school show. name -- Good. May I know your______? -- Cindy. -- What’s your _____ last name? -- Jones. How _____ old are you? -- ___

__ -- Twelve. -- Can you dance? I can draw, but I can’t draw well. -- Yes, a little. I like it very much. -- Do you have ____ an e-mail address? -- Yes, it’s cindyj@pep.com.cn. a lot -- Great. Thanks ____ _____. = very much -- Thank you.

Memory challenge

Let’s do

Match the words with the pictures.

violin piano 3


drums 2




Listen, circle and fill in the chart.
play the violin
play the guitar play the drums play the piano
Name Bill Can

sing dance draw tell stories

play the guitar

sing sing or dance

Cindy play the drums and sing play the piano
Frank play the piano

2a Read and underline

Likes Peter


to play basketball speak English play soccer Ma Huan to talk and play play ping-pong games with people play soccer

play the guitar, piano, sing, dance

Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?
Period 4 Section B 2a-self check

Fill in the blanks
likes to play basketball. He can Peter ____ speak English and he can ____ also play _____ soccer. Alan is in __ the school music club. He can play the guitar and the piano. He can sing and dance, too ___. Ma Huan can play ping-pong and chess. She likes to talk and play games ____ with people. ____

What can we infer from these titles? 从这些标题中你可以推断出什么?
? A. Help for Old People ? B. Music Teacher Wanted
? C. Help with Sports in English

Peter Help with Sports in English

Are you busy after school? No? can you speak English? Yes? Then we need you to help with sports for English- speaking students. It is relaxing and easy! Please come to the Students’ Sports Center. Call Mr. Brown at 293-7742.

Ma Huan Help for Old People

We need help at the old people’s home. Are you free in July? Are you good with old people? Can you talk to them and play games with them? They can tell you stories, and you can make friends. It is interesting and fun? Please call us at 689-7729 today!

Alan Music Teacher Wanted

Can you play the piano or the violin? Do you have time on the weekend? The school needs help to teach music. It is not difficult! Please call Mrs. Miller at 555-3721.

music Do you like __________? guitar dance Can you sing and _________? can play Can you ________ the piano or the violin? call guitar or the drums? Can you play the _______ dance can be in our school music Then you _____ music festival. play Please _______ call Mr Zhang at 622-6033.

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