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一 单项选择(20)

( )1 ----Do you have a ball? ----Yes, ____________ A .I am B. it is C. you do D. I do ( )2 ----______ your son have a key? ----No, he ________.

A. Do don’t B. Does doesn’t C. Do doesn’t D. Does don’t ( )3 ----Let's play computer games. ----__________

A. That sounds good. B. No, I don't. C. Well, let's play soccer. D. No, I don't have a ball. ( )4 I think the math class is_______, so I don’t like it.

A.interesting B.boring C.relaxing D.fun ( )5 I ________ TV at night.

A.look at B.see C.watch D.look ( )6 I have _______ basketball. Let’s play ________ basketball.

A.the, the B.an, × C.×, the D.a, × ( )7 ----_______they have some sports things? ----Yes, they_______

A.Are, are B.Do, do C.Can, do D.Do, can ( )8 I can ________ many things on the table.

A.look at B.see C.watch D.look ( )9 His brother ______ a tennis ball.

A. have B. is C. has D. there is ( )10 _________ have many _________.

A. We CD B. I CD C. They CDs D. She CDs ( )11 Sonia and Jeff ________ sports every morning.

A. doesn’t play B. don’t play C. plays D. not play ( )12 That ________ fun.

A. sound B. is sound C. sounds D. does sound ( )13 _______ your friend like English?

A. Is B. Does C. Do D. Has ( )14 Ed often _______ sports games ________TV

A. watch, on B watch, in C. watches, in D. watches, on ( )15. Peter gives(给) ______ some pencils and we like _______.

A. we, it B. us, them C. us, they D. me, they ( )16 ----What a beautiful skirt! ---- ______________

A. All right B. You’re right. C. Don’t say so. D. Thank you ( )17 He _______ a brother and a sister.

A. doesn’t have B. doesn’t has C. don’t has D. don’t have ( )18 There _______ a soccer ball and eight __________.

A. are, basketballs B. are, basketball C. is, basketballs D. is, basketball ( )20 We play sports __________.

A. everyday B. each day C. the every day D. every day 二 阅读理解(5 )

I have a friend. His name is John. He likes sports very much. He loves soccer, basketball, volleyball and baseball. He plays basketball very well. He likes watching games on TV. He plays sports every day. He often says(说), “Let’s play …”. He joins(加入) two clubs: a basketball club and a baseball club. He has a sports collection. He has twelve tennis rackets, nine baseballs, three volleyballs, four basketballs and one soccer ball. ( )21. My friend likes ________

A soccer B basketball C baseball D . A, B and C ( )22. How does he play basketball?

A Ok B Very well C Good D Right ( )23. Does he play sports every day?

A Yes, he does B No, he doesn’t C Yes, he doesn’t D No, he does. ( )24. Is he a member(成员) of a baseball club?

A Yes, he isn’t B No, he is C Yes, he is D No, he isn’t ( )25. How many sports tools(工具) does he have?

A 10 B 18 C 23 D 29 三从下列方框中选出恰当的句子,完成对话。答案填题后的横线上。( 5 )

A: Let’s play tennis. B: ____26__. But I don’t have a tennis racket. Do you have one? 七年级上册 Test For Unit 5

A: No, I don’t. But I have a soccer ball. ____27___ B: No, ____28__. Let’s play ping-pong. I have a ping-pong bat. A: ____29__ B: It’s in my backpack.. Do you have a bat? A: No, I don’t. But my brother has a bat and a ball B: Good. Where is he ? A: ____30__ Answer 26____ 27________ 28______ 29_______ 30_______ 四 根据句子意思,用所给词的适当形式填空。(15)

31 _________ you __________( have ) a tennis ball ? 32 _________ your cousin __________( play ) ping-pong?

34 Allan __________ ( not have ) a brother. 35 His name __________( sound ) fun.

36 Can you ___________( bring ) your picture here ? 37 That sounds ___________( well ) 38 Sonia ___________( watch ) TV in the morning. 39 I have many ___________( friend ) here. 40 I have only one __________( watch ) 41Let _________( we ) have a look (看一看). 42They ________( not play ) sports. They only watch them on TV 五 根据句子意思和首字母完成单词。( 10)

43 Ed has a great sports c_______________. 44 Mr and Mrs Green h_____________ two children. One is a daughter, the other is a son. 45 The boys have five b_________, nine tennis r___________, one ping-pong b________ and many baseballs. 46 My brother and I p____________ sports every morning. 47 The math question is very d_____________. I don’t like it. 48 There are many s___________ clubs: baseball, ping-pong and more! 49 Let’s w__________ the game on TV 50 ----- Let’s play ping-pong. ----- Great. That sounds r_____________. 六 完成句子。( 20 )

51 我们玩电脑游戏吧。 Let’s ____________ _____________ __________________ 52 我哥哥有两个足球。 My brother has ______________ _________________ _______________. 53 她每天做运动。 She ___________ _____________ every day. 54 你经常打网球吗? Do you often ____________ _______________? 55 你们学校有排球俱乐部? ___________ your school have a ______________ club? 56 我们年级有十一个班 There are ___________ ______________ in our grade. 58 他仅仅在电视上看他们。 He __________ ____________ _____________ on TV. 七从Ⅱ中找出与Ⅰ相对应的句子(5分)


( )1. Let's play soccer. A. Yes, they do. ( )2. Do you have 70 balls at school? B. No, he doesn't. ( )3. Do they like watching TV? C. No, we don't. ( )4. Does Eddy like sports? D. Great! That sounds fun. ( )5. Do you and your friend play soccer every day? E. No, I don't think so. 八 用be 或have 的适当形式填空。(5)

1 ___________ Lucy and Lily good friends? 2 My father _________ a key. 3 ________ she your English teacher? 4 The boys _________ a tennis. 5 ______ they ________ soccer balls?

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