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Unit 6 Detective stories
Welcome to the Unit


Sherlock Holmes
Occupation: detective

Who is he dressed like?


1. Why is Eddie dressed like a detective? 2. Is he looking for a murderer? 3. What is he really looking for?

? Last Saturday night at 8 p.m., a young man was murdered. ? The murder happened in Sun Town. ? We have four suspects.

? ? ? ? 1. What happened? 2. When and where did it happen? 3. Do you know who was the murderer? 4. How many suspects do we have? Who are they?

? ? ? ?

Suspect: Occupation: Lives in: Last Saturday:

? Appearance/Personality:

Discuss in groups Wanted

I think ____________ is the murderer because ____________. I don’t think ______________ is the murderer because ____________.

What happened to Mike?

? On a Friday afternoon, Mike went back home alone after school. It was 7 p.m. in the evening, his parents didn’t find him when they finished their business. What happened to Mike?

He was kidnapped!

Discussion: ? what would you do if you were Mike?

1. Discuss the case about Mike with your friends and parents after class; 2. Please write a report on the case.

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