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Words and expressions crayon n. 蜡笔 eraser n. 橡皮擦 glove n. 手套 wallet n. 钱包 watch n. 表; 手表 whose pron. 谁的 first of all 首先, 第一 lose v. (lost) 失去 find v. (found) 发现; 找到 lost and found box 失物招领箱

Words and expressions
mine yours tape purple hers careful be careful with on from now on here is/are… pron. 我的(东西) pron. 你(们)的(东西) n. 录音带; 录像带 adj. &n. 紫(红)色(的) pron. 他的(东西) adj. 仔细的; 认真的 小心(对待) adv. 从某时刻起 从现在开始 在这儿

Module 1

Lost and found
Unit 1

Whose bag is this?

Ms Li: Whose bag is this ?
Lingling: It’s my bag. It’s mine.

Tom: Whose crayons are they ? Jack: They’re your crayons. They’re yours

我的··· mine = my + n. ·· 你的···yours = your + n. ··· 他的··· his = his + n. ··· 她的··· hers = her + n. ··· 它的··· ··· its = its + n. 我们的··· ·· ours = our + n. 你们的··· ··yours = your + n. 他们的··· ··theirs = their + n.

Ms Li: Whose watch is it ? Daming: It’s Betty’s watch. It’s her watch. It’s hers.(她的)
It’s Tony’s ______wallet.

Whose wallet is it?

It’s his wallet.

It’s his.(他的)

Ben: Whose erasers are they ?
Tony: They’re our erasers.

They’re ours.(我们的)

Whose gloves are they ? They’re Daming’s and Tony’s gloves.

They’re their gloves. They’re theirs.(他们 的)

Whose kennel is that? It’s the dog’s kennel. It’s its kennel. It’s its. (它的)

kennel [`ken?l] n.狗窝

类 别 人 称

第一 第二 第三 第一 第二 第三 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称

形容 词性 名 词 性 汉语



his your her our your their its his your their yours hers ours s s its 你的 他/她/ 我们 你们 他/她/ 它的 的 的 们的

1 Match the words from the box with the pictures.
1 4






football 7 gloves 6 wallet 5 watch ②

2 Listen and answer the questions. 1 Is the football Tony’s? Yes, it is. 2 Are the crayons Betty’s? No, they aren’t. 3 Whose gloves are these?

They are Betty’s.

3 Match the people with their things. Lingling crayons

Tony Betty Ms Li

tapes wallet watch

5 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box. careful hers mine purple tape yours Ms Li: Lingling’s bag is in the lost and found box. The crayons are (1) herstoo. ___ purple Daming’s (2) tapes and Tony’s (3) _____ ____ wallet are here. Is the watch (4) _____, yours Daming? Please be (5) ______ with your careful things! And whose gloves are these? Oh sorry. They’re (6) _____. mine

at read与see
1、watch是及物动词,意思是“观看;注视”,常 用来指看电视、看球赛、看戏等。 2、look为不及物动词,单独使

用,用以引起对方 的注意。 3、look at是由动词look和介词at组成的词组,后 面可以带宾语,侧重“看”的动作。 4、see为及物动词,意为“看见”,侧重“看”的 结果

5 Read 一般是指读书看报等动作。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? 1.失物招领 ? 2.这(它)是谁的书包? 3.它是我的书包。 ? 4.它是我的。 ? 5..这些(它们)是谁的蜡笔? ? 6.它们是玲玲的蜡笔。 ? 7.它们是她的蜡笔。 ? 8.它们是她的。 ? 9..欢迎回到学校 ? 10. 欢迎回家 ? 11.首先 ? 12.在失物招领箱 ? 13.许多东西 ?

14.我的蜡笔也在那里吗? 15.这些蜡笔是你的吗? 16.这里有一个紫色的钱包 17.这里有一些漂亮的手套 18.不用谢 19.看这个漂亮的手表 20.我想它是贝蒂的 21.小心你的东西 22.从现在起 23.让我看看 24.一副手套 25.两副手套 26.一块橡皮

Pronunciation and speaking
6 Listen and repeat.
/?/ back bag thank

/eI/ eraser
/? / wallet


Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
—Are the crayons Betty’s? —No, they’re not hers. They’re Lingling’s.

— Is this your pen? — Yes, it’s mine. — Whose ruler is it? — It’s …

本课时主要句型和词组 1. — Whose bag is this? — It’s mine. 2. — Is it yours too, Daming? — No, it isn’t. I think it’s Betty’s. 3. — Whose tapes are these? — They’re mine. 4. Everyone, please be careful with your things from now on.

一、根据首字母完成单词。 1. He coloured the picture with a p____ urple c_____. rayon 2. Tony likes black w____. allet 3. These g____ are not m___, they’re y____. ine ours loves 4. W____ pencil is this? hose 5. I can’t find my English book, it would be in the l__ and found box! ost

二、用方框中单词的正确形式填空。 his mine Betty whose my

My name’s Rebecca. This is my bag. __ There are many things in it. These crayons are _____. Here’s a brown mine wallet. Here’s my friend name “Mike”. The wallet is ___. Lily gives his me a watch. Whose gloves are these? ______ They are not _____. Oh, it’s ______. Betty’s mine

三、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. 失物招领箱里有很多支蜡笔。 There are _ __ __ crayonsin the ___ and a lot of ______ lost _____ found box. 2. 从现在开始, 他要尽量画得好些。 _____ now on he will try to draw better. __, From 3. 那只手表不是我的,是Lily的。 The watch isn’t mine it’s _____. ____, Lily’s

4. 请保管好你的东西。 Please be ______ with your things. careful ____ 5. 这盒磁带很棒。你听了吗? tape This is a great ____. Have you heard it? 6. 这个足球是我们的。 The football is ours ______ ____.

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today; 2. Write something about your family by using words we’ve learned today.

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