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第11章 动词非谓语形式

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练习十一 动词非谓语

I. 选择填空:

1. The doctor came ______ our eyes.

A. to examine B. for examining C. as to examine D. examining

2. Our teacher always makes us ______ hard.

A. to work B. work C. working D. worked

3. ______ our classroom once a week is necessary.

A. Cleaning B. Clean C. Cleaned D. To clean

4. ______ is our duty ______ good service to customers.

A. That, to give B. This, giving C. It, to give D. It, giving

5. It took years ______ the highrise.

A. for our building B. for us in building C. to build D. building

6. Their wish is ______ a house of their own.

A. to have B. for having C. have D. of having

7. The teacher agreed ______ us ______ the test papers home.

A. to let, take B. to let, to take C. letting, take D. let, take

8. When he saw I was in a hurry, he offered ______ me his bicycle.

A. lending B. lent C. to lend D. in lending

9. I don't like ______ people ______ about their neighbours.

A. hear, talking B. to hear, talking C. to hear, to talk D. hearing, talked

10. I haven't decided ______.

A. to take which train B. which to take a train

C. which train to take D. which train taken

11. You must remember ______ me a phone call as soon as you get there.

A. giving B. to give C. gave D. give

12. Professor Brown taught his students ______ English, and he learned ______ Chinese from


A. how to speak, speaking B. how to speak, to speak

C. how speaking, speaking D. how speak, to speak

13. -- Sorry, I forgot ______ you that the party wouldn't be held tonight.

-- That's all right. Mary has told me about it.

A. telling B. I told C. told D. to tell

14. I wonder ______ him or not.

A. if invite B. whether to invite C. to invite D. if to invite

15. I hope ______ yourself.

A. you to manage B. for you to manage C. you managing D. that you can manage

16. -- Would you like ______ you the way there?

-- It's kind of you. Thank you.

A. me showing B. that I show C. me show D. me to show

17. The old man said that he'd prefer ______ alone in the country rather than live with his son in

the city.

A. living B. to live C. that he lives D. for him to live

18. I know Alice very well. I have seen her ______ up from childhood.

A. grow B. grew C. was growing D. to grow

19. Since nobody told her ______, she came to our help.

A. what she did B. to do what C. what to do D. what she to do

20. My aunt showed me ______.

A. how to make a dress B. how a dress be made C. how making a dressD. how a dress made

21. After she finished the exercises in the textbook, she tried ______ more exercises

A. to find, to do B. finding, to do C. to find, she did D. finding, done

22. The policeman told Smith ______ after drinking.

A. to not drive B. not driving C. not drive D. not to drive

23. Tom kept quiet about his mistake ______ lose his job.

A. so not as to B. so as not to C. so as to not D. not so as to

24. Pat should love ______ little Jim to the theatre this evening.

A. to take B. taking C. that he would take D. for him to take

25. We enjoy ______ very much, because it is good for our health.

A. run B. running C. to run D. ran

26. -- The light in the office is still on.

-- Oh, I forgot ______.

A. turn it off B. to turn it off

C. that I turned it off D. that I should turn it off

27. They were very tired and stopped ______ under a big tree.

A. resting B. to rest C. rest D. that they would rest

28. -- Would you mind ______ me the answer to the problem?

-- Not at all.

A. that you tell me B. telling C. to tell D. if telling

29. He promised ______ a doctor for my son.

A. me to get B. that he got me C. me getting D. me that he got

30. Father told the boy ______ the dog a few bones after dinner.

A. that he gave B. to give C. giving D. gave

31. ______ that money for his education, his parents worked hard even after their day's work.

A. For getting B. Get C. So as to get D. In order to get

32. I think you are ______ meals yourself.

A. enough old to cook B. old enough to cook

C. old enough for cooking D. enough old cooking

33. The maths problem is difficult ______.

A. so, as to work out B. very, to work out

C. too, to work out D. quite, worked out

34. Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep soon. I didn't hear him ______ in.

A. coming B. came C. to come D. come

35. Have you anything important ______ us?

A. to tell B. telling C. told us D. you tell

36. -- Do you know about Captain Ed Mitchell?

-- Yes. He was the sixth man ______ on the moon.

A. walking B. walked C. to walk D. of walking

37. It is nice ______ her ______ so.

A. for, to say B. for, saying C. of, to say D. of, said

38. Isn't it a nice way ______ the hard problem?

A. to solve B. in solving C. solve D. solving

39. You'd better ______ her about her own health now.

A. not to tell B. not tell C. to not tell D. to tell not

40. What a coincidence! Dr Brown happened ______ the doctor I was looking for.

A. he was B. being C. to be D. to being Ⅱ.用动词不定式或动词.ing形式完成下列句子:

1. Factories do not let out dirty water ___________________________________ (为了不污染


2.Her job is ________________________________ (照顾医院里患病的孩子).

3.In the supermarket the college students learned ________________________________ (如何


4.There were so many toys that Judy didn't know ________________________________ (挑选


5.The only trouble is ________________________________ (如何保护这些电脑).

6.He will save money ________________________________ (为了支付将来的大学费用).

7.The nurse ________________________________ (不允许孩子们玩火柴)。

8.This medicine will ________________________________ (帮助你入睡).

9.They will be sent ________________________________ (到非洲当医疗队员).

10.The boy asked his teacher ________________________________ (让他自己修理冰箱).

11.The question is ________________________________ (是否让孩子们自己解决这个问题).

12.This telephone is ________________________________ (足够小可以放进口袋).

13.This book will tell you ________________________________ (如何使这台电脑贮存信息).

14.I ________________________________ (没有回答试卷上的最后一个问题).

15.It is not easy ________________________________ (一个人戒烟).

16.You can take a taxi there ________________________________ (而不是步行去).

17.The underground train is ________________________________ (足够快可以在二十分钟内


18.The lecture hall is ________________________________ (太小容纳不下五百个学生).

19.Julia hurried to school ________________________________ (没有吃早餐).

20. I told the students ________________________________ (不要将罐头和饮料瓶扔进河


21.Thomas ________________________________ (有许多问题要问老师).

22.Do you know the saying “ ________________________________ ’’ (活到老学到老)?

23.Jack saw ________________________________ (牛跑回来).

24.Athens ran all the way ________________________________ (把好消息告诉他的人民).

25.He was the first man ________________________________ (骑自行车作环球旅行).

26.They enjoy ________________________________ (爬山和野营).

27.As soon as the teacher entered, he asked ________________________________ (我们停止讲


28.________________________________________ (在一个半小时内做完这份试卷) is

almost impossible.

29.We were happy ________________________________ (看到他们回到营地).

30.Would you mind ________________________________ (我在你办公室打电话)?

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