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第5章 数词

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练习五 数词

I: 选择填空:

1. There are ______ days in a year.

A. three hundred and sixty-five B. three hundred sixty five

C. three hundreds sixty-five D. three hundreds and sixty-five

2. Oh, it's ______. Let's go to school together.

A. the quarter to eight B. a quarter to eight

C. seven forty-five minutes D. forty-five past seven

3. School usually begins on ______.

A. the first of September B. the first, September

C. September One D. September, the first

4. The Olympic Games will be held in Australia in ______.

A. 2,000 year B. the year 2,000

C. the 2,000 D. the year of 2,000

5. I'm afraid ______ of the story is not so interesting.

A. the part two B. second part C. the second part D. part second

6. -- Which room are you staying in?

-- ______.

A. The Room 301 B. 301 Room C. Room 301st D. Room 301

7. -- How many typewriters do you need?

-- I need ______.

A. three ones B. three C. the three D. them three

8. About ______ said that they enjoyed those books very much.

A. four fifths students B. four fifth of the students

C. four fifths of students D. four fifths of the students

9. -- How much does the parcel weigh?

-- Just a minute. I'll weigh it. It weighs ______.

A. one and half a kilogramme B. one and a half kilogramme

C. one kilogramme and half D. one kilogramme and a half

10. -- How soon will you finish typing the letter?

-- In ______.

A. one or two minute B. one minute or two

C. a minute or two D. a or two minutes

11. We'll spend the summer holidays in the mountain ______ miles away.

A. several hundreds B. hundreds of

C. several hundred of D. hundred of

12. -- He must be ______.

-- Yes, he's still strong like a young man.

A. in his sixties B. in his sixty C. over sixties D. sixty-year-old

13. As ______ customer of the supermarket, Mr Li was given a nice present.

A. a thousand B. the thousandth C. the thousands D. thousandth

14. Three students of our class have been chosen the top students of the year. And I am one of


A. three B. the three C. third D. the third

15. -- Have you found the six coins you lost yesterday?

-- I have found ______, but I can't find ______.

A. five, the sixth B. five, six C. fifths, six D. fifth, sixth

16. Next Sunday will be Jane's ______ birthday.

A. thirty-ninth B. thirtieth-ninth C. thirtieth-nine D. thirty-nine

17. We'll have to enter the stadium at ______.

A. the Gate Four B. Gate Four C. Fourth Gate D. Gate Fourth

18. My ______ daughter likes to ask questions about anything she sees.

A. six-years-old B. six years old C. six-year-old D. six-year old

19. -- What's on ______?

-- Sorry, I don't know. Why not look it up in TV Guide?

A. Channel 20 B. 20 Channel C. Channel 20th D. 20th Channel

20. The Yellow River is ______ longest river in China.

A. two B. the two C. the second D. second

21. We have two computer rooms. Still we are going to build ______ one.

A. the third B. a third C. three D. the three

22. Angel knows a lot about China as she has been to China ______.

A. for the fourth time B. four times C. a fourth time D. for four times

23. In the past ______, Shanghai has changed a lot.

A. three years B. third year C. three-year D. third-year

24. A cent is ______ of a dollar.

A. the hundredth B. one hundredth C. a hundred D. the hundred

25. To my surprise, the machine was invented by a high school student of ______.

A. fifteen-year-old B. fifteen C. fifteen-year age D. age of fifteen

26. ______ is not always ______ best.

A. Fist, the B. A first, a C. The first, the D. First, /

27. The store sells ______ dresses a month.

A. several thousand B. several thousands

C. several of thousand D. several thousand of

28. Over ______ pounds have been raised for the poor children there.

A. four million B. four million of

C. four millions D. four millions of

29. What work are you going to give ______?

A. us two B. two us C. the two us D. the us two

30. She received a video camera for her ______ birthday.

A. fourteen B. the fourteenth C. fourteenth D. fourteen's

31. I remember that ______ of the month was a holiday and I didn't go to work.

A. third B. three C. one third D. the third

32. I've asked her twice. Shall I ask her ______?

A. a third time B. three times C. third time D. the third time

33. ______ of the machines on show are new items.

A. Two fifth B. Two fifths C. The two fifth D. Two five

34. Only five students climbed to the top of the hill. I was ______.

A. a fifth B. fifth C. the five D. the fifth

35. The bottle was about ______ full then.

A. three-quarters B. three quarter C. third quarter D. third quarters

36. Christmas Day is on ______ each year.

A. December, 25 B. 25th of December C. the December 25 D. the 25th of December

37. I think ______ is the worst part of the play.

A. act 5th B. 5th act C. act 5 D. the act 5

38. I found ______ were too hard for the students.

A. half of exercises B. the half of exercises

C. the half exercises D. half of the exercises

39. I guess she is by now in ______.

A. her late forties B. her late forty C. her late forty's D. the forties

40. It is ______ I have been here. So I know the city welt.

A. six times B. the sixth time C. sixth time D. a sixth time Ⅱ.汉译英






6.大约四分之一的鸡得了禽流感(bird flu)。















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