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1. These girls will become ______ when they graduate from the medical college.

A. woman doctors B. women's doctors C. women doctors D. the women doctors

2. Usually ______ are very careful in doing exercises.

A. girl students B. girls students C. girls' students D. girl's students

3. The waitress brought us a few ______.

A. glasses of juices B. glasses of juice C. glass of juices D. glass of juice

4. The news reporter has collected ______ about the private schools in the city.

A. lots of informations B. a lot of information

C. much of information D. many informations

5. This is ______ to students of English.

A. a useful advice B. useful advice

C. one of useful advices D. piece of useful advice

6. They were happy with their ______ in their studies.

A. great progresses B. great progress C. many progresses D. lot of progress

7. Finally Billy got ______ as a waiter in a cafe.

A. a job B. a piece of job C. a work D. a piece of works

8. -- Sorry, my husband is not in. Would you leave a message?

-- All right. Please give me ______.

A. a few papers B. some pieces of papers

C. some paper D. a paper

9. The schoolboys had ______ climbing up to the top of the hill.

A. a good time B. good time C. good times D. the good time

10. He took down ______ while he was listening to the radio.

A. several news B. a number of news

C. a few pieces of news D. some of news

11. Many ______ about movie stars are not true.

A. news story B. news stories C. news' stories D. stories of news

12. The ship "Titanic" went down into the sea and thousands of ______ were lost.

A. lifes B. lives C. life D. the lives

13. -- Many thanks indeed.

-- It's ______.

A. pleasure B. a pleasure C. the pleasure D. great pleasure

14. It's about ______ to the zoo.

A. two hours' ride B. two hour's ride C. two-hours ride D. two-hour-ride

15. -- Do you know whose this umbrella is?

-- It may be ______.

A. Susan B. the Susan C. the Susans D. Susan's

16. I'd like to have one of that ______.

A. writer's books B. writer's book C. writer books D. writers' books

17. Bob dropped ______ of milk on the ground and cut his finger on some broken ______.

A. a glass, glass B. a glass, glasses C. the glass, glasses D. glass, glass

18. We were walking along the street when an ______ came up to us and asked whether we were 1


A. English, Chinese B. Englishman, Chineses

C. Englishman, Chinese D. Englishman, a Chinese

19. ______ telephoned this morning.

A. My father friend B. A friend of my father

C. A friend of my father's D. One of my father's friend

20. These are ______, and those are ______.

A. Japanese, Germen B. Japaneses, Germans

C. Japaneses, Germen D. Japanese, Germans

21. My sister was interested in ______.

A. stories of children B. children stories

C. children's stories D. childrens' stories

22. I wonder how many ______ I should pay for the service.

A. dollars B. money C. cent D. moneys

23. On the farm we saw a lot of ______.

A. cow and sheep B. cows and sheeps

C. cow and sheeps D. cows and sheep

24. About 120 ______ were at the lecture and each ______ was given a new book by the speaker.

A. people, people B. persons, people C. people, person D. person, person

25. We often go to Shanghai Library ______.

A. on Sunday afternoon(s) B. in Sunday afternoon

C. on Sunday's afternoon D. in Sunday afternoons

26. The church across the street has ______.

A. 800 years history B. a history of 800 years

C. 800-year history D. the 800 years' history

27. -- I wish you ______.

-- The same to you.

A. the pleasant journey B. pleasant journey

C. pleasant journeys D. a pleasant journey

28. The store sells ______ of various brands.

A. sport shoes B. sports shoes C. sports shoe D. sport shoe

29. About 200 students entered for ______.

A. the 100-meter race B. a 100-meters race

C. a 100-meter-race D. the 100 meters' race

30. It was freezing cold outside, so we made ______ in the office.

A. fire B. the fire C. some fire D. a fire

31. Are ______ coming to our party tomorrow evening?

A. Smiths B. the Smith's C. Smiths' D. the Smiths

32. The ______ is one of the places visitors like to go to in our city.

A. rose garden B. rose's garden

C. roses garden D. roses' garden

33. Two ______ and a cup of milk are usually my breakfast.

A. slices of bread B. slices of breads C. breads D. slice of bread

34. Homework for today is to write ______ composition about your visit to Shakespeare's 2


A. a five-hundred-word B. a five-hundred-words

C. a five-hundreds-word D. a five-hundred-words'

35. At the New Year's party, I met ______.

A. some Mr Black's students B. Mr Black's some students

C. some students of Mr Black's D. some students of Mr Black

36. I wonder whether teachers in the United States give their students ______.

A. many homeworks B. much homework

C. many of homeworks D. much of homework

37. Farmers in the forest area need a lot of ______ for the winter.

A. wood B. woods C. the wood D. the woods

38. All my students are greatly interested in Black's ______.

A. physics' lessons B. physics lessons C. lessons of physics D. physic's lessons

39. -- Did you have ______ on the ship?

-- Yes, we had a lot of ______.

A. a bad weather, rain B. bad weather, rains

C. bad weather, rain D. the bad weather, the rain

40. -- Would you have a little more ______?

-- No, thanks.

A. fishes B. of fish C. fish D. of fishes



1. C 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. C

11. B 12. B 13. B 14. A 15. D 16. A 17. A 18. C 19. C 20. D

21. C 22. A 23. D 24. C 25. A 26. B 27. D 28. B 29. A 30. D

31. D 32. A 33. A 34. A 35. C 36. B 37. A 38. B 39. C 40. C

41. She looked at herself in the mirror and brushed ______.

A. her hair B. the hair C. her hairs D. the hairs

42. -- All my ______ to you. -- It's ______.

A. thank, pleasure B. thank, the pleasure

C. thanks, a pleasure D. thanks, all pleasure

43. A man of sixty should have ______, but Mr Lee doesn't have even one grey hair.

A. grey hair B. grey hairs C. the grey hair D. the grey hairs

44. In the streets there are ______ of different colours and sizes.

A. taxi B. the taxi C. the taxis D. taxis

45. We need plenty of ______ and fresh ______.

A. the sun, airs B. suns, airs C. suns, air D. sun, air

46. Wei Wei showed me ______.

A. some stamps of him B. the stamps of his

C. some his stamps D. some stamps of his

47. He left his motorcycle outside ______ and went in.

A. the doctor B. a doctor C. doctor's D. the doctor's

48. There was just ______ for my daughter and me to sit on the ground.

A. an enough room B. enough room C. the enough room D. enough a room

49. ______ is one of my favourite English restaurants.

A. The Brown B. Brown's C. The Browns D. The Browns'

50. " ______, please," Mr Smith said to the waiter as he sat down.

A. Two coffees B. The two coffees C. Two coffee D. Two cups of coffees

51. There's been ______ over the past few days. All the town streets were covered with ______.

A. heavy snow, snow B. a heavy snow, snow

C. the heavy snow, the snow D. heavy snow, the snow

52. I called at ______ three times yesterday morning, but he wasn't in.

A. my teacher B. my teachers C. my teacher's D. a teacher of mine

53. I like these dishes, but ______ is a little smaller.

A. the tea's cup B. the cup of the tea C. a cup of tea D. the tea cup

54. I'm afraid ______ is too much for a boy of eleven.

A. the weight of a bike B. weight of a bike

C. the weight of bike D. the bike weight

55. ______ are used instead of ______ in most parts of the world.

A. Metres, feet B. Metres, foot C. Metre, foots D. Metre, feets

41. A 42. C 43. B 44. D 45. D 46. D 47. D 48. B 49. D 50. A

51. B 52. C 53. D 54. A 55. A


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