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Unit 3 Celebration


1.—Do you know Li Ming?

—Li Ming?Which one?I know________Li Ming in our class very well.He is________Lei Feng of our times.

A./;/ B.a;a C.a;the D.the;the

2.There________two expert doctors________the wounded soldier.

A.is said to be;attending to

B.are said to be;attending on

C.saying;to attend to

D.is say to have;to attend on

3.I sometimes have________to visit Birmingham on business.

A.opportunity B.occasion C.chance D.possibility

4.I’m sure your suggestion will________the problem.

A.contribute to solving

B.be contributed to solve

C.contribute to solve

D.be contributed to solving

5.The people________to the party were scientists,________two women.

A.being invited;including



D.to invited;included

laid-off workers delightedly took up the work to ________ patients 6.Some

in hospitals.

A.take on B.look on C.depend on D.wait on

7.He ________ for ten years but he still doesn’t want to leave office.

A.has been in power B.has come to power

C.took office D.came into power

8.If the bottle of gas ________ fire,the whole building may ________.

A.will catch;be burnt down

B.catches;be burnt to the ground

C.is on;burn down

D.will be on;be burnt to the ground

9.He was served________tea and cake.

A.with B.by C.at D.for

10.—Is Bob still performing?

—I’m afraid not.He is said ________ the stage already as he has become an official.

A.to have left B.to leave C.to have been left D.to be left

11.Now a lot of new technologies can________problems in industry.(2012·吉安模拟)

A.be applied to solve

B.be applied to solving

C.apply to solve

D.apply to solving

12.I can________ some noise while I’m studying,but I can’t stand very loud noise.

A.put up with B.get rid of

D.keep away from C.have an effect on

13.Peter received a letter just now ________ his grandma would come to see him soon.

A.said B.says C.saying D.to say

14.It is difficult for us to ______ a conversation with all this noise around us.

A.carry on B.account for C.bring up D.get across

15.The film is as ________ as that one.

A.interest B.interesting

C.interested D.more interesting


Should e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) be a new choice for the smokers trying to get rid of the habit? Reactions from Americans are mixed.More than half of the people questioned in a survey think e-cigarettes should be controlled by the US Food and Drug Administration,but 47 percent believe the e-cigarettes should be available to the smokers who want to quit.

“In the hunt for a safer cigarette,e-cigarettes are becoming a popular choice among those either trying to quit or looking to replace standard tobacco smoke with an alternative that manufacturers claim to be safer,” Zogby International,which conducted the survey,said in a statement.

About half of the 4,611 adults who took part in the survey had heard about e-cigarettes,which are battery-powered,or rechargeable cigarettes that vaporize a liquid nicotine solution.They do not produce smoke but a water vapor without smell.Sold mostly on the Internet,e-cigarettes were first made in China.

Last year the World Health Organization (WHO) warned against using e-cigarettes,saying there was no evidence to prove they were safe or helped smokers break the habit.The WHO said people who smoke e-cigarettes breathe in a fine fog of nicotine into the lungs.

Nearly a third of people questioned in the survey think that e-cigarettes should be allowed in places where smoking is forbidden,because they don’t produce smoke,but 46 percent disagree.Men who were aware of the availability of e-cigarettes were more likely than women to say they should be a choice available to smokers who want to quit.Young people,aged 18-29,and singles were the groups most open to trying e-cigarettes.Smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death worldwide,according to the WHO.

1.What can we learn from Paragraph 1?

A.American smokers ought to try e-cigarettes.

B.Americans have different opinions about e-cigarettes.

C.Every kind of cigarettes should be forbidden in America. D.Most of the Americans don’t like e-cigarettes.

2.According to Zogby International,e-cigarettes ______.

A.are much safer than common cigarettes

B.are popular among people who want to quit smoking

C.will take the place of traditional cigarettes

D.are produced in a safer way by manufacturers

3.What do we know about e-cigarettes from the passage?

A.Most Americans are familiar with them.

B.They are a good choice as there is no nicotine.

C.They produce a water vapor that can’t be seen.

D.Most people buy them on the Internet.

4.What’s the attitude of the WHO towards e-cigarettes?


C.Doubtful. B.Supportive. D.Indifferent.


目前,越来越多的青少年参加各类电视节目的才艺表演。对此,中学生的看法各不相同。请根据下列提示信息写一篇英语短文,并阐述自己的观点。 注意:1.词数100



At present an increasing number of teenagers are taking part in TV talent shows,about which students’ opinions divided._________


Ⅰ.1.D 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.A 11.B 12.A

13.C 14.A 15.B

Ⅱ.1.B 2.B 3.D 4.A


At present an increasing number of teenagers are taking part in TV talent shows,about which students’ opinions divided.Some think that it is a stage to show their talents of art,contributing much to their social experience and self-confidence.What’s more,it’s good for their overall development.

However,other students hold the different idea that the teenagers are just imitating others rather than showing something original.Besides,some are such “star dream” followers that they can’t put heart and soul into their study,thus affecting their study badly.

In my opinion,important as study is,it’s not the only thing we can do.It is preferable to explore our abilities in other areas besides study.

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