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1. (09) --You always spend only a little time on your study. You really _______ me down.

-- I’m sorry, Mum. I won’t do that again.

A. take B. put C. let D. look

2. (09) I _______ the film with you because I have seen it twice.

A. will see B. won’t see C. saw D. didn’t see

3. (09) Don’t _______ the people in trouble. Try to help them.

A. hear of B. go over C. laugh at D. look like

4. (09) I’ve_______ all the photos, but I still can’t find the one you need.

A. opened up B. set up C. cared for D. looked through

5. (09) Chen Hui _______ computer games, but now he gives them up and concentrate on study.

A. is used to playing B. is used to play C. used to play D. is used for playing

6. (09) My cousin has been happy since he _______ to spend more time with his friends.

A. will allow B. will be allowed C. allowed D. was allowed

7. (10) My daughter _______ for me until I came back last night.

A. didn’t wait B. waited C. is waiting D. waits

8. (10) – I am going to Alison’s birthday party tonight.

-- _______ your new jacket, Betty. You are not supposed to _______ your old one.

A. Dress, put on B. Wear, dress C. Wear, put on D. Put on, wear

9. (10) –Where is John? -- He _______ to the library and he _______ there for an hour.

A. has been, has been B. has gone, has been C. goes, went D. has been, will be

10. (10) I wonder if the talent show _____ next month. If they _______ it, I must get ready for it.

A. will hold, hold B. will hold, will hold C. will be held, hold D. is held, will


11. (10) Sometimes the ads _______ but don’t tell you anything about the quality of the product.

A. look well B. sound good C. taste good D. seem bad

12. (10) Jim was going to meet me early this morning at the aquarium but he didn’t _______.

A. show up B. give up C. stay up D. set up

13. (10) I can’t write a complete report unless you ____ me with enough information about the competition.

A. offer B. give C. provide D. tell

14. (11) Hello! I’m very glad to see you. When_______ you _______ here?

A. did, arrive B. will, arrive C. have, arrived D. are, arriving

15. (11) ---Look! There is a horse racing program on TV show. --- Hmm….It_______exciting.

A. seems B. looks like C. sounds D. seems like

16. (11) My car alarm is always_______ whenever my neighbor’s cat hides under my car.

A. going off B. going out C. breaking down D. setting off

17. (11) – How is your English study? -- Not bad. But I _______ learning English grammar.

A. am interested in B. am good at C. have a little trouble D. have no trouble

18. (11) Tom _______ his father, because they both are cheerful and easygoing.

A. looks like B. tastes after C. doesn’t take after D. isn’t like

19. (11) Smoking_______ in public places by law from May 1st, 2011.

A. is not forbidden B. is forbidden C. stops D. doesn’t allow

20. (11) You donation_______ and the money will be used to help the students from poor families. 1

A. is greatly appreciating B. appreciates C. has appreciated D. is greatly appreciated

21. (11) --_______ you _______ the story of the Beatles? --Yes. Their songs suit us fine.

A. Did, hear of B. Do, know C. Have, heard of D. Have, heard

22. (11) Some parents might worry that their children’s hobbies can _______ schoolwork.

A. get the way of B. get on the way of C. get on well with D. get in the way of

23. (11) Each time tourists travel to Beijing, they_______ the Forbidden City.

A. will be shown up B. will be shown around C. will show around D. will be shown to 动词专练:

1. The artist said that he hoped_______ drawing the picture soon.

A. his son to finish B. to finish C. finishing D. his son will finish

2. –Where is your brother? -- He_______ some trees by the river.

A. plants B. is planting C. has planted D. planted

3. –What’s wrong with the orange? --It_______ terrible.

A. is tasting B. is tasted C. tastes D. taste

4. –I think our chemistry teacher is working hard. He teaches us_______.

--Yes, but he hasn’t come today. He doesn’t feel_______.

A. good, well B. good, good C. well, good D. well, well

5. When we arrived, the boy had _______ asleep. A. felt B. fell C. feel D. fallen

6. You_______ wet. Have you been out in the rain? A. stay B. keep C. turn D. look

7. Shops should_______ open till late in the evening. A. require B. remain C. return D. rest

8. She pretended_______me when I passed by.

A. having not seen B. not seeing C. to not see D. not to see

9. He agreed _______ someone _______ us.

A. to get, to help B. to get, help C. getting, helping D. get, to help

10. Kate reached the top of the hill and stopped_______ on a big rock.

A. to rested B. testing C. to rest D. rest

11. –Do you feel like_______ to the cinema with me? –No, I’d like_______ my lessons at home.

A. going, to do B. to go, to do C. to go, doing D. going, doing

12. Clean-up Day is only two weeks from now. He needs_______ a plan.

A. come up with B. to come up with C. coming up with D. to come with

13. The girls_______volleyball on the playground are my classmates.

A. playing B. plays C. are playing D. to play

14. My uncle gave me a watch_______ in France as a present.

A. make B. making C. made D. was made

15. She left the lights on overnight and in the morning couldn’t get the car_______.

A. to start B. starting C. started D. starts

16. The tree is too high for him_______. We shouldn’t allow him to do it.

A. to climb B. to climb it C. climbing D. climbing it

17. The grammar books_______ by John have wide sale.

A. to write B. were written C. written D. writing

18. –They _______ Lucy twice a month. –So they do. Lucy misses them very much.

A. hear of B. hear C. hear from D. listen to

19. When Miss Green began to _______ something, the two boys stopped_______ and became quiet.

A. speak, telling B. talk, speaking C. say, talking D. tell, saying


20. –Shall we call for a taxi? -- OK. Let me_______ the phone number in the phone book.

A. look up B. look for C. look at D. look after

21. –When shall we meet? --Let’s _______ it 9:30. Is that all right?

A. have B. make C. meet D. take

22. Please _______ the box carefully. It is filled with galsses.

A. put down B. put on C. put off D.put up

23. The computer is much too expensive. I’ll _______.

A. think out B. think of C. think about D. think over

24. Which teacher_______ lessons to you every day?

A. does gives B. does give C. do give D. gives

25. When she_______ next time, I _______ her everything.

A. is going to come, shall tell B. will come, shall tell C. comes, will tell

26. I _______ over 2000 English words by the end of last term.

A. have learned B. had learned C. would learn D. was learning

27. My brother knows London very well. He_______ there many times.

A. has been B. has gone C. will go D. wen

28. Listen, the music_______ nice.

A. sounds B. is sounding C. is sound D. was sounding

29. He _____early every morning from now on.

A. gets up B.is getting up C. has got up D. will get up

30. Our teacher told us that light____ faster than sound.

A. traveled B. travels C. was traveled D. had traveled

31. There ____a basketball match in our school the day after tomorrow.

A. will have B. will be C. is going to have D. would have

32. Don’t make noise. The baby____ .

A. has slept B. is slept C. will sleep D. is sleeping

33. The students of class3 _____a football game. Let’s go and watch.

A. are having B. will have C. is having D. would have

34. My mother_____breakfast while I _____ my face this morning.

A. cooked was cooking B. was cooking , was washing

C.was cooking, washed D. would cook , was washing

35. The film_____for ten minutes since Jack got to the cinema.

A. began B. has begun C. has been on D. has ended

36. I____ my homework here.

A. finish B. finished C. have finished D. had finished

37.I _____you were here.

A. don’t know B. not knew C. didn’t know D. haven’t known

38. –Can you sing this song? —Of course, I can. The teacher ___ us many times.

A. taught B. teaches C. is taught D. has taught

39.The traffic accident _____ the morning of June 7.

A. has happened in B. happened in C. happened on D. was happened on

40. I heard her____the piano in the next room when I got home.

A. play B.playing C. to play D. plays

41. Xu Song____to Japan only once.

3 D. come, will tell

A. has gone B. had gone C. has been D. had been

42. Neither I nor he ___.

A. can be able to swim B. are swimming well C. swims well D. have swum well

43. He ____me he ____an interesting book.

A. tells, would borrow B. tells, will borrow C. told, will borrow D. told, has borrowed

44. —You look sad. Are you homesick? —Not really. I ____ of my friends back home.

A. am just thinking B. was just thinking C. have just thought D. had just thought

45.When I was at college, I ____up early to do some body building exercise.

A. used to get B. used to getting C. was used to get D. was used for getting

46. Bob____the club since he ____here twenty years ago.

A. joined, has come B. has joined, came C. joined , had come D. has been in , came

47. She saw it, and_____.

A. so am I B. so I am C. so did I D. so I did

48. —When ____again? —When he____, I’ll let you know.

A. he comes, comes B. will he come, will come

C. he comes, will come D. will he come, comes

49.—Excuse me. Look at the sign: No smoking.—Sorry. I ____it.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

50. ____ you ____the film before? When ____you ____it?

A. Have, seen, did see B. Did, see, did, watch

C. Have, seen, have, seen D. Did , see, have ,seen

51.—____the baby still____?—No, it _____crying

A. Has cried, has stopped B. Is crying, stopped

C. Did cry, stopped D. Is crying, has stopped

52. Tom____ by the fat man.

A. was made to work B. was made work C. made to work D. made work

53. —I won’t have the trip to the South unless my best friend Jimmy____,too.

—You mean you’ll go if jimmy goes.

A. will invite B. invites C. is invited D. will be invited

54. This kind of books ____well.

A. sells B. is sold C. are sold D. will be sold

55. Many accidents _____by careless drivers last year.

A. are caused B. were caused C. have caused D. will cause

56.A Disneyland Park _____in Shanghai Pudong New Area in the near future.

A. builds B. has built C. will be built D. will build

57. Can you tell me whom the strange cup____?

A. was B. is invented by C. was invented by D. is invented

58. Mary ____ show me her new pen.

A. has asked to B. was asked to C. is asked D. asks to

59. We won’t allow ____ in the cinema. But you are allowed ____ in the next room.

A. smoking, smoking B. to smoke, to smoke C. smoking, to smoke D. smoke, smoking

60. —Do you know this man?

—I remember ____ him before, but I can’t remember where I saw him.

A. see B. to see C. seeing D. seen



1. He promised to pick me up at the school gate. However, he ____ yet.

A. didn’t arrive B. doesn't arrive C. isn’t arrived D. hasn’t arrived

2. It’s true that knowledge ____ rather than being taught.

A. learns B. learned C. is learned D. was learned

3. We are glad that the Shenzhen Underground ____ very soon.

A. will complete B. will be completed C. has completed D. has been completed

4. —China develops so fast. —That’s true. It ____ a lot already.

A. changes B. changed C. will change D. has changed

5. I ____ along the road when I saw Peter. So we stopped and had a chat.

A. walked B. was walking C. would walk D. had walked

6. I will send you an email as soon as I ____ in Canada tomorrow.

A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D. will arrive

7. —I’ve not finished my project yet. —Hurry up! Our friends ____ for us.

A. wait B. are waiting C. will wait D. have waited

8. —How soon ____ all the work ____? — In a week.

A. will, finish B. is, going to finish C. will, be finished D. are, going to be finished

9. I ____ my hometown for a long time. I really miss it.

A. left B. went away from C. have left D. have been away from

10. Food safety is important. Rules ____ to stop people from food pollution.

A. must make B. must be made C. can make D. can’t be made

11. Don’t worry. Your package ____ here until you come back, so enjoy shopping here.

A. will keep B. has kept C. will be kept D. has been kept

12. Some people waste too much water. They don’t believe that it can ____ some day.

A. keep out B. run out C. be run out D. run out of

13. —All the oil in the world will have ____ some day.

—Yes. What shall we use for power at that time?

A. given away B. put away C. run out D. set out

14. —Have you ever been to England? —Yes, I ____ there last year with my parents.

A. have been B. have gone C. went D. would go

15. —Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in the next match?

—Yes, they have better players, so I ____ them to win.

A. hope B. except C. expect D. prefer

16. We can’t do listening practice today, for Miss Zhao’s tape-recorder doesn’t ____.

A. act B. do C. serve D. work

17. Every year driving after drinking wine ____ a lot of traffic accidents.

A. happens B. provides C. causes D. take place

18. —What are you going to do for the School Day? —We’ll ____ a new play.

A. put out B. put off C. put into D. put on

19. —How can I ____ well with my lessons, Dad? —Practice makes perfect.

A. work on B. hold on C. get on D. keep on

20. Cherry says she ____ all her money to charity when she dies.

A. leaves B. left C. will leave D. would leave


do the children take art lessons a week?

Three or four times.

A. How long B. How many times C. How soon D.How often

22.Andy never breaks the school rules.

.They behave well at school.

A. So Rosa does B. So does Rosa C.Neither Rosa does D. Neither does Rosa

to my daughter’s dance show next Friday.

Of course I will. I’ll never forget her dance for the first time last year.

A. to come; to see B. coming; to see C.to come; seeing D.coming; seeing

24.Ellen has to talk to her grandpa louldy because there’s something wrong with the old man’s.

A. eyes B. teeth C. throat D. ears

I hang out my friends now?

clean up your bedroom first.

A. can; need B. may; have to C. must; need D. need; must

26.Will you please sing for the sick at the city hospital to cheer them up?


A. Excuse me, I’m afraid not B. It’s very kind of you

C. Certainly. I’ll be glad to D. I’m sorry to hear that

27.Lots of fast food restaurants use the color red .

A. to; eating faster B. want to; eat fast C. to; eat faster; D. to; to eat fast

fed the dog, but she hasn’t watered the plants .

A. still; already B. already; yet C. yet; still D..yet; already

29. Being a volunteer, I’ll try my best to offerhelp as I can to old people.

A. so much B. as many C. as much D. so many

cities in Europe?

No. But one day I might go there on vocation.

A. the pleasant B. the most excited C .more wonderful D. the liveliest


Why not ring her up to ask?

A. why does Alexis like game shows B. what time is Alexis arriving

C. that this hair band belongs to Alexis D. how Alexis will come to my party

her mother know my address. They often drop by my home.

A. Not; but B.Both; and C.Either; or D.Not only; but also

33.A concert will be held to money for homeless people.

A.collect B.give up C.send D.spend

34.Students at Green High School books from their school library and can them for a week.

A. borrow; keep B. lend; keep C. borrow; borrow D. keep; borrow

a fruit salad half an hour ago. Can it now?

One more minute please.

A. ordered; be saved B. have paid for; serve C.have ordered;be served D. paid; serve


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