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年级班 姓名 学号听力部分(20分)

一、 找出与所读的字母有相同音素的字母:(5分F2-1) ( )1.A.E B.H C.I ( )2.A.J B.K C.G ( )3.A.r B.d C.f ( )4.A.Y B.T C.S ( )5.A.f B.h C.w

三、 听写单词(5分F4-1):

1. 四、 听短文,完成表格:(3分F4-4)

五、 听单词,写出表示颜色的词 (5分1.


一、 字母:写出含有下列音标的字母: /i: / /e/

/ju:/ /? /aI/ /eI/ /?? 二、 词汇部分:(20分)

A、 根据音标和句意写出单词的正确形式: 1.Hello,what’s /j?:name,/pl i:z2.What’s /h?:/telephone /n?mb?3./naIs/you.

4./l?,An /?pl/ is on the desk. 5./maI/ /f?:st/ B、

根据汉语意思写出单词的正确形式: 1.What’s your (姓氏)? 2.Lisa is in Row (八). 3.Three plus(加)four is (七). 4.What 颜色) is your jacket? 5. .What’s 他的) name? C.用所给字母同音的单词完成句子:

11.Are 12.We 13.Can you ? Yes,I do.

15.Is this your dictionary? D.选择适当的字母或字母组合完成下列单词; pener A.ar B.er C.or D.ir ball A.es B.ec C.ce D. se


nd A.uo B.ou C.au D.ar ary A.tion B.iton C.ion D.sion A.lo B.ol C.la D.oo 三、 句子 A.单项选择: 21.This is watch.

A.my B.my a C.me a D.my the 22.— A.Yes, this is B.Yes.that is C.Yes,it is. D.No,this isn’t 23.—What’s that?a baseball. A.That’s B.This’s C.That is D.It’s 24.name is Mark.What’ your name ,please? A.My B.Your C.Her D.His

25.----- Is that eraser? ---No,It’s ruler. A.a, a B.a,an C.an,a D.an,an 有单词)”six”. A.a B.an C.the D./ 27.---- ? ----- It’s a case.

A.What’s this B.Is this a case C. .Is that a case D.Is it a case 28.--- This is your pen,Here you are(给你) A.Put here B.Thank C.Thanks you D.Thanks A.Yes,I can B. .Yes,I am . C. .Yes,I do D. .Yes,it is 30.That is backpack,There are (有) eight books in . A.your,them B.my,it C.I,it D.me,it 32.Good morning, ?

A. Teacher Smith B. Smith teacher C.Mr. Smith D. Smith Mr

33.---Hello,Liping! A.Hello B.Oh C.Yes D.No 34.This is Jim Green .We can call(叫 A.Mr Jim B.Mr Green Csir Green D.Green 35.I’m Sandy Gordan .Jordan is my .

A. family name B.given name C.first name D.middle name 36.---How are you? ,thank you. A.Fine B.fine C.Good D.Nice 37.This is teacher, Mr Martin. A.you B.your C.she D.he 38.----Are you Gina? A.Yes,I am B.Yes, I’m not .C.No,I am D.No,I’m not. 39.----Hello,Mary.This is Zhang Hua. ----Nice to meet you,too.

A. How are you B.Nice to meet you

B. C.Are you Zhang Hua. D.You’re welcome. your English teacher’s name? A.What’re B.What’s C.What D.what’s 四、 综合技能:(30分) A、连词成句:

41. phone is number 42.me is excuse this ruler 43.spell do it you how ? 44.that your is computer the and lost found case game in?


45.at Alan call 495-3539. B、单句改错 :

48.What’s he name? 49.Is you Jim? 51.That’s not pen. 52.He’s name is Peter.53.----Thanks very much.---- That’s right.54.This’s my ID card . 55.—Is that your watch?--- Yes,it’s. C、句型转换:

56.That’s a (对划线部分提问) 57.Is it your computer?(作否定回答)

(对划线部分提问) 59.This is his ruler.(变否定句)His ruler. (对划线部分提问)D、阅读理解:


61.Paul is a boy.( ) 62.Brown is Paul’s family name.( )

63.Paul can speak(说) Chinese.( ) 64.You can call Paul at 555-3912.( 65.Paul likes (喜欢)books and songs.( ) F、补全对话: A: Hello,John.

.Han mei.What’s this 67 English? A:It’s a dictionary. And68this? B:It’s 69book. . a notebook. notebook?

,it is. you very much. 五、 写作(5分)





年级班 姓名 学号

一、 词汇部分: A.用适当的词填空:

1.Jim’s father’s brother is Jim’s 2.Mark’s mother’s sister is Mark’s 3.Joy’s father’s father is Joy’s 4.Jane is John’s sister,John is Jane’s . 5Mr Wang is Liu Hua’s father.Liu Hua is his B.

据首字母提示和句子意思补全句子: 6.Is that your clock?

7.---Where is my pen,mom?-------It’s in your d. 8.This is very soft(软)。

9. these things to your sister. . C.

据句子意思,用所给词的正确形式填空: 11.Please bring these 12.The CDs 13.There (be) a backpack on the floor. 14.I can see some (key) on the dresser. 15.Are these Chinese books (Gina). D. 择适当的字母或字母组合完成下列单词: 16、le A.a,c B.u,c C.u,k D.a,k

17、nt A.are Brae . C.ear D.aer 18、 A.au,re B.au,er C.ua,re D.ua,er 19、n A.ou,o B.uo,o C.ou,i D.uo,I 20、end A.ir B.ar C.er D.ri E.按要求写出下列各词的正确形式:

21.mother(对应词 22.yes(反义词 23.too(同音词 24.brother(对应词 25.last(反义词 26found(反义词 E.


27.This is ( 一张我家的全家福照片 ) 28.He is (皮特的兄弟 ) 29.(他的电脑 ) 30.Are you ( 我妈妈的朋友 二、 单项选择:

31.These are .

A.his brother B.he’s brother C his brothers.D. he’s brother 32.Is friend?

A.she,your B.her,your C.her,you D.she,you A.that is B.it is C.this is D.it’s

34.Mr Green is Jeff’s father’s brother .So() Mr Green is Jeff’s A. brother B.uncle C.father D.aunt 35.This is a picture Ann’s family.


A..in B.on C.of D.for 36.Jim and Tom Kate’s cousins. A.am B.is C.are D.be 37.My

A.friends B.friend’s C.friend D.friends’ 38.Can I your new watch? A.look B.see C.meet D.love 39.Today is Day.

A.children’s B.childrens’ C.Children’s D.Childrens’ A.this is B.they are C.these are D.that is you see the CD on the desk?-----Yes,I can. A.Is B.Are C.Can D.Do 42.Jim sits between A.Tom and I B.I and Tom C.Tom and me D.me and Tom 43.There a ruler,two pens and an eraser on the sofa. A.is B.are C.am D.be 44.Are these ?

A.case B.cases C.a cases D.a case 45.There are some pictures the wall. A.in B.on C.under D.behind

46.Where is the baseball? It’s the floor. A.in B.on C.under D.behind

47.I can see old computer on the desk. 48.On the wall a big clock. A.has B.there is C.have D.there are 49.Where are Nick Dick? A.with B.and C.or D.too 50.This is bedroom. A.Tom and Jim B. .Tom’s and Jim B. Tom and Jim’s.D. .Tom’s and Jim’s 三、 综合运用:


friend Tom.(I) is here. can put(放) bag.(you) are from America. Names are Jack and Rick.(they) are twins(双胞胎 ). 55.Is Li Lei? Is this watch?(he) B.句型转换:

56.This is my cousin.(变复数句子 57.What’s the name of your son? (同意句) name?

58.Glad to meet you . (同意句) you. 59.Is that your sister?(肯定回答) (提问)61.That’s(提问)


62. I can see an old computer on the desk.(变一般问句) 63.There are some flowers in the garden.(变否定句) 64.Are those books on the desk?(否定回答) 65.They’re in my backpack. (变一般问句) C.汉译英:

66.我的家在学校的附近。67.你的数学书在老师的讲桌上。 68.请把这幅画带给皮特。 69.墙上有两个窗子。 70.录象带在书橱下面。C.阅读理解:

Tommy:Hey,Sally. Sally: Yes? Tommy:Is my computer game on the table? Sally: No,it isn’t.It’s on my bookcase.

Tommy:Oh,OK.How about my books?Are they on the bookcase,too? Sally: No.they aren’t. They are on the chair. Tommy:Oh,so.Where’s my pencil case?

Sally: It’s under the sofa. Tommy: And where’s my backpack? Sally: It’s under the table.And your ball is under the chair.

Tommy: Oh,OK. And where’s my mum’s keys? Sally: The keys? They are on the table.

71.Tommy’s computer is . 72. Tommy’s books are 73. Tommy’s pencil case is 74. .Tommy’s baseball in his backpack. 75.Mom’s keys 四、 写作:请描述你的一张全家照或描述你的房间的摆设。



姓名: 班级: 学号:




are math books .They are over there. A.Those B. These C.This D.It 2.Tom is boy .He is English boy.

A.a ,a B.an, an C.a, an D.an, a is your mother? ---She is fine.

A.What B. Who C.Where D.How 4.The window is the room. A.on,in B.in,on C.on,of D.in,of 5.Look,here Gina’s father and mother.

A.is B.are C.am D.be ! Can you that ?

A.Look at,see B.Look,see C.See,look D.See,look at 7.Do you like TV?

A.watching B.looking at C.seeing D.looking 8.How much your pants?

A.is B.are C.am D.be A. -How do you do? B.How are you

B. C.Nice to meet you D.hello 10.You can see A.thirty four B.three four C.thirteen four D.thirty-four my good friends,Kate and Lucy. A.She is B.they are C.this is D.these are 12.are in the same class.

A.He and I B.He and me C.Iand she D.Me and she

13.How many are there in the picture?

A.Strawberry B.strawberrys C.strawberries D.strawberryes 14.My brother has a new car . color is red. A.It’s B.Its C.It D.That’s 15.---Let’s go and play games. A.Yes,please. B.Great C.You’re welcome D.That’s all right. 16.They have apples,please give some them. A.not,to B.no, for C.no, to D.not, for 17.Taiwan is in China.

A.a B.an C.the D./ 18.The is John’s ,I think.

A.socks B.pants C.shirt D.blouse 19.---What in the bag?-----Some oranges. A.be B.am C.is D.are 20.Here a glass of milk for you. A.have B.am C.is D.are 二、完型填空(10分)

This is a picture (21) Tom’s family at home.The one behind (23) young. (24) blue. Tom’s father is (25)a white shirt.He looks old. Tom (26) a sister. in Sue’s arm.It’s a Chinese cat. name is Mimi. 21.A.of B.for C.to D.under

22.A.Tom’s B.Tom C.Tom’s mother D.Tom’s father 23.A.look B.like C.looks D.likes 24.A.are B.is C.am D.be 25.A.like B.in C.of D.with 26.A.have B.haves C.has D.does 27.A.She B.Her’s C.She’s D.Her


28.A.and B.but C.or D.so a cat.The cat is white.It’s near the car.Its name is Kitty.It’s very

29.A.An B.The C.A D./ nice and we like it very much.

30.A.It’s B.Its C.It D.My 36.There are people(人) in the passage(文章)

三、阅读理解(15分) A.two B.three C.four D. five.

A 37.David’s father works

I have a small room. It is ckean and bright(明亮 ).There is a A.in a computer B.in a computer company

chair ,A desk and a bed in the room.The door is here.The window C.in a store D.in a school.

is there.I have a computer.It’s on the desk.There are some books in the car.

and a bag on the desk ,too.The chair is near the desk.The bed is A.David and Joy B.David’s father and mother near the window.Uder the bed there is a football and my shoes.I C.David’s sister and mother D. David’s sister and father have a lovely (可爱的)dog.Its name is Cody.He likes sitting 39.David’s mother is .

beside me.He is my good friend. A.a math teacher B.a Chinese teacher

31.My room is C.an English teacher D.a P.E. teacher.

A.small B.clean C.bright D.small,clean and bright 40.Kitty is Joy’s .

32.M computer is A.cat B.brother C.cousin D.dog.

A.here B.there C.on the desk D.near the desk. C.

33.There is on the desk. There is a big shop near my house.It sells lots of things.

A.a bag,some books B.a computer and some books From the shop we can buy some foods,some drinks and some

C.a bag and a computer D.a computer,a bag and some books School things like hamburgers,bananas,apples,pens and erasers.

34.My shoes are . The shop opens in the morning.and it closes very late.We

A.under the desk B.under the bed can buy things from 7:00to 22:00in the store.I often(经常) help

C.under the chair D.nesr the window my mother and father buy things in it .The prople in this shop are

35.Cody is very friendly.(友好)

A.a dog B.a cat C.a student D.a bag 41.My home is near the shop.

B 42.This is a clothing(服装) shop.

You know my name is David.Please look at the black car.It’s nice and new.It’s my 43.The shop opens(营业) at 7:00 in the morning.

father’s car.My father works(工作) in a computer 44.We can’t buy things from the shop after(在。。。。。。之后) Company().My father is behind the car.A woman in a blue coat() 10:00 in the evening.

Is my mother.She teaches(教) English in a school.She is in the car.The girl in red is my 45.The people in the shop are friends.

sister.She is in the car,too.Her name is Joy.She has 四、句型转换:(5分)



姓名: 班级: 学号:


听力部分 (30)

一. 听字母,选择你听到的选项,并将其标号填入题前括号内.读两遍.(5) ( )1. A. kj B. kh C. sm ( )2. A.ahj B. kaa C. kaj ( )3. A. CCTV B. BBC C.AMD ( )4. A. PLA B. ATW C. HK ( )5. A. KN B. AM C. JV

二.听句子或对话,选择你听到的单词,并将番号填入题前括号内.(读两遍)(5) ( )6. A. you B. I’m C. my ( )7. A. is B. class C.ow ( )8. A. what’s B. that’s C. this ( )9. A. am B. are C.name ( )10.A. your B. number C. eleven


46.This is my ruler.(改为复数句子my 对划线部分提问) her sweater?

48.I’m 对划线部分提问)? ? 49.Is that a green car?(否定回答) . 50.Can I help you?(同义句 can I you? 五、单句改错:(5分)

51. (


you the “pen”? ( ) A B C D

your ( A B C D

you some to ( A B C D

she soccer ( A B C D 六、汉译英:(5分)

56.他不喜欢冰淇淋。 He ice cream.

57.她只通过电视看排球比赛。She only volleyball game TV. 58.感谢你给我看你的全家照。 the of your . 59.请拨打7653234找Alan。 Please Alan 7653234. 60.Ed Smiths 有很不错的体育运动收藏品。

Ed Smiths a great sports . 七、单词拼写:(5分)

61.Those are my (父母) 62. They are (在) the dresser.

63.The man in the photo is 他) father. 64.He eats lots of (健康) food.

65.The boys and girls are her 朋友) 八、写作。(5分)你是一名住校生,周一到学校后发现你的下列物品未带到学校来,你写一封信给你的妈妈,告诉他这些东西放在你卧室的什么地方。请她给 你带来。

pen notebook English book pencil sharpener jacket school ID card Dear ,

Can you bring some 9



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