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Name: ________ Mark:


( )1. The cake is ______delicious ________I enjoy it very much.

A. too; to B. so; that C. enough; to D. such; that.

( )2. Hurry up. Jim. We have to get to the bus stop before11:25______we can catch the bus.

A. since B. after C. as soon as D. so that

( )3. Simon ________________ getting up early when the new term began.

A. got used for B. got used to C. used to D. used for

( )4. Do you know the man _________is sitting behind Nancy?

A. what B. which C. who D. whom

( )5. The policeman asked the boy _______so that he could take him home.

A. where did he live B. where he lived C. how he lived D. how did he live

( )6. They were both very tired. But ______of them would stop to take a rest.

A some B. any C. neither D. none

( )7. Tom said they would have__________ holiday.

A. a two—month B. two months C. two—months D. a two months

( )8. Mother says that it _______her too much time to cook meals every day.

A. pays B. costs C. spends D. takes

( )9. They all ended up _____the fence.

A. painting B. paint C. to paint D. painted

( )10. Tom likes cars. he enjoys ______model cars of all kinds.

A. collects B. collecting C. to collect D. collected


We are going to take a test today. It will show if we are think it is hard for me. It is the maths part -- my favourite.

computer. There 52 questions for us to do in one hour.

The boy behind me The girl to my left was But when I easy ways to do the maths problems. At the end idea. I asked my friend John. He got 227. answers.

( )1. A. enough smart B. too smart C. smart enough D. very smart

( )2. A. by B. at C. for D. to

( )3. A. was B. had C. were D. have

( )4. A. was looking B. looked C. looks D. was looked

( )5. A. either B. also C. yet D. too

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( )6. A. answer B. answered C. answering D. answers

( )7. A. for B. like C. to D. as

( )8. A. look B. find out C. find D. search

( )9. A. some B. no C. not D. any

( )10. A. other B. another C. the other D. others


One day a woman got into her car and started driving home after work. Suddenly, behind her. was a man. When she turned left, the yellow car turned left. When she turned right, the yellow car turned right, the traffic lights, the yellow car stopped behind her.

The woman was afraid, so she drove to the police station. She was very when she found the car stopped behind her. At that time, a young man was standing outside the police station. The woman was very happy him. She knew that he was a policeman he was wearing a police uniform (制服). She jumped out of her car and ran to the policeman. She asked him to arrest (逮捕) the man in the yellow car, so the policeman walked to the man.

The man to run away when he saw the policeman. He just smiled want to give this purse (钱包) back to you, madam. I think you dropped it on the street.”

( )1. A. she B. her C. hers D. herself

( )2. A. The worker B. The driver C. The doctor D. The farmer

( )3. A. also B. either C. too D. neither

( )4. A. in B. on C. to D. at

( )5. A. quickly B. slowly C. easily D. happily

( )6. A. interested B. interesting C. surprised D. surprising

( )7. A. see B. sees C. saw D. to see

( )8. A. after B. before C. because D. when

( )9. A. didn’t try B. tried C. tries D. doesn’t try

( )10. A. but B. so C. or D. and



Do you often talk with your parents? Here is some advice(建议) on how to talk with them.

Try to start your talk with something fun. This will make talking easier. For example, ask them questions about their day. How’s work? They love this.

Make it clear what you want to tell your parents. If they have an opinion(观点), let them finish and don’t stop their talking. Ask them to do the same for you.

Show them respect(尊重) by listening to them carefully. Look them in the eye(直视).

Be honest. Honesty builds trust(信任). Life is good when your parents trust you.

If your parents don’t understand. Tha’t OK. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Sometimes you have to explain the things to them again.

When you finish the talk, thank them for listening. Say something like, “Thanks, that helped”. It will let them know this is important to you, and make them want to do it more often.

( )1. If you want to start the talk easily, you should say something _______ at the beginning.

A. fun B. dishonest C. sad D. unhappy

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腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com ( )2. While talking to the parents, you should look them in the eye to show you _______ them.

A. dislike B. understand C. respect D. agree with

( )3. When the parents don’t understand you, you can ________.

A. ask them to stop B. argue(争论) with them

C. look them in the eye D. explain you idea to them

( )4. When you finish the talk, you should _______ your parents for listening.

A. say goodbye to B. thank C. say sorry to D. ask

( )5. What’s the main idea of this passage?

A. We should respect our parents. B. It’s important to trust our parents.

C. We should love our parents. D. Some ways to communicate(沟通) with our parents.

(B) Hua Mulan is a famous Chinese folk . Many students know her from the Chinese ancient poem called Mulan Shi. It tells a story of a brave girl named Hua Mulan who dressed herself up as a man to fight instead of her old father. In 1998, the Disney Picture made a cartoon film Mulan based on the story, and it became a hit all over the world. Since then, Mulan has become one of the most world-famous characters like Cinderella and Aladdin. However, some Chinese cartoon workers are not satisfied with that. They want to produce an animation(动画片) about Mulan themselves. Recently, Jiang Tong Animation Co. Ltd. says that they are making a 52-episode(集) cartoon series named Hua Mulan.

The producer of the company says that their version is different from the Disney version. Disney’s Mulan focuses on the individual heroism(个人英雄主义), while the homemade(国内)one tries to stress on the grow-up story of Mulan against the Chinese background(背景). The aim of the Chinese version is to set up a brave and patriotic(爱国的) image for the Chinese young people.

The making of the new cartoon has already started, and the whole series is expected to be finished at the end of 2007. Will it be another hit? Let’s wait and see.

( )1. What does the underlined word “heroine” mean in Chinese?

A. 人物形象. B. 女主人公. C. 女英雄 D. 传奇人物

( )2. How was the cartoon film Mulan made by the Disney Picture?

A. It was boring. B. It was successful.

C. It was normal. D. It was expensive.

( )3. How many episodes will there be in the homemade Hua Mulan?

A. 50. B. 51. C. 52. D. 53.

( )4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Cinderella and Aladdin are also the most world-famous characters.

B. We still don’t know which company will make the homemade Hua Mulan.

C. The story of homemade Hua Mulan is similar to that of the Disney’s.

D. The aim of the homemade Hua Mulan is to make more money than the Disney’s.

( )5. Where do you expect to find the article?

A. In a storybook. B. On a website. C. In a novel. D. In a dictionary.


In Britain, people often invite friends for a meal, a party or just coffee. People who know each other very well—close friends, family or neighbors—visit each other’s houses without an invitation, but usually an invitation 第38期 初二升初三英语 第 3 页

腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com is needed. When people invite someone to their homes, they often say: “Would you like to come for dinner on Saturday?” Answers are: “Thanks. We’d love to. What time?” or “I’m sorry. We’d love to but we have tickets for the concert.” However, it is not polite to say “No, we wouldn’t”!

Sometimes, the British use expressions that sound like invitations. For example: “You must come over for a drink sometime.” or “Let’s go out for a meal one of these days.” These are usually just polite ways of ending a talk. They are not real invitations because they don’t mention an exact time or day. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly and the answers are: “Yes, that would be nice.” or “OK, yes, thanks.” So next time, you hear what sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly? ( )1. It’s always necessary for ______ to visit each other’s houses with an invitation.

A. close friends B. family members

C. neighbours D. new friends

( )2. It is not polite to answer the real invitation by saying “_________”

A. Sorry, we’d love to but we have tickets for the concert.

B. Thanks. We’d love to. What time?

C. Sure. We’d like to, thanks a lot.

D. No, we wouldn’t!

( )3. If the British just want to end a talk politely, they may say, “_________”

A. Would you like to come for dinner on Saturday?

B. Let’s go out for a meal one of these days.

C. Let’s go out for a meal on Saturday.

D. Shall we go for a drink this afternoon?

( )4. The British often use “________” to answer the invitations that are not real.

A. Yes, what time?

B. No, that’s not a real invitation.

C. OK, yes, thanks.

D. No, you just want to be friendly.

( )5. Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Britain B. Invitations in Britain

C. A talk with friends D. A Dinner

(D) Dear Jenny,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I'm having a great time on my exchange program in France. It's even better than 第38期 初二升初三英语 第 4 页

腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com I thought it would be. I was a bit nervous before I arrived here, but there was no reason to be. My host family is really nice. They make me feel at home. And you wouldn't believe how quickly my French has improved(提高)! I'm very confident in speaking French now. Although I still make lots of mistakes, it doesn’t bother me like used to. My biggest challenge is learning how to behave(表现)at the dinner table. As you can imagine, things are really different from the way they are at home. For example, you shouldn't put your bread on your plate. You should put it on the table! I thought that was pretty strange at first, but now I'm used to it. You shouldn't eat anything with your hands except bread, not even fruit! (You have to cut it up and eat it with a fork.) Another thing is that it is very rude to say you're full. If you don't want any more food, you should just say, "It was delicious." Also, it's rude to put your hands on your leg. You should always keep your hands, but not your elbows, on the table.

I have to say, I find it difficult to remember everything, but I'm gradually getting used to things, and don't find them so strange any more. I'll write soon and tell you more about life in France. Hope you’re having a good school year.

Best wishes!


( )1. How is Eric on his exchange program in France?

A. He is a bit nervous. B. He is having a great time.

C. He wants to go back home. D. He worries about his French.

( )2. How has Eric’s French improved?

A. He doesn’t make lots of mistakes now. B. His host family can understand him now.

C. He’s now very confident in speaking French. D. He’s now very good at spoken French. ( )3. Which of the following of NOT TRUE according to the letter?

A. You should say “It was delicious.” if you want more food.

B. You should put your bread on the table.

C. You should not eat fruit with your hands.

D. You should not put your elbows on the table.

( )4. What’s Eric’s biggest problem?

A. Learning how to cook a French dinner. B. Getting used to French food.

C. Imagining what to eat for his dinner. D. Learning how to behave at the dinner table. ( )5. What can we learn about Eric from his letter?

A. He likes speaking French. B. He thinks those rules are so strange.

C. He now lives with his classmates. D. He will leave France soon.


, for it is popular all over the country.

with us.

in her children's success.

who he is.


1. 你不用花钱

You can get it .

2. 她每周给父母写一封信。

She writes to her parents 第38期 初二升初三英语 第 5 页

腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com

3. 双胞胎看上去长得一样。

Twins look each other.

4. 她过一两个星期就来。

She'll come over or .

5. 这菜有点儿甜味。

The dish tastes sweet.


林涛是学校“爱心俱乐部(Kind-Hearted Club)”的成员之一。请根据林涛的情况和图片的内容,用英语写一篇字数80字左右的文章介绍林涛。


a tall boy with thick black hair, round cheeks, small eyes, a smiling mouth, look strong and healthy,

get on well with…, get ready to help others, …


Lin Tao is a member of our school’s Kind-Hearted Club.______________________________________


第38期 初二升初三英语 第 6 页

腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com

第38期 初二升初三英语 第 7 页

腾飞教育 www.gztfjy.com


一、1~5 BDBCB 6~10 CADAB

二、1~5 CACBD 6~10 CDCBA

三、1~5 ABCDA 6~10 CDCAD

四、(A)1~5 ACDBD (B)1~5 CBCAB (C)1~5 DDBCB (D)1~5 BCADA

五、1. success 2. strict 3. pride 4. fails 5. wonder

六、1. for free 2. once a week 3. the same as 4. in a week…two 5. a bit或a little


Lin Tao is a member of our school’s Kind-Hearted Club. He is a tall boy with thick black hair. He has round cheeks, small eyes and a smiling mouth. He looks strong and healthy. He is kind-hearted and gets on well with everyone. He always gets ready to help others. For example, he often helps his classmates with the lessons, helps old people cross the road. When he takes a bus, he often gives his seat to the people in need. To protect the environment, when he is free, he goes to the park to collect rubbish with his friends. Lin Tao is a good student. We should learn from him.

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