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1【2011上海】. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with suitable words .( 在短文的空格内填入适当的次,使其内容通顺. 每空格限填一词, 首字母已给 ): ( 14分)

At one time, making a film was an expensive activity only for a small group of people and film companies. Not only were the tools and machines expensive but the cost of film was also far greater than most people could afford. However, modem technology has c 92 all that.

New technology has really opened up the world of film-making for film fans. Now a camera does not cost m 93 and most young people are certainly able to pay for it. So all you need is to get one for yourself. With that, you may then start your own film-making. However, film-making is t 94 work. You probably need many other people to help you. For example, the p 95 of actors and actresses is very important in your film. Of course, these actors and actresses may be your schoolmates, friends or family members. You don’t even need to pay them a cent while they are glad to be part of your job. B 96 , you need to make up a story. Can you write your own one? If you have good imagination, you can create an attractive story e 97 . Many world-famous film makers and producers are also good story-writers. If not, perhaps you need someone else to write it for you. An excellent story is the key to making a s 98 film.

2 阅读下面短文,从所给单词中选出适当的词,并用其正确的语言形式填在标有题号的空白处,使语意通顺、完整。(每空一词且每个单词只能用一次)

My teachers thought I was the worst student. My family also had the 11 thought as my teachers. When I was going to give up my studying, a new teacher, Miss White came to our school. She was young, 12 and knowledgeable (知识渊博的).

One day, I was sitting alone in my 13 , Miss White came up to me and talked to me happily. Soon her smile away my unhappiness.

“Do you think I can go to college?” I didn’t 14_____ why I asked such a question. I thought she must say “no”. 15______ everyone else said so. But she said, “Dear, you can do 16______ you want. Just try, and you’ll get closer to success. I believe you are the best!” I was touched 17______ by her words. I decided to study hard. From then on, we became good 18______. She often helped me with my study in her free time.

In the end, I 19_______ well in my studies and went to a good college. Miss White is an angel(天使). Her words have kept me going forward. She helped me to see that I am special and can be 20____ in life.

3 71, healthy 72 .was 73. over 74. not 75, helpful / important / useful / necessary/good

【2011泰州】 Your maths teacher may wear old-fashioned clothes and always pronounce your name wrongly. Your English teacher may love to start classes with tests. Perhaps it is hard f 1 you to accept these. But they eat pizza, go to movies and enjoy sports at weekends, just like you.

So how can you g 2 along with your teachers? Here are some tips.

F 3 ,do the following things: Don’t be late for school. H 4 in your homework on time. Be polite to your teachers.

Second, show an interest in the subject. Even if you are not g 5 at your maths or English, you should do your b 6 to learn it and show your teacher that you are a hardworking student.

You can also come to your teacher during his/her spare time. Use this time to get some help or talk about your progress in class. You may be surprised to learn that your teacher is more relaxed in his/her free time t 7 in his/her working hours. A good relationship with your teachers will help you now and in the f 8 .There may be some t 9 you will always remember because they change you and your life. After f 10 school, you may even go back to visit them. And they are always proud of that.

4 从下面方框中选择适当的词填入短文中,使短文通顺正确(注意有些词要用适当的形式)。方框

Last Sunday my brother and I went fishing. We got up very early that day. When we (76) __________ home, the moon could still be seen in the sky. The morning air was cool and I felt wind on my lace. This made us very comfortable. We laughed and talked (77) __________ the way while we were riding our (78) __________. By about six we were already sitting by the river. Fishing is not easy. If you want to be (79) __________, you must be very careful. That day we had another good catch. We caught a lot of fish and enjoyed ourselves very much. It was late when we got home. We fell a little tired (80) __________ happy. Fishing is a very good sport. I like it very much.

5 第二节:选择单词,用其适当的形式填空,使短文意思正确、通顺(每词先用一次)

A little girl called Fan Yi has caught many people’s attention recently. The little writer’s ___________(81) English story, Swordbird, was on the New York Times’ bestseller list for children’s fiction.

Fan Yi was born in Beijing in 1997. She ___________(82) her second grade of primary school in Beijing. She ___________(83) to the US with her parents at the age of 7. She has shown ___________(84) interests in birds since she was a little girl.

When Fan ___________(85) studying American history at school, she read many articles(文章) about the September 11 Attacks(9.11事件). She wanted all people to ___________(86) in peace with each other. Around that time, she had a(n) ___________(87) one night. In the dream, some birds fought with each other. Fan got an idea ___________(88) the dream and turned it into a story. In it, she showed her idea of peace in the world.

In the future, Fan will write more ___________(89) for the Swordbird series. Will she become another J.K Rowling? We ___________(90) have to wait and see.



Michael Leung, a famous TV host (主持人) in Hong Kong, wrote a letter to his son. It is not only 66 to children, but also good for all ages. The following are chosen 67 his letter. 1. Life is short. While you are 68 it today, you'll realize you are at the end of it tomorrow. So the earlier you start to value your life, the 69 you can enjoy it. 2. You might not be successful 70 you don't study hard, although a lot of successful people haven't 71 higher education.

3. I don't expect you to support (供养) me for the rest of 72 life, so I'm not going to do the same for you. You will be living on your own when you grow up.

4. You can require yourself to be nice to others, 73 you shouldn't expect the same from others.

5. I've been buying the lottery (彩票) for almost twenty 74 , but I'm still poor. I have never got the 75 place even once. So you have to work hard to be successful. There is no free lunch in the world.

66._____ 67.______ 68. _______ 69.______ 70.______

71. _____ 72. _____ 73.________ 74.______ 75.______

7 阅读下面短文,从所给的12个词或词组中选出10个词或词组,并用其适当形式填空,请将答案写在答题卡的相应位置上。

Bob lived in a small town. Later, he got a job in a big city so he had to move there with his wife and two _ 71_. _72__ the first Saturday in their new home. Bob __73 his new red car out of the garage(车库). He 74 it when a neighbor came by. 75 he saw Bob’s car, the neighbor stopped and __76__ it for a minute. Then Bob turned and saw him.

The neighbor said, “That's a nice car. Is it __77 ?”

"Sometimes" Bob answered.

The neighbor was puzzled. "Sometimes?" he said, "What do you __78__?”

Bob answered __79 ,"Well, when there's a party in town, it belongs to my daughter. When there's a football game somewhere, it belongs to my son. When I've washed it, and it looks really nice and __80 , it belongs to my wife. And when it is dirty, it's mine."



92. changed 【解析】上文提到在过去,制作一部电影是一件十分昂贵的事,只有少数人和电影公司才能干。然而现在随着时间的推移,现代科技将这一切都改变了,故填changed;

93. much 【解析】本句意为“现在一部相机花费并不多”,价格大多数人都能坦然接受,故填much;

94. tiring 【解析】该句意为“然而,电影制作是一件很累人的事”,work是不可数名词,故要说tiring work,不能加a;

95. population 【解析】下文中都是在谈论电影中的那些男女演员,加上谓语动词是单数,故应填population;

96. besides 【解析】上边提到了演员,下边接着讲述应该要有剧本,故填besides;

97. character 【解析】这个地方讲“如果你的想象力丰富,那么你就能够创作出一个具有吸引力的人物,??”,故答案填character;

98. successful 【解析】该句意为“一个优秀的故事是电影成功的关键”,故答案填successful;

2 Keys:

11. same 判断推理题。根据前一句话意思我的老师认为我是学生,后面应该是我的家人也有同样的想法。

12. beautiful 细节判断题。根据句意,她既年轻、漂亮又学识渊博。

13. classroom 细节推理题。根据上下文意思,得出答案classroom。

14. know 细节判断题。根据语境意思,我不知道我为什么问这样的问题。

15. Because 细节判断题。根据上文我的心里想法,得出答案。

16. anything 细节推理题。这是一句常用语,只要你想做到的,你就能够做好任何事情。

17. deeply 细节推理题。老师的话深深地触动了我。

18. friends 细节判断题。根据上下文意思,得出我和老师成为好朋友了。

19. did 细节判断题。根据语境意思,是一般过去时,所以应该用动词的过去式。

20. successful 细节推理题。 根据上下文意思,得出答案是成功的。

3 71, healthy 72 .was 73. over 74. not 75, helpful / important / useful / necessary/good 4 答案:1.for 2.get 3.First 4.Hand 5.good 6.best 7.than 8.future 9.things 10. ? 5答案:76. left 77. all 78. bike(s) 79. successful 80. hut

6 Keys:81. first 解析:此处用one的序数词 82. finished 解析:根据句意是完成学业,用过去时。 83. moved 解析:move to? 搬到?? 84. great 解析:great修饰后面的interests。85. was 解析:过去进行时。86. live 解析:want sb. to do sth. 想要某人坐某事 live in?住在??87. dream 解析:从one night看出,是做了一个梦。88. from 解析:from来自89. books 解析:write books 写书90. will 解析:根据上一句,得出答案:我们将拭目以待。

7 【主旨大意】香港著名主持人Michael Leung给他的儿子写了一封信,这封信不仅对儿童有帮助,对各个年龄的人来说受益匪浅。

66. helpful 67. from 68. wasting 69. earlier 70. if

71. received 72. my 73. but 74. years 75. third

8 【主旨大意】

71. children 72. On 73.took 74.was washing 75.When 76. looked at 77. yours 78. mean 79.slowly

80. clean

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