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7A Unit4 单元知识复习

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牛津英语7A Unit4 单元知识复习 巨程Jill

7A Unit4


1. need a lot of energy to dance 需要许多能量去跳舞

2. many times a day 一天许多次

3. get tired 变得累了

4. keep fit = keep healthy =stay healthy 保持健康

5. too much sugar 太多糖分

6. want to be healthy 想要健康的

7. It is + 形容词+ to do sth. 做某事怎么样。

It is + 形容词+ for sb. +to do sth.

8. on the Internet 在英特网上

9. after class 课后

10. a top student 一个尖子生

on the top of… 在….. 顶部

11. run fast 跑得快

12. plan to do sth. 13. be careful with sth. 14. in front of… 在…in the front of… 在15. free time 16.

17. less than

18. 19. 20. 21. not …


23. not bad 24. a healthy person

25. 看两小时电视

= watch TV for two hours = spend two hours watching/on TV

26. good luck (to sb.) (祝某人)好运

27. not any more = no more 不再

28. lie on the couch 躺在沙发上

29. go to work without breakfast 不吃早饭去上班

30. buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb. 为某人买某物


牛津英语7A Unit4 单元知识复习 巨程Jill

31. tell a story / tell stories 讲故事

32. feel happy 感到快乐

33. hate to do sth. 讨厌做某事

34. between… and … 在…和…之间

between meals 在两餐之间

35. What about going fishing? = How about going fishing? 去钓鱼怎么样?


1. I walk to my bowl many times a day.

2. It’s very easy for me to get tired when I dance.

3. A healthy diet is very important for a dancer.

4. I dance for two hours every day.

5. I need to keep fit. 我需要保持健康.

6. I always eat an apple for breakfast.

7. It’s time for me to change now. 8.

9. You are not fit at all.

10. I don’11.




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