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7A Unit6 单元知识复习

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牛津英语7A Unit6 单元知识复习 巨程Jill

7A Unit6重要词组

1.I don’t know what to wear 我不知道穿什么?

choose what to wear . 选择穿什么

2. spend 10 more minutes in bed 再花费10分钟睡觉

3. so lazy. / so many beautiful clothes 如此懒惰 / 如此多美丽的衣服

4. join in the fashion show/be a member of …参加时装展览

5.give/have/hold a fashion show 举行一场时装展览

6 . raise lots of money for Project Hope 为希望工程捐款

7.wear clothes from different times 穿不同时代的衣服

wear clothes from the 1980s /in a 1980s style 穿20

wear blue and yellow sports clothes

wear my hair in a 1990s style=have a 1990s hairstyle 留着208. in the 20th century 在20世纪

10. give a talk on sth 做一个关于…的演讲


14.Here comes Simon







24. help mum wi (to)do some shopping…帮助某人做某事

25.enjoy the show =enjoy watching the show 享受这个演出

26. How beautiful Sandy is! Sandy多漂亮啊!

27. on Saturday moring / evening / afternoon 在星期六早上/晚上/下午

28.have dinner with my family 和我一家吃晚饭

29.dress up in white trousers =wear white trousers 穿白色裤子

30. people’s faourite kind of shoes 人们最喜爱的一种鞋


牛津英语7A Unit6 单元知识复习 巨程Jill

31. raise money for sb / donate sth to sb 为某人募捐 / 捐某物给某人

32. give us your ideas 给我们你的主意

33. what do you think of…?= How do you like …? 你认为…怎么样?

34. a piece of leather / pieces of … 一块皮

35. finish doing sth 完成做…

36.some other trainers 一些其他鞋

37. do after-school activities 进行课外活动

38.first –- then---next ----afetrwards--- finally

39..match the clothes very well 很配这个衣服

40.make my foot feel hot 使我的脚感到热

41 tried on the boots 试穿这双靴

42.get enough pocket money 得到足够的零花钱

43. what kinds of clothes / exercise / healthyfood

44.design a pair of boots / a fashion designer 设计一双靴

45.children in poor areas 46.ask sb about sth 问某人关于某事

47.have dinner with sb 和某人一起吃饭

48.talk about rasing money

49. a 1990s hairstyle 20

51.look cool in white



…/ 在…制造



61.be going to do sth


63.what’s going on with sth? 某物进行得怎样?

64.I have some more time to do sth. 我还有一些时间做某事

65.give you my design 给你我的设计


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