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八年级 Unit8 When is your birthday?教案

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Unit 8 How do you make banana shake?

Teaching materials(教学内容):

一、Language Points.词汇 短语 句型

二、Grammer: 一、序数词的构成及用法;




一、Language Points:

词汇:blender, yogurt, ingredient, cup, instruction, salt, finally, mix, boil, add

短语; turn on, cut up, mix up, add…to…, pour…into

句型: 1. How do you make a banana milk shake?

2. First, peel the bananas and cut it up.

3. Then put the milk into the blender…

4. —How many bananas do we need?

—We need three bananas.


1. Make 做 制作

有用的词组: make clothes/bread/fruit salad 做衣服/面包/水果沙拉

make a mistake 犯错误 make a noise制造噪音 make a visit to…访问参观… make tea 沏茶

make money 赚钱 make faces 做鬼脸 make trouble 惹麻烦 make the bed 整理床铺

make room for… 给…腾地方

2. Turn on/off 打开/关掉(电器) turn up/down 调高/低

e.g. It’s a little dark in the room. Why not _______ the lights?

I can’t hear the radio clearly. Would you please ____ it ____?

The TV is too loud, ____ it ____,please.

注意点:因为on/off/up/down是副词,所以当宾语是代词时,应该把代词放在副词前,也就是说,只能说turn it/them on 而不能说turn on it 。但是,我们既可以说turn the lights on 也可以说turn on the lights。因为the lights 是名词。


3. Cut up

e.g. Be careful,or you may cut your finger. You must cut up the apples.

有用的词组:cut one’s hair 理发 cut down 砍伐 cut … into pieces 把…切成碎片 cut off 切断 cut in 插嘴

4. Pour …into…把…倒进….

e.g. Pour milk into the bottle.

注意:pour sb. sth.= pour sth. for sb. eg.Shall I pour you a cup of tea?= Shall I pour a cup of tea for you?


5.Put…into… 把…放到…里 e.g. He put some sugar into the coffee.

有用的词组:put away 把…放好 put down 放下 put up 举起

put on 穿上---- take off 脱掉 put off 拖延

6、表示程序进行顺序的副词:First(放句首), Next(放句首),Then(放句首或句末), Finally(放句首或句末)

7、add ... to ... 把……加到……上

Eg, add some salt to the popcorn. add fvie to six

8、the top of .... 。。。的顶端

the top of the mountain 山顶 on the top of ……的顶端


1、How many + 可数名词复数形式 + -------?

Eg. --How many students are there in our class?

--There are sixty one./ sixty one.

2、How much + 不可数名词 + -------?

Eg.--How much water do you drink every day?

--I drink five glasses./ Five glasses.


eg. a cup of tea 一杯茶

two glasses of water 两杯水

three pieces of paper 三张纸

(注:有手柄的杯子叫cup,没有手柄的杯子叫glass )

3、How many + 可数名词复数形式 + do we need ?

Eg.--How many bananas do we need ?--We need three (bananas)./Three (bananas).

4、How much + 不可数名词 + do we need ?

Eg.--How much cinnamon do we need ?

--We need one teaspoon (of cinnamon)./One teaspoon (of cinnamon).



1.祈使句的肯定形式: do型, let型, be 型。

Go and ask the teacher .

Sit down , please .

Let’s go together .

Be careful ! There’s danger ahead .

2. 祈使句的否定形式: 在句首加don’t 。

Don’t be late for school .

Don’t let the baby cry .

Don’t do it any more.

3. 祈使句的反意疑问句。

祈使句表达的是将来时态的动作,反意疑问句的助动词用will ;祈使句用于和对方交谈,故变反意疑问句时主 2

语用you 。

(1)祈使句用肯定形式,反意疑问句用will you 或 won’t you 。

(2)祈使句用否定形式,反意疑问句用will you 。

Put some relish on a slice of bread , will you \ won’t you ?

Don’t play computer games , will you ?

(3) let 祈使句的反意疑问句有两种:let us开头用will you ;let’s开头用shall we 。 Let us drink the milk shake , will you ?

Let’s play together , shall we ?

练 习


1.---______ do you make a banana milk shake ?

--- Peel the banana first and blend it with milk .

A. What B. When C. How D. Where

2. Could you take _____ for these __________ ?

A. any photos , tomatoes B. some photos, tomatoes

C. some photos, tomatos D. any photos, tomatoes

3. --The baby is TV if you want to watch the game . --- Ok . I will do that .

A. turn on B. turn down C. turn off D. turn up

4. Attention, please . the flight has to be _____ because of the heavy rain .

A. put on B. put off C. put away D. put up

5. --- Have you had breakfast , lily ?

--- No, I didn’t _______ like eating anything this morning .

A. look B. sound C. feel D. taste

6. ---Shall we stay at home watching tv tonight ?

---- No, I’d like _______ and see a movie .

A. to go B. go C. went D. going

7. ----Would you like to go swimming with me this afternoon ?

---- _________ , but I have a lot of work to do .

A. Yes, let’s go B. I’d love to C. No, I won’t D. It doesn’t matter

8. --- I’d like _________ grapes and pears .

---- Oh, I only need _________ orange juice .

A. some, a few B. a few, some C. a little, few D. a little , a few

9. We do hope the people in Sichuan will soon _______ their troubles .

A. go over B. turn over C. get over D. look over


1.How m________ salt do you need ?

2. Can you p_______ the banana for the child ?

3. P_________ the yogurt into the cup .

4. You must read the i__________ before you take the medicine .


5. I don’t like eating vegetables with too many i__________ .

6. Add a little s________ to the soup; it will be delicious .

7. Would you like a c________ of tea ?

8. He looked i___________ the basket but saw nothing .

9. First, put the butter on a s_________ of the bread .

10. Tell your partner how to make a sandwich with the i___________ .



______ bananas and apples _______ the ______ .

2.---你能制作水果色拉吗? ---- 让我想想。

--- Can you ______ _______ _______ ? --- ________ me __________ .

3. 你们需要多少西红柿?

________ ________ __________ do you __________ ?

4. 我往面条里加多少盐?

_______ _______ ________ do I ______ ________ the noodles ?

5. 先把西红柿切碎,然后和糖搅拌在一起。

First, _____ _________ the tomatoes, then_________ them _______ sugar .


peel, put, cut up, mix up, pour, turn on, like, make, drink, add…to

1. Would you like _________ a cup of tea for her ?

2. The little girl can’t _____eggs by himself . Can you do it for her ?

3.Children _________ to drink milk shake .

4. ______some salt ______ the vegetables .

5. _________ a slice of bread on the top .

6. Don’t _______ your books with Lucy’s.

7. It’s cold outside . come in and have a ________, ok ?

8. It’s dark . can you _________ the light ?

9. First, ________the apples , then put them into the blender .

10. Let me show you how ____________ dumplings .


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