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Unit 7 The Birthday Party Topic 3 We had a wonderful party. Section C


If your friends have a party, what will y sent to him or her? What will you do?
I’ll sent her some flowers. I’ll sing an English song for her.

I’ll sent her a birthday cake. I’ll play the guitar for her.

I’ll sent her a birthday card. I’ll perform ballet for her.

1 Kangkang’s Birthday Party
It was Kangkang’s birthday last Sunday. His parents bought lots of food and drinks for us. We brought many presents for him. Everyone gave Kangkang a birthday card. We made the cards by hand. He liked them very much.

There was a big birthday cake with 13 candles on it. We all sat around the cake. Kangkang made a silent wish, and then
he blew the candles out in one breath. We

danced , sang songs and played games at
the party. Everyone had a good time.

Knowledge points buy 买. buy sth 买某物 buy sth for sb = buy sb sth I’d like to buy a new bike. My father buy a new bike for me. My father buys me a new bike.

Answer the following questions. 1. When was Kangkang’s birthday?

Last Sunday.
2. What did the children bring for Kangkang? Many presents and birthday cards.

3. Did Kangkang like the birthday cards? Yes, he liked them very much. 4. How old is Kangkang ? He is 13 years old. 5. What did Kangkang do before he

blew the candles out?
He made a silent wish.


Work alone

Think over and write down the past forms of these verbs . is Was make are were dance have had play give gave




plan planned

sit sat

blow blew

fall fell








Work alone

Sing, lose, come, is, have, play It was ___ May thirteenth yesterday. It was my birthday.had We ___ a wonderful party in my home. Michael, Jane, Maria,

Helen, Sally and some other came friends
_____ to my party.

The music was good and the food was
delicious. Everyone had a good time. played Jane ______ the guitar and Maria played lost the piano. sang We ____ many songs. Michael ___ the Musical Chairs game. He was very funny.

Happy Birthday

1. Lin Tao ____ went (go) to his uncle’s home last Sunday. 2. Mary gave ____ (give) her little sister a nice present yesterday. like (not like) meat at all. 3. He doesn’t __________ didn’t go (not go) home yesterday 4. He ________ and he ____ was (be) at school. 5. I found _____ (find) many people in the room when I came in.



? 一般过去时(实意动词) ? 1.一般过去时结构 ? 1).肯定句: 主语+谓语动词的过去式. 谓语 动词不随人称的变化而变化. She saw a film last week. ? 2).否定句:主语+didn’t +动词原形. He didn’t have breakfast this morning . ? 3).一般疑问句: Did + 主语 + 动词原形 ? 简单回答: Yes, …+did./No, …+ didn’t.

? Did you go to the zoo last Sunday? ? Yes ,I did./ No , I didn’t. ? 4).特殊疑问句: 疑问词 + 一般疑问句? ? what did

you do yesterday?


1.复习课文,背诵默写并翻 译73页1; 2.练习册45页Section C; 3.英语报.

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