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Unit1 the picture of peace 导学练

1 重点短语:

1) 加入某人_______________

2) 非常适合野餐_______________

3) 约会迟到_______________

4) 试着做某事_______________

5) 担心……_______________

6) 要求,叫_______________

7) 在地球上_______________

8) 悬挂_______________

9) 从山的侧面倾斜而下_______________ 10) 尽管_______________

2 完形填空

Everyone has their own dreams. They give us courage (勇气) and confidence to keep us going through difficulties. Here ___1____ some advice on how to realize our beautiful dreams. ____2___ giving up is the key to making our dreams come true. We may fail from time to time, ____3___ we can learn from failure(失败), correct our mistakes and try again until we achieve our goals. For that reason, no matter ____4___difficult problems we meet, we won't fail unless (除非) we give up our hopes. Our life is like a long journey which is not all roses. It sometimes has wind and rain. We believe rainbows (彩虹) will appear after storms. We will realize our dreams___5____last if we do our best. Cooperation(合作) is also necessary. Everyone likes a person who is good at cooperating with others. Besides, in our society, most problems can't be ___6____ by one person alone. ___7____ is like a small part of a machine. If one part isn't ___8____ , the machine can not work well. It's hard for a person who is away from the society to have a deep understanding of the world. Cooperation is becoming one of ____9___ aways for people living in the developing society. As a saying goes, "One tree doesn't make a ___10____." At the same time, we should learn to examine our abilities because it helps us know about our advantages and disadvantages as well as get a full control of ourselves. Then we may be confident enough to face challenges. Follow the suggestions above, and our dreams are sure to come true.

( )1. A. is B. are C. be

( )2. A. Always B. Often C. Never

( )3. A. if B. but C. than

( )4. A. how B. what C. where

( )5. A. from B. on C. at

( )6. A. solve B. solved C. solving

( )7. A. We B. We each C. Each of us

( )8. A. in time B. in order C. in need

( )9. A. important B. more important C. the most important

( )10. A. forest B. grass C. field


1 重点短语:

join sb;perfect for picnics;late for an appointment;try doing sth;be worried about; call for;on earth;hang over;rush down from its side;even though

2 完型填空


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