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Unit 3 Is this your pencil单元测验

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Unit 3 Is this your pencil?




1. What’s your n______? My name is Mary.

2. I’m Gina. Nice t______ meet you.

3. His name i_____ Tony.

4. W _______ her telephone number?

5. I a______ Bruce.

6. His telephone n________ is 58764321.

7. What’s her first name? H________ first name is Tanya.

8. What’s her l______ name? Her last name is Lopez.

9. Hello, I a_______ Jenny.

10. Is his n______ Dave?


11. ________ is a girl, _______ name is Gina. (she)

12. What’s _________ telephone number? (he)

13. Is ________ English name Betty? (you)

14. It isn’t _______(I) book, it’s _______(her).

15. It _______ nice to meet you. (be)

16. Are these your ______? (key)


(photo)of my family.

19. This is she)gold ring.

20. ________ answer is right. (I)


( )21.—Are those your pen friends?

—Yes, .

A.they are B.they’re

C.they are not. D.they aren’t ( )22.The son of my aunt is my .

A.uncle B.brother

C.sister D.cousin

( )23. are good friends.

A.You, I and he B.He, you and I

C.I, you and he D.You, he and I ( )24.Look at the . They’re very cute.


A.baby B.babys C.babies D.babys’

( )25.The blue pen is , and the red pen is .

A.my , your B.I , you

C.me, your D.mine, yours

( )26.Mrs. Hill is a good teacher. She loves his students .

A.much; very B.very; very

C.very much; much D.very; very much ( )27.Please call Mary 245—6218.

A.at B.for C.in D.of

( )28.— is your grandfather?


A.What B.How C.Who D.Where

( )29.Are these parents?

A.you B.she C.Mona’s D.they ( )30.Kate and I good friends.

A.are B.is C.am D.be


31.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子)

32.That is her family photo.(变为一般疑问句)

her 33.Tom is Mr Green’s son.(改为同义句)



35.They are orange schoolbags.(改为单数句子)

an orange schoolbag.







Jane’s ?



English teacher. He is a are students. We’re in No. 2 Middle School. We’re not in grade. My brother is Class 1, Grade 2 I’m in Class 2, Grade 1. ( )41.A.family ( )42.A.is ( )43.A.the

B.families B.has B.an

C.family’s C.are C.a C.Chinese

D.a family D.am D.\ D.Japan

( )44.A.England B.English ( )45.A.Me and my brother

C.Brother and me

B.My brother and me D.My brother and I C.our C.in

C.My brother’s C.one C.it

D.\ D.\ D.His D.twenty D.I

( )46.A.the same B.a same ( )47.A.to ( )48.A.Your ( )49.A.ten ( )50.A.them

B.at B.My B.four B.me



This is a photo of Mr Black’s family. The man with glasses(眼镜)is Mr Black, the father.

The woman is the mother. They have a son and a daughter. The son is behind(在……后面)Mr Black. His name is Jack. He’s 14. Kate is Jack’s sister. She is 12. Jack and kate are in the same school, but they are in different(不同的)grades. Jack is in Grade Three and Kate’s in Grade One. They are good students.


( )51.Mr and Mrs Black have .

A.a son and a daughter C.three children(孩子)

B.Jack and Kate’s sister D.a family of five

( )52.The woman is mother.


B.Jack’s D.Kate and Jack’s

C.Kate’s and Jack’s

( )53.Jack and Kate are in the same .

A.class B.grade C.school D.year


( )54.Black is the name.

A.man’s B.woman’s C.boy’s D.family

( )55.Jack and Kate are .

A.good children C.in different schools


My name is Charlie Street, I’m not twelve. I am eleven. I’m not in Grade Eight. I am in Grade Seven. I’m in Class Two. My teacher isn’t Miss Black. My teacher is Grey. My phone number is 5221059.

56. Name: __________________________

57. Age: ____________________________

58. Teacher: _________________________

59. Class and grade: ___________________________

60. Phone number: ____________________


61、your, is ,book ,this, (?)

62、pen, that, his ,is ,(.)

63、do, spell, how, you, it, (?)

64、too, red, the, is, dictionary, hers, (.)

65、about, this, of , keys, what, set, (?) 八、根据所给提示,完成下面的招领启事和寻物启事。(10分)



B.good students D.in the same grade


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