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(满分120分,时间100分钟) 请将答案写在答题卡上

听力部分 (共计20分)

Ⅰ. 关键词语选择。(共5小题,每题1分,满分5分)

1. A.angry B.hungry C. happy

2. A. wait B. rest C. write

3. A. disliked B. decided C. invited

4. A. shop B. stop C. top 5. A. look like B. will like C. feel like

Ⅱ. 听短对话,选出最佳选项。(共5小题,每题1分,满分5分)

6. Does John run faster than Peter?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.

7. How old is the girl?

A. 18. B. 20. C. 22.

8. How many books does the boy have?

A. 800. B. 900. C. 1200.

9. Why does Jack laugh? A. Because the gilr tells him some interesting stories.

B. Because the boy likes laughing.

C. Because the stories in the book make him laugh.

10. What is the girl doing now?

A. She is seeing the movie.

B. She is studying.

C. She is working until tomorrow.


Conversation A

11. Why can’t the girl leave before nine o’clock?

A. Because she has to do her homework.

B. Because she has to do a lot of housework. C. Because she has a lot of work to do.

12. Who are they going with?

A. Jack. B. Jim. C. Jane.

Conversation B

13. What does the boy like doing on weekends?

A. Shopping. B. Exercising. C. Doing housework.

14. What can’t the girl stand? A. Doing much homework. B. Shopping. C. Exercising.

15. How often does the boy exercise?

A. Once every three weeks. B. Four times a week. C. Not very often. Ⅳ. 听短文,选出最佳选项。(共5小题,每题1分,满分5分)

16. When was Helen ill?

A. When she was a baby. B. When she was old. C.When she went to college.

17. Why did many people know Helen well?

A. Because she was a teacher.

B. Because her teacher taught her many things.

C. Because she learned to read and write, and helped others.

18. Who taught Helen the first word? A. Her father. B. Her mother. C. Her teacher.

19. What do you think of Helen?


A. She was great. B. She was not clever. C. She was poor.

20. Why did many people love her?

A. Because she was American.

B. Because she found a way to see and hear.

C. Because she helped many people who couldn’t see and hear.


Ⅰ. 单项选择 (共20小题,每题1分,共20分)。

( )21.She felt like ____________ to music.

A. listen B. listened C. listens D. listening

( )22.----How do you _________ your vacation?

--- It was great. I went to London.

A. special somewhere B. somewhere special

C. anywhere special D.special anywhere

( )23.When the old man saw his son, he kept __________ happily.

A. talked B. talking C. talks D. to talk

( )24.Jenny was _________ excited that she couldn’t say a word.

A. so B. very C. too D. quite

( )25.It’s raining________ outside and we can _________ go out.

A. hard, hardly B. hardly, hard C. hard, hard D. hardly, hardly

( )26.We want him ________ soccer with us.

A. play B. to play C. plays D. playing

( ) 27. --- You are wearing your best clothes today, _________?

A. How is it B. What is it C. What come D. How come

( )28.Eighty percent of the apples ________ good. Twenty percent of the apple______ bad.

A. is, is B. are, are C. are, is D. is, are

( )29.Li Ming and Lin Tao __________ black eyes.

A. has B. have both C. both have D. both has

( )30.The most important thing is _________ something new and _________ fun.

A. learn, have B. to learn, have C. to learn, to have D. learn, to have

( )31. I’ll go to Weiwu Square __________ it’s sunny tomorrow.

A. as soon as B. as long as C. as quickly as D. as quietly as

( )32This job can bring out the best _________ him.

A. as B. like C. on D. in

( )33.

A. interest, difficult B. interesting, difficult

C. interested, easy

( )34.

A. to learn B. learning C. learn

( )35.

A. no B. little C. not

( )36.

A. eats B. eating C. to eat

( )37.

A. swim B. swimming C. swiming

( )38.

A. doing B. do C. to do

( )39.

A. good B. well C. great

( )40.


A. What B. Who C. How

Ⅲ 完型填空(共10小题,每题1分,共10分)。

Lisa is a student. English is(1) ___ favorite subject at school. Today is March (2)___, it’s Lisa’s birthday. She (3)___ up at seven o’clock. After breakfast she goes to a computer


(4) ____ her father at eight fifteen. She wants (5)____ a computer. Then she can(6) ___ more English on the computer. They see many(7) ___ in the store. Lisa likes(8) ___ big blue computer, it is 200 dollars. Her(9) ___ buys it for her, Lisa is very (10)____ and she loves her new computer. ( ) 1. A. her B. his C. your

( ) 2. A. six B. sixth C. the six

( ) 3. A. get B. gets C. getting

( ) 4. A. to B. and C. with

( ) 5. A. buying B. to buy C. buy

( ) 6. A. ask B. learn C. draw

( ) 7. A. computers B. clothes C. books

( ) 8. A. the B. \ C. a

( ) 9. A. brother B. father C. mother

( ) 10. A. happy B. tired C. fun

Ⅳ. 阅读理解(共10小题,每题2分,共20分)。


A: (1)___?

B: Yes, please . I want to join the art club.

A: Good .(2)___?

B: Cindy .

A: (3)___?

B: Twelve . A: (4)___?

B: Yes ,a little. I want to learn about art.

A: (5)____?

B: Yes , it’s cindyj@pep.com.cn.

A: Great. Thanks a lot.

B: You’re welcome.



66. Tom’s father is a _____________(trade).

67. I heard there is a ____________(wonder) film this evening.

68. Who is _____________(serious), Wang Lin or Lin Tao?

69. Jane ___________(win) first prize in the last singing competition.

70. Jerry brushes his teeth _________(two) a day.


71. He went into the bedroom ____________(quiet).

72. We didn’t do _____________(something) special last weekend.

73. You seem __________(_be) tired, what’s the matter?

74. It’s not good to relax by ____________ (use) the Internet.

75. His father has a good job and makes _____________ (much) money than his mother. 根据句意或首字母提示写出合适的单词(5分)。

76. Where’s my key? I can’t find it _____________(任何地方)?

77. It’s good for your study to keep English ___________(日记).

78. He h____________ exercises, so he is a little heavy.

79. I don’t c__________ what he thinks, because he isn’t important to me.

80. It’s ____________(必要的) for us to have a good sleep at night.

Ⅵ.句型转换 (10分)


Ⅷ. 书面表达 (15分).

请以 My family’s hobbies 为题写一篇50词左右的短文.


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