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一. 重点短语:

1.on weekends 周末 2.on weekdays 工作日

3.as for 为了 4.my eating habits 我的饮食习惯

5.have a healthy lifestyle 有健康的生活方式 6.the same as 和什么一样

7.the result of …的结果 8.junk food 垃圾食品

9.get good grades 获得好成绩 10.see a dentist 看牙医

11.have a healthy habit 有健康的习惯 12.be stressed out 筋疲力尽

13.a balanced diet 平衡的饮食 14.for example 例如

15.at the moment 在..的时候 16.be sorry to do sth 很遗憾做某事

17.go bike riding 骑自行车 18.take walks=go for walk 散步

19.take a vacation 度假 20.plan to do sth 计划做某事

21.western country 西方国家 22.take sth with sb 带着某物

23.depend on 依赖于,取决于 24.host family 主人家

25.hardly ever 几乎不 26.ask sb about sth 询问某人关于某事

27.get back to school 返校 28.a balance of 关于.的平衡

29.kind of 有点

二. 考点归纳:

考点1. want sb to do sth 想要某人干某事

His father wants him__(become)an actor.


1).try to do sth尽力干某事

He tries__(eat)lots of vegetables and fruit every day.

2).try not to do sth尽力不干某事

We try__(not let)my teacher down.

3).try one’s best to do sth尽某人最大努力干某事

We should try our best__(study)all subjects.

4).词组:try on试穿 have a try 试一试



考点4.finish doing sth结束干某事

I will finish_(work)out the problem in another two minutes.

考点5.can’t wait to do sth迫不及待的干某事

I can’t wait_(open)the TV when I get home.


1).decide to do sth决定干某事

2).decide not do sth决定不干某事

3).decide on doing sth决定干某事


Make a decision to do sth=make up one’s mind to do sth=decide to do sth

He has decided to leave Wuhan=He has_a_to leave Wuhan=He has_up his_to leave Wuhan

考点7.plan to do sth计划干某事

She is planning __(take)a vacation in Shanghai next month.

考点8.think about doing sth考虑干某事

He thought about_(go)to Beijing on vacation.


Go fishing go boating go skating go shopping go hiking go skateboarding

考点10.句型:It’s+adj+for/of sb to do sth


1).It’s+adj+for sb+to do sth=To do sth+be+adj

2). It’s+adj+of sb+to do sth=Sb+be+adj+to do sth

It is very friendly of you to help me=__friendly to help me.

It is very hard for you to work out the math problem=__out the math problem is very hard for you.

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