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9A Unit4综合练习

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牛津英语9a Unit4练习一

班级 姓名

一 选择题。

( )1.For the next ten years, Mathild had not sent a _____ to her friend Jeanne.

A information B news C message D advice

( )2.The ___ man told us his past days before he ____. His __ made us very sad.

A dying; died; death B dead; dying; die

C dead; died; dying D dead; dying; death

( )3.Don’t lose heart, my friend. Life is _____ ups and down.

A filled of B full with C full of D fill of

( )4.Computers play an important _____ in our studies and work.

A use B role C action D business

( )5.The girl is so shy that they daren’t speak in _____ public.

A the B a C / D one

( )6.The number of chairs in the room _____ ten. I’m afraid a number of chairs in the room

_____ lost.

A is; is B is; are C are; is D are;are

( )7.The room is _____ too small for us to live in.

A very B quite C near D far

( )8.“would you mind my opening the window?” “_______”

A Of course, open it. B Certainly, do please

C No,don’t do it D Not, at all

( )9.“______ does he take this medicine?” “Twice a day.”

A How long B How often C How soon D How much

( )10.She was so angry at ____he was doing ___ she walked out without a word.

A what; that B that;that C that;what D what; what

( ) 11. None of us knew what had happened, _________ we watched the news.

A. when

A. as B. until C. before D. if C. while D. since

B. interested, interesting ( )1 2. Mom was cooking _________ Dad was reading the newspaper. B. when ( ) 13. I am _________ in reading some _________ stories. A. interesting, interested

C. interested, interested D. interesting, interesting

( )1 4. The car ________ me nearly $30,000.

A. spent B. bought C. cost D. took

( ) 15. It seemed that she ________ twenty yuan on the umbrella.

A. cost B. paid C. spent D. took

( )1 6. My friend, Tom, kept me _______ for an hour yesterday.

A. waits

A. a, a, B. waited B. /, a C. waiting D. wait ( )1 7. We can see ______ hundreds of birds flying in _____ sky. C. /, the D. the, the

( )18. Miss Hunt bought some ______in the market.

A. pear

A. during

. B. tomato C. egg D. fish D. in ( )1 9. There is a small village ______ Tang Shan Town and Ma Qiu Town. C. among C. between ( )20. I am very_____ here with so many friends A. pleased staying B. pleased to stay

A. run

A. that B. ran C. pleasing staying D. pleasing to stay D. to run D. ones ( ) 21. The dogs were made ________ as fast as they could. C. running C. those ( ) 22. The apples in the basket are better than ______ on the table. B. then

( )23.Yesterday we had meeting in the meeting –room.

A. a two-hours B.a two hours C.a two-hour D.a two-hour’s

( ) 24. The plane can fly _______of the world.

A. farther

A. As B. farthest C. further D. farthest ( ) 25. ________ I got home, my wife was cooking. B. When C. While D. Since


1.He talked ________(少) of all at the meeting.

2.After twenty minutes’ ________(讨论), the students agreed with the teacher.

3.He was working on the day of his ________(死).

4.It’s ________(危险) to play football in the street.

5.I will give you two ________(月) time to finish the work.

6.Millie came third in the __________(赛跑).

7. I hope one day I can take part in one of them, answer all the questions and win a great ________(奖)!

8.It is you who made our story so ________(极好的).

9. One day, as I was working on the plan, you thought of that surprising ________(结果).

10. Tiger watch won an award for its amazing ________(摄影).

11.I got up late yesterday, but ________(luck) I got to school in time.

12.The students are having a ________(week) test.

13.The boy’s grandfather died a ________(nature) death.

14.The key is one of the ________(direct) over there.

15.We found this TV programme very ________(enjoy).

16._____ (luck), he fell off the bike and broke his right leg.

17.June 1st is _____ (child) Day.

18.Look! The children are playing football _____ (noise) on the playground.

19.I have many friends,_____ (include) Xiao Li.

20.Our sports meeting will be held in the ______ (come) week.

21.Tom is the _____ (strong) of the two young men.

22.We’d better talk _____ (little ) and do more.

23.He sang _____ (loud) of all the students in the class.

24.She would rather _____(have) the small one than the large one.

25.I’d like _____(help) others in need.

26.It is cold outside. Do you mind my ________ (close) the windows?

27.The doctors are trying their best to save the patients’ ________ (life)

28.What ________ (distant) do you have to walk to school every day?

29.In my class, my home to the school is the ________ (far).

30. The programmed brings quite a lot of complaint from ________ (view).

31.The students are having a _________ (week) test.

32. The dog has been _________ (die) for 2 hours.

33. My home is much _________ (far) from the station than yours.

34. If you get __________ (scare) easily, don’t watch it.

35. I like sports, ___________ (especial) football.

36.I saw our names on the __________(网站).

37.Feng Xiaogang is a very famous __________ (导演) in China.

38.China plays a more and more important role among __________(亚洲的) countries.

39.There is going to be a big ___________(音乐会) next week.

40.When you watch the film, you can see _________ (景色) of India.

41.It is you who made our story so __________(完美).

42.My father told me that we have won the writing ___________(竞赛).

43.We don’t know who is the ____________(谋杀者) in this story.

44.This kind of tigers are actually _____________(消失) quicker than pandas.

45.There are many __________ (采访) with the famous football players in this programmes.

46.It is still an m_____ if there is a UFO in the world.

47.It is November now, and winter is c________ on.

48.Chen Paige is one of the most famous d________ of PRC.

49.Many young people like sports, e________ football.

50.Daniel is very happy at school today because he has won the writing c________.

三、用正确的连词填空:(since, as, when, as soon as, while, if, after, before, until, because)

1、He asked me another question ________ I could answer the first one.

2、I was doing my homework ________ suddenly a dog came in.

3、The students sang ________ they went along.

4、________ I was writing letters last night, he was watching TV.

5、I’ll be more careful ________ what you have said.

6、Please wait here ________ I come back.

7、It is so dark outside ________ it is raining.

8、________ everyone is here, let’s begin our meeting.

9、________ I get to Beijing, I will write to you.

10、________ it rains tomorrow, I will not go to Shanghai.


1、I pull the handle as ________(hard) as I could.

2、Tom is the ________(strong) of the two young men.

3、We’d better talk ________(little) and do more.

4、Look! The farmers are feeding the animals ________(busy).

5、English is ________(wide) spoken than Chinese at the moment.

6、We should speak to them even ________(polite).

7、The boy was too cold and hungry to go any ________(far).

8、He sang ________(loud) of all the students in the class.

9、Would you please speak a little lower? You are talking ________(noisy) of all.

10、It was terrible. It rained ________. People could ________(hard) go out.


1. H.obo says Eddie has nothing ________ (do) every day.

2. Eddie is far too busy _________ (go) shopping.

3. This year’s Beijing Music Awards will _________ (cover) live this coming Sunday.

4. Children all enjoy __________ (watch) TV programme.

5. While Jim ____________ (play) computer games, his mother was cooking.


1. 你认为动作片中的打斗怎样?

What do you ________ about ________ in action film?

2. 他一点都不喜欢观看关于动物的节目。

He doesn’t like watching ________ about animals ________ ________.

3. 他发现关于运动的节目很无聊。

He finds programmes about ________ ________.

4. 动作片对学生来说通常有坏的影响。

Action films have a ________ ________ on the students.

5. 总是会有一些著名的人在这些表演中谈论他们的生活。

There are always ________ people on these shows ________ about ________ ________.

6. 我们整个月都在一块工作。

We have worked ________ for the ________ ________.

7. 我喜欢浪漫影片,因为它们通常都有令人开心的结果。

I like romantic films because they usually ________ happy ________.

8. 这部一小时的记录片近距离地观察了亚洲虎。

This ________________ documentary takes a ________ look at the Asian tiger.


How much time_____________________________________________________________.


This film_____________________________________________________________

11.直到完成家庭作业, 我才看电视.

I_____________________________________________________________my homework.

12.昨天下午3点到6点, 你在做什么?

What were you doing________________________________________?



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