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Unit1. My name’s Gina.

句型:1, What’s your name? My name’s Jenny. / I’m Jenny. / Jenny.

May I have your name? Yes, my name’s Jenny.

What’s his/her name? His/Her name’s Tony/Gina.

2, I’m Tony Brown.

What’s your full name? My full name/ It is Tony Brown.

My first name is Tony.

My last name/family name is Brown.

3, What’s your/his/her telephone/phone number? It’s 555-3539.

语法:1,形容词性物主代词:my(我的) your(你的) his/her/its(他/她/它的)

our(我们的) your(你们的)their(他们的)

后面需要接名词,修饰名词,做前置定语。 在句中可作主语,宾语等成分。

My book is here. This is my book.

2, 主格: I you he/she/ it

we you they

在句中做主语,一般放句首,后面紧跟 am/is/are 及其他动词。I’m a student. She looks great.

Unit2. Is this your pencil?

句型:1, Is this your pencil? Yes, it is.

2, Is this my pen? No, it isn’t.

3, Is that his book? Yes, it is.

4, How do you spell it? = Can you spell it, please? = Spell it, please.

5, Call Alan at 495-3539.

Call me/him/her/them. 给我/他/她/他们打电话.

Call 4953539 拨打4953539。

Call sb. at + 电话号码 拨打……找某人

6, Is that your computer game in the lost and found case?

7, a set of keys a set of + 名词复数

语法;1,句中含be(am, is, are)一般疑问句的变法: 把be提前,如果句中有my变your,I 变you,其他的照抄不变。肯定回答 yes, 主语+am/is/are 否定回答 No,主语+am not/aren’t/isn’t. 注意:回答时主语如果是物品单数或者this/that的话,用it替代主语,如果是复数人和物品用they替代。 2, be动词的用法口诀;I am, you are, is 他/她/它(he/she/it),单数is 复数are. Be动词跟随主语的变化而变化。

Unit3. This is my sister.

句型:1,Is this your sister? No, it isn’t.

Is she your sister? No, she isn’t.

2,This is my friend. 复数: These are my friends.

That is my brother. 复数: Those are my brothers.

3, Thanks for the photo of your family. Here is my family photo.

photo of your family = your family photo

语法:可数名词单数变复数:一般情况下加s, book-books, 以s, x, sh, ch结尾的加es watch-watches 以辅音字母加y结尾的,把y改为i再加es boy- boys, family-families 以o结尾的有生命的加es, 无生命的加s, tomato-tomatoes, photo-photos

unit4. Where’s my backpack?

句型:Where’s the baseball? It’s in the backpack.

Where’s my computer game? It’s under the bed.

Where are his keys? They’re on the dresser.

Where are your books? They’re on the chair.

Where are her keys? They’re on the table.

Where are you? I’m at school.

Is it on the dresser? No, it isn’t.

Please take these things to your sister. Can you bring some things to school?

The book is on the floor.

语法: 1,询问人或物品在哪里,我们用Where, 结构为 where+is/are+人/物品名称? “……在哪里” 回答用 主语+is/are +in/at/under/on/near +地点

注意:表示“在……地方”地点前要用定冠词the 或者形容词性物主代词my/your/his/their修饰,但是两者不能同时出现,我们可以说in the room, in my room 但是绝对不可以in the my room. 词语用法:1, take v.带走, 把人或物品带到别的地方去,take … to… 把……带到……去

bring v.带来,把人或物品从别的地方带到说话的地方来 bring…to… 把……带到…来 2,please 后接动词用原形。

unit5. Do you have a soccer ball?

句型: Do you have a TV? Yes, I do/No, I don’t.

Do they have a computer? Yes, they do./No, they don’t.

Does he have a tennis racket? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

Does she have a soccer ball? Yes, she does./No, she doesn’t.

Does he have a ping-pang ball? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

Let’s play soccer. Let me help you. I don’t have a soccer ball.

That sounds good.

语法:1,句中不含be(am,is,are)动词的 一般疑问句的变法。 也就是说句中谓语动词是实义动词时,要变为一般疑问句,在句首加do/does(当主语是第三人称单数的时候用does),第一人称变第二人称,动词变原形其他的语序不变。I have a computer. – Do you have a computer? She likes playing ping-pang.- Does she like playing ping-pang.肯定回答用yes, 主语+do/does.否定回答用No,主语+don’t/doesn’t.

2一般句子中当主语是第三人称单数的时候,谓语动词要起变化。具体的变化为:一般情况加s, know-knows, 以s,x,ch,sh,o结尾的加es, teach-teaches, go-goes, 以辅音字母加y结尾,把y改为i, 再加es study-studies

3,do/does 叫做助动词(语法需要加上去翻译部出来的动词)时,后面接动词原形, Does he like reading? She doesn’t like reading. She doesn’t do her homework.

但是如果做实义动词(能翻译出来意思的动词)呢,遇到主语第三人称单数就要起变化。 She does her homework.

4,have的第三人称单数为 has.

5, let sb do sth 让某人做某事 (sb代表人,如果是代词用宾格,do代表动词原形) 6,play+球类 表示“踢,打,玩......” play football

play+the+乐器 表示“弹奏……乐器” play the piano

unit6 Do you like bananas?

句型:Do you like salad? Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

Does he like pears? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

I like oranges. I don’t like oranges.

Running star eats lots of healthy food.

语法: 句中谓语动词是实义动词的陈述句,变否定形式在实义动词前加don’t\doesn’t(主语是第三人


like doing sth/like to do sth 喜欢做某事

I like swimming. She likes to eat hamburgers.

Unit7 How much are these pants?

句型:How much is the red sweater? It’s eight dollars.

What’s the price of the red sweater? It’s eight dollars.

How much are these black pants? They’re ten dollars.

What’s the price of these black pants? They’re ten dollars.

Can I help you?=What can I do for you?

Yes, please. I want a sweater.

What color do you want? Blue. Here you are.

How much is it? Nine dollars. I’ll take it.

Anyone can afford our prices.

Come and see for yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store.

We have sweaters at a very good price.

You can buy socks for only $1 each.

The girl in red is my friend.

The green shorts are on sale for $25.

结构: 询问价格 How much + is/are + 物品名称?

What’s the price of+ 物品名称? ……多少钱?

回答:It’s/They’re + 价格

Unit8 When is your birthday?

句型:When is your birthday? My birthday is November 11th.

When is Liu Ping’s birthday? Her birthday is on September 5th.

When is his birthday? It’s March 21st.

语法: 月份前用介词in, in May 在六月, 但是具体到某一天用介词on, on May 1st. .Unit9 Do you want to go to a movie?

句型:Do you want to go to a movie? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

Does he want to go to a movie? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

What kind of movies do you like? I like action movies and comedies.

I like thrillers and l like Beijing Opera.

I like comedies but I don’t like documentaries.

She often goes to see Chinese action movies on weekends.

She thinks she can learn about Chinese history.

He really likes his movies.

Mike’ father likes it, too! = Mike’s father also like it.

I think it’s boring/exciting/interesting/relaxing.

She is bored/excited/interested/relaxed.

语法:too, also也,都用于肯定句中,但是also用于句中,too用于句末,且用逗号隔开。


( )21. The school trip is _____ February 28th.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

( )22. _____ are the socks? They are $10.

A. How many B. What C. How much D. How

( )23. Come and have a look ! We have T-shirt _____ red and yellow _____ only ¥5.

A. in, in B. in, for C. at, at D. for, for

( )24.---Are those Bob’s shorts? ---___________

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, they’re D. No, they aren’t

( )25. -- ________________. --Yes, please . I want a T-shirt for my daughter.

A . What do you like? B. Do you like a T-shirt?

C. Can I help you? D. Can you help me?

( )26_______________ is on September 10th

A. Women’s Day. B. Children’s Day C. Teachers’ Day D. Christmas Day.

( )27. –Do you want _____ the red hat? --Yes, I do.

A. buy B. buys C. to buy D. take

( )28. They can buy the pens _____ a very good _____.

A. at, price B. in, price C. at, cost D. at, selling

( )29. _____ is your aunt? She’s fifty.

A. How B. How many C. How much D. How old

( )30. -- Gina, happy birthday to you! -- ______

A. Thank you. B. Thank you! And the same to you.

C. The same to you. D. Yes, I’m very happy.

( )31._____ boys, you can buy pants for only $ 7 each !

A. At B. On C. In D. For

( )32. – Thank you. -- ______.

A. Hi B. Thanks C.Nice to meet you. D. You’re welcome

( )33.The green shorts _____ 30 yuan.

A. is on sale B. are on sale C. are on the sale for D. are on sale for

( )34.Kate doesn’t _____ pears.

A. has B. like C.eats D. likes

( )35._____ Peter and Jim _____ hamburgers?

A. Does, like B. Do, like C. Does, likes D. Do, likes

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