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2005 – 2006学年度第一学期期末考试试题七年级英语


I 听对话,选图画 根据所听内容,从A﹑B﹑C三幅图画中选出能回答所提问题的一幅,将其字母序号填入题前括号内。听两遍

1. Woman: Rick! Where is your tennis racket?

Boy: It’s under the bed.

Q: Where is the boy’s racket?


3. Girl: Do you like fruits? Boy: Yes. I often have an apple and a banana for breakfast. Q: What does the boy eat for breakfast? Boy: How much are the shorts?

Woman: They’re fourteen dollars.

Q: How much are the shorts?

4. Boy: Can you play basketball?

Girl: No, I can’t. But I can play the guitar. I’m pretty good at it.

Q: What can the girl do?

5. Boy: What time does the movie start? Is it six or seven?

Girl: It starts at 6:30.

Q: What time does the movie start?

II. 听对话,选答案 根据所听对话及问题,从A﹑B﹑C三个选项中选出最恰当的答语,将其字母序号填入题前括号内。听两遍

6. Boy: Let’s go to a movie.

Girl: It sounds boring.

Boy: Let’s go swimming.

Girl: OK.

Q: What does the girl want to do?


Girl: How old are you? Boy: I’m eleven. What about you? Girl: I’m twelve. How old is your sister? Boy: She’s thirteen.

Q: How old is the boy’s sister?

When is your birthday?

My birthday is July the thirteenth. 8. Boy: Girl:


Boy: When is your mother’s birthday? Girl: It’s June sixteenth. Q: When is the girl’s mother’s birthday? Girl: Can you come to my house on Friday? Boy: Sorry, I play soccer on Friday. What about Sunday? Girl: OK. Come on Sunday morning then. Boy Oh, I can’t come in the morning. I always go swimming on Sunday mornings. Q: When does the boy go swimming?

10. Girl: What’s your favorite subject?

Boy: Hmm…math, I think.

Girl: My favorite is English. I don’t like science.

Boy: Why?

Girl: Because it’s boring.

Q: What is the girl’s favorite subject?

III. 听短文,判断正误 根据所听短文内容判断正误,在正确的句子前写T,否则写F。


On Saturday morning I play volleyball with my brother and on Sunday I play the trumpet with my sister. The weekend is great!

Monday is school! I have science and biology on Monday. That’s OK. The next day I have math and Chinese. I like Wednesday because we have two lessons of English and art. I’m good at English. Thursday is OK because we have music. I like music. On Friday we have history and three lessons of sports! A lot of my friends like sports but I don’t!

IV. 听短文填空 根据所听短文内容,在空缺处填词,每空一词。听三遍

I am a little dark. I often wear red shirts and black pants. I am very humorous (幽默的). You can call me “Happy boy”. I’m interested in reading famous novels and solving math problems. Now, I have read a lot of novels, for example, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Would you like to make friends with me?

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