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Unit 3 How do you get to school

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Unit 3 How do you get to school?

班级__________ 姓名____________ 学号_________ 等级______________



1. —How do you get to school, Dave? —I ______________________ a bus.

2. Look! Who is swimming in the _____________________?

3. —How does your sister go to work? —She goes to work by ___________________.

4. My mother needs to go shopping ______________________ week.

5. There are _____________________ students in our class.

6. Our ___________________ is far from our school. So we have to get up early.

7. There is a big dog at the door. But she is not _________________.

8. I have a new bike. Can you teach me how to ____________________it?

B) 用适当的介词填空。

1. The radio station is far ________________________ the school.

2. There is a big river __________________________ the village and their school.

3. Nancy and Mary usually get to school ________________________ subway.

4. _________________ boys, it is easy to learn to swim.

5. —Is Lucy_____________________ Lily? —Yes. They are twins (双胞胎).

6. Who do you usually play basketball __________________ after school?

C) 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空,必要时加助动词。

1. My brother is 12 _______________________ (year) old now.

2. There are about 2000 __________________ (village) in the village.

3. Frank sometimes ___________________ (ride) his bike to school.

4. How long does it take you ______________________ (get) to the bus stop?

5. _____________________________ (do) your brother drive his car to work?

6. There are five _________________________ (library) in our city.

7. It takes him about 20 minutes to get to his ___________________ (parents) home.


( ) 1. —__________ does Frank get to school? —By bus.

A. How B. When C. Why D. Where

D. get ( ) 2. The children in the village have to ______ the big river on a ropeway. A. swim B. cross C. leave

( ) 3. It is our dream __________ a new family car.

A. buy B. buying

C. buys D. to buy D. How many ( ) 4. —_________ is it from your school to the train stop? —About 5 kilometers. A. How long A. far B. How much B. busy C. How far C. free ( ) 5. The station is ____________ from here. We have to take a bus there. D. easy

( ) 6. I usually walk to school. It __________ me about 15 minutes to get there.

A. makes A. clean A. bike A. It

B. sells

C. uses

D. takes

D. healthy

( ) 7. My school bag is too old. Can I buy a _________ one, mom?

B. new

C. true

( ) 8. Look! There is a ___________ on the river. Some boys are in it.

B. bag B. This

C. boat C. She

D. bus D. That

( ) 9. __________ is difficult for the girl to play volleyball. ( ) 10. —Let’s go to school now. Have a good day, Bob. —______.

A. I am not sure B. No problem C. I am fine, thanks D. You, too

三、根据汉语完成下列英语句子 1. 我确信他们的梦想会实现的。

I am sure their dream can _______________ _________________. 2. Nick 怎么认为他的旅行?

What does Nick ___________________ __________________ his trip? 3. Jim和父母住在一所学校里。

Jim __________________ __________________ a school with his parents. 4. 我的奶奶80岁了。

My grandmother is ________________ ___________________ old. 5. 他们每天都需要过河去上学。

They need to cross the river to go to school ______________ ______________. 四、根据问句选答语

( ) 1. How does Paul go to work? A. About 15 minutes.

( ) 2. Does Peter walk to work? B. It is about 2 kilometers. ( ) 3. How long does it take him to get home? C. No. He rides his bike. ( ) 4. Do they take the bus to school? D. By subway. ( ) 5. How far is it from here? E. Yes, they do.




How do you get to school from your home? Why? How long does it take you to get to school? We did a survey at New City Middle School about the above questions.

( ) 1. How long does it take Nancy to get to school?

A. Five minutes. B. Ten minutes. C. Fifteen minutes. D. Twenty five minutes.

( ) 2. Jack gets to school ______.

A. on foot B. by bus C. by subway D. by car

( ) 3. Why does Linda get to school by subway?

A. Because her home is far from the school.

B. Because it is relaxing and she can read newspapers.

C. Because the street is too crowded.

D. Because the school is on her father’s way to work by car.

( ) 4. ______ get to school on foot.

A. Nancy and Jack B. Eric and Cindy C. Nancy and Eric D. Jack and Cindy

( ) 5. Which statement is NOT true about the above survey form?

A. Nancy walks to school because her home is near the school.

B. Jack spends most time getting to school.

C. It takes Linda and Cindy the same time to get to school.

D. Cindy’s father goes to work by bus.


Mr Jones likes to be comfortable (舒适的), so every time he takes a train, he will put a bag on the seat next to him and says it is friend’s bag. His friend goes to buy something at the station.

One day Mr Jones does so when there are too many people on the train. When there are no seats, an old man gets on. Looking at the bag, he asks, “Is this your seat?” “No,” says Mr Jones, “It is one of my friend’s. He goes to buy something. He will be back soon.” And he looks out of the window.

“All right,” says the old man, “I’ll be here until your friend comes back.” Mr Jones can’t say anything. Just then the train begins to run out of the station. “Well,” says the old man, “what a pity! Your friend must miss the train, but his bag is still here.” Before Mr Jones can say anything, the old man takes the bag and throws (扔) it out of the window (窗子).

( ) 6. Mr Jones has another seat on the train ____________.

A. for the old woman B. for his friend C. for himself D. for the old man

( ) 7. When the old man asks for the seat, Mr Jones ____________.

A. tells him he can have it B. says it is his friend’s seat

C. asks him to buy some cigarettes D. asks him to get off the train

( ) 8. When the train begins to run out of the station, ____________.

A. the old man throws Mr Jones’ bag out of the train window

B. Mr Jones’ friend come back

C. the old man finds another seat

D. Mr Jones throws the old man’s bag out of the train window

( ) 9. The word “miss” in the story means (意思是) ______ in Chinese.

A. 丢失 B. 思念 C. 抛弃 D. 没赶上

( ) 10. Mr Jones will be _________ after he sees what the old man does.

A. sad

六、书面表达 B. happy C. excited D. busy

你的爸妈怎样去上班?你怎样去上学?为什么?你们分别用多长时间? 请以Means of transportation(交通方式)in my family 为题,写一篇40词左右的文章。文章开头已经给出,不计字数。

Means of transportation in my family

There are three people in my family——my parents and I. We go to work or school in different ways. ___________________________________________________________



A). 1. take 2. river 3. boat 4. every 5. sixty 6. village 7. afraid 8. ride

B). 1. from 2. between 3.by 4. For 5. like 6. with

C). 1. years 2. villagers 3. rides 4. to get 5. Does 6. libraries 7. parents’


1-5 ABDCA 6-10. DBCAD


1. come true

2. think of

3. lives in

4. eighty years

5. every day


1-5. DCAEB


1-5. ABBCC 6-10. CBADA


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