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九年级下册unit12 Section A2团队精制课时课件

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To learn the customs of different countries To listen and speak what you are supposed to do in different situations To learn new words: relaxed, land, towards

Section A Period Two

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions Cali 哥伦比亚西部城市(卡利)
Colombia (南美洲西北部国家)哥伦

relaxed adj. 放松的;宽松的;轻松 自在的 drop by 顺便(或偶然)拜访 Lausanne (瑞士西部城市) 洛桑

Words and expressions

Switzerland 瑞士
land n. 国家;国土;土地

after all 毕竟;究;究竟
towards prep. 对于;关于 greet v. 问候;向……打招 呼

Let’s have a revision.
What are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time?

What are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time?

In Brazil

You are supposed to kiss when you meet people from France for the first time.

What are you supposed to do when you meet people from France for the first time?

In Mexico what do the people do when they meet for the first time?

In Mexico

You are supposed to shake hands when you meet him for the first time.

What are you supposed to do when you meet him from China for the first time?

You are supposed to bow when you meet a Japanese for the first time.

What are you supposed to do when you meet a Japanese for the first time?

In Korea
You are supposed to bow when you meet people from Korea for the first time.

What are you supposed to do when you meet people from Korea for the first time?

Learn the language of a country isn’t enough. Can you imagine the manners of our foreign friends can be quite different from that of our own?

3a Here are two students who are from different countries. Let’s read their ideas.

Read and answer.
Where are they from? Is it important to be on time in their countries?

3a Read again and fill in the chart. Attitude about Being on time Colombia be relaxed about time Switzerland be very important

Visiting a drop by their call them friend’s house friend’s homes first Making plans don’t have to with friends make plans make plans



Role play a conversation between Teresa and Marc. Talk about the different attitudes in Colombia and Switzerland.

A: What kinds of rules do they have in Colombia? B: Well, they have pretty relaxed rules. A: Like what? B: Well, it’s OK if you’re not on time.



A new student from England is going to take classes at your school. Role play a conversation. A: Can you tell me the things I’m supposed to do? B: The first thing is to greet the teacher. A: Okay. What should I say? B: …

What are you supposed to do, when you ▼ greet teachers ▼ do homework ▼ phone someone ▼ visit someone’s place ▼ make plans with friends ▼ be on time ▼ give gifts

You’re supposed to Greeting teachers Say “Good morning.” Doing homework Phoning someone Visiting someone’s place Making

plans with friends Being on time Giving gifts

Sample writing
Tim, welcome you to our school. Here is something I want to tell you. Firstly, if you meet a teacher on your way to school, it’s polite to stop to bow and say “Good morning” to him/ her. Secondly, our school has got out lots of activities to make you feel at home. You’d better make a plan with your friends and decide what to do because you are supposed to finish homework every day.

If you’d like to visit a Chinese family , being there on time is very important. At last of the day, we’ll have a party with the homestay families. You’re not supposed to give gifts to them, but you should show your thanks. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Beijing. I’m sure you’ll have a great here.

If your friend introduces his or her pen pal from a foreign country to you, do you know how to greet him or her?

Different Cultures in Different Countries

Greeting your teacher in China to stand straight and say “ Hello!” to get off your bike not to take your hat off
Greeting your teacher in a western country to smile and say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”

at a Chinese dinner party
to talk to people sitting beside you to smile to eat with chopsticks to stand up when others make a toast to say you are full if you don’t want any more food not to keep your hand under the table

at a western dinner party
to eat with knives and forks. to be lively and smile not to shout or laugh loudly at the table. not to smoke cigarettes during the dinner.

We often just drop by our friends’ homes. 【经典习题】 (1) 根据汉语提示,完成句子: I dropped ______ ___ by (顺便拜访) my best friend’s home during my stay in Qingdao last month. (2)选词填空: Lisa dropped in ___ at (by / on / at) my place on her way home.

【要点点拨】 drop by意思是“顺便(或偶然)拜访”, 后面常接表示地点的名词。drop in也可表 示“顺便拜访”,如果后接人时,用介词 on,接地点时,用介词 at。 【拓展延伸】 drop 还有下面用法: (1) 使……落下。如: I dropped my book on the floor.

(2) 同fall 同义,意为“落下、倒下”。

如: I saw a pen drop from the desk. (3) 同give up同义,意为“放弃”。 如: -I thought you had dropped English. -No. It has been useful in my work.

Often we just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can. 【经典习题】改错:(只有一处错误,指 出并改正) We lie on the beach, look up into the blue sky. _____________ look→looking 【要点点拨】V-ing形式短语可作伴随状语, 指谓语动词表示的动作发生时,另一个伴 随动作同时发生。如: Talking and laughing, the children walked one by one into the classroom.

课时重点回顾 be pretty relaxed about time, go to one’s house for dinner, arrive a bit late, spend time with …, be important to …, drop by…one’

s homes, make plans, walk around …on time, the land of watches, after all, get angry, visit a friend’s house without calling first, make plans to see friends, plan to do something, go somewhere together

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

根据句意及首字母提示写出单词,使句 子通顺、正确。 iss 1. The mother gave her baby a k______ on the cheek. 2. Elise was lying in the sun looking very elaxedand happy. r_____ 3. He was standing with his back t_____ owards me. 4. People in China and England have different c______ ustoms on greeting people. ands 5. He visited many foreign l____including Egypt and Russia.

根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。(每空 一词) 1.手头上有那么多工作,昨晚他本不应 去看电影的。 With all this work on hand, he ________ shouldn’t ____ have_____ gone to the cinema last night. 2. 你只要放松地面对这次考试就可以了。 You just need to __ _______ be relaxed _____ about this examination.

3. 我怎样才能用正确的方法与美国朋友打 招呼呢? the How can I greet ____ my American friend ____ right ____? way _____ 4. 如果你要在地里干活,你就不该穿不合 适的衣服。 If you want to work in the fields, you shouldn’t _____ ______ _____. wear ____ the wrong clothes 5. 能被邀请参加晚宴我感到非常高兴。 I’m very glad ___ __ invited _____ __ to be to _____. party

1. Review the new words and expressions. 2. Write a short passage about the rules in our country.

To think of table manners in China How much do you know about table manners around the world?

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