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9B UNit2 Reading(1)

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Unit 2 Reading(1)
Living with a robot

1.了解机器人怎样改变我们的生活。 2.认识机器人的优点和缺点。 3.掌握理解一些词汇。

look after children

iron clothes

make the bed

do the laundry ['l??ndr?]

sweep the floor

wash the dishes

cook dinner

explore the outer space




in a mess mess [mes]

look at oneself catch a virus in a mirror

rice cooker

Coins are spread all
over the floor
[k?? n]





into the

make clothes


with an


Matching the new words with their meanings a cover a large area 1 salesman b the process of washing clothes 2 spare c a dirty and untidy 3 iron condition d a man who sells 4 laundry things 5 virus e free f make clothes smooth 6 mess with an iron g something that causes 7 spread computer problems

Task 1 : Skimming
(match the main idea of each part)

Part 1(P1-2)

Introduce the first

person to own a robot Part 2(P3-5)
Part 3(P6) Part 4(P7) Return the robot Bad changes Good changes

Task 2 : Scan Part1

The first person to own a robot
Name : Job : Mr Jiang Salesman In Moonlight Town


Reason for buying In order to have more a robot : spare time

Task 3 : Read Paragraph 3, 4 and 5, and then fill in the form

Different What does the robot do? time make In the _________ the breakfast; iron his shirts; _________ morning _________ make a lunch box During the ___________the flat; clean day __________the laundry; do ___________ the dishes; wash ___________ the floor; sweep __________ the bed; make __________ the rooms; air shopping _________ _________at the go supermarket In the _________ cook dinner; ________ wash the evening dishes;

What does Mr Jiang do? Stay in bed for an extra ________ ______ _____every day. hour Working.

_________ relax and watch his favourite TV programmes.

Task 4: Read Para 6-7

1.Why did the robot start to go wrong ?
Because it caught a virus. 2.What were the problems ? ?It put breakfast in the washing _______________ machine and threw clean shirts into the _________ dustbin .

?It ________the things over. knocked
mess in the flat. ?It made a _______

Task One Complete the lists (P26) Good points 1 I will have a lot more _____ spare time. 2 I can __________ stay in bed for a bit longer in the morning. 3 It can help Mum do the ________ laundry when there are dirty clothes. 4 It can ________ iron my shirts after they are washed. 5 It can ________ wash up after dinner. 6 My _____ flat will be as clean as new.

Bad points
1 If the robot catches _________, a virus it will cause a lot of problems. 2 It might put my breakfast in the ________________. washing machine 3 It might even throw my shirts into the dustbin along with the rubbish. _________ knock some things over. 4 It might ________ mess 5 It might make a __________ in my flat. 6 I might have to send it back to the rob

ot shop __________.

翻译下列词组 own a robot 1.拥有一个机器人 _________________ change his life in many ways 2.在很多方面改变他的生活________________ in order to 3. 为了 ___________________________ have more spare time 4. 有更多空闲时间 _______________________ 5. 发生很大的不同 _________________ make a great difference 6. 蒋先生的每天生活 Mr Jiang’s everyday life 7. 结果 ___________________________ as a result stay in bed for an extra hour 8. 在床上再呆一个小时 __________________ 9. 打扫公寓________________________ clean one’s/the flat 10. 给房间通风 _________________________ air the rooms

Task Two

True or faulse


Millie: Daniel, will you be the first person in Sunshine town to own a robot ? Daneil: (1)Yes. NO, Mr. Jiang was. _______ F Millie: Will a robot bring any bad changes to your life? Daniel: (2)Maybe. Some changes are good, but some are not _______ T Millie: Where can you buy a robot? Daniel: (3)From the supermarket. I can buy a robot from a robot shop. _______ F Millie: Why do people buy robots? Daniel: (4)They want to have more spare time. _______ T Millie: How can a robot help you in the morning? Danie: (5)It can eat my breakfast for me. A robot can make a breakfast for me. ________ F

Millie: Can you stay in bed for a bit longer? Daniel: (6) Yes. I can sleep until noon every day. Yes, I can stay in bed for an extral hour. ______ F Millie: What will robot do while you are at scool. Daniel: (7) It’ll do the housework. _______ T Millie: Can the robot cook? Daniel: (8)I’m afraid it can’t. It can make breakfast, lunch boxes and dinner. F _______ Millie: Do robots sometimes go wrong? Daniel: (9)No. Robots never go wrong. Yes, robots sometimes go wrong. _______ F Millie: What can you do if yo decide that having a robot is too much trouble? Daniel: (10) I can return it to the shop. _ _______ T _

Finish Part 5 on your learning paper

Thank you !

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