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新版七年级英语上册Unit 6 Section B

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Unit 6 Do you like bananas?

Aims and language points:
1.Learn these words and be able to say, read and write them:
? eat, breakfast, lunch

2.Be able to talk about what to eat for a meal by using:
? Tom likes/eats carrots for lunch. ? Sally likes/eats eggs for breakfast.

3. Consolidate the new words in this unit. 4. Consolidate the structures like:
? Does Tom like carrots? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

Check homework.

Write a report of your survey. E.g. Liu Li likes icecream. But Zhao Jun doesn’t like it …

Section B, 1a:


How many other words can you add to the lists?
fruit: pear,_______________ ________________________
vegetables: carrot,________ ________________________


Listen and circle the food you hear in 1a.

5 3 1




Check your answers with a partner.


Listen again. Fill in the chart.
Likes carrots, Doesn’t like





Whose breakfast is it? Why? Whose lunch is it? Why? Whose dinner is it? Why?


√ Sally’s × Sally’s √
Tom’s Tom’s


Ask and answer questions about what Sally and Tom like and don’t like.

Pairwork: A: Does Tom like carrots? B: Yes, he does. He likes/eats carrots for lunch.

Self Check 1.Do you know the plurals of these words? Put them in the correct columns.

+ s

+ es

y →i + es
strawberries dictionaries families

hamburgers tomatoes carrots photos bananas hats tables eggs apples pears radios vegetables pencils keys volleyballs

2. Listen and read.

1. (Self Check, activity 2) What food, sports and colors do you like and dislike? Write at least three sentences.
2. (Self Check, activity 3) What food, sports and colors do your parents like and dislike? Write at least five sentences.

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