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( )1.Planting apple trees is _____ interesting work, don’t you think so ?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2.The sports meeting will continue ___it rains this afternoon.

A. if B. since C. as soon as D. unless

( )3.---It’s cold outside. Would you mind _____the door?---_____. Please do it now.

A. to close; OK B. closing; Certainly not C. closing; Of course D. to close; Good idea

( )4._____exciting news! We’ve never had _____long vacation before.

A. What a; such a B. What; a so C. What a; such D. What; such a

( )5.--I don’t have a partner to practice English with.---_______ joining a swimming club?

A. What about B. Why not C. Why don’t you D. You should

( )6. If you don't know the word, you can _____ in the dictionary.

A. look it after B. look it up C. look for it D. look at it

( )7. There is ____ smoke in the room.

A. much too B. many C. too much D. too many

( )8.Most people speak English ____ a ______ language.

A.as ; two B. for ; second C. as ; second D.for ; two

( )9. You must ____smoking. It does great harm(危害) to your health. .

A. give in B. give to C. give away D. give up

( )10. It is impolite ____others.

A. to laugh B. laughing to C. to laugh at D. laughing

( )11. It____us much time to learn English.

A.takes B.costs C.pays D.spends ( )12. Doing sports is good your health.

A. in B. with C. for d. about ( )13. Kate won the race in the summer sports meeting.

A. 100-meter B. 100-meters C. 100 meter D. 100 meter’s

( )14. The dish smells ___and you’d better throw it away.

A. good B .well C. bad D. badly

( )15. I’m not tired.If I were tired,I ______a rest.

A had B would have C will have D have

( )16.If I were ____, I would buy ____to read.

A. enough rich; enough books B. rich enough; books enough

C. enough rich; books enough D. rich enough; enough books

( )17. Mr Green is very strict ___his students, and he is also strict ___his work.

A. in; with B. with; in C. with; with D. in; in

( )18. I _____ take a bus to school than ______ a taxi,for it’s cheaper.

A would rather,riding B prefer to,ride C would rather,ride D prefer, riding

( )19. The old man lived ____but he didn’t feel _____.

A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone C. alone; lonely D. lonely; lonely

( )20. Excuse me .Can you tell me when______? A.does the ship leave B.the ship leaves C.had the ship leave D. did the ship leave


Big schoolbags have been a serious problem for students for a long time. Maybe your schoolbag is too 46 to carry, and it troubles you a lot 47 you want to find a book out to read, Now an e-textbook will 48 you.

It is said that e-textbooks are going to be 49 in Chinese middle schools. An e-textbook, in fact, is a small 50 for students. It is much 51 than a usual schoolbag and easy 1

to carry. Though it is as small as a book, it can 52 all the materials(材料)for study. The students can read the text page by page on the 53 , take notes with the pointer(屏写笔).Or even “ 54 ”their homework to their teachers by sending e-mails. All they have to do is to press a button.

Some people say e-textbooks are good. but some say they may be 55 for the students’eyes. What do you think of it?

( )21.A.light B.heavy C.useful D.comfortable ( )22.A.till B.after C.before


( )23.A.trouble B.prevent C.help D.understand ( )24.A.used B.kept C.invented


( )25.A.TV B.radio C.pen D.computer ( )26.A.heavier B.lighter

C.cheaper D.brighter

( )27.A.hold B.build C.discover D.practise ( )28.A.blackboard B.desk C.screen


( )29.A.find out B.hand in C.get back D.give back ( )30 helpful B.famous C.good



A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday

( )32. You have ______ Chinese classes every week.

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

( )33. How long will you rest for lunch-time?

A. 60 minutes B. 70 minutes C. 80 minutes D. 90 minutes

( )34. You have ______classes only on Monday and Wednesday?

A. art B. music C. biology D. P.E.

( )35. You can send and receive e-mail from ______to ______ in computer class on Friday.

A. 8:00; 9:00 B. 8:55; 10:45 C. 10:00; 11:40 D. 2:00; 3:40


Three rich ladies met every day by the river. They sat there and talked the whole day. Once the three ladies quarreled. One of them said. “Look, how white and beautiful my hands are!” Another one said, “My hands are more beautiful.” The third one said, “Mine are the most beautiful ones.” An old beggar woman came up to them. “Beautiful ladies,” she said, “I’m hungry. Please give me something to eat.”

But the three ladies gave her nothing. They only asked, “Tell me, old woman, which one of us 2

has the most beautiful hands?”

A peasant(农民)woman was also sitting by the river. She was poor and her hands were rough because of hard work. The old woman came up to her and said, “I’m hungry. Please give me something to cat.” The peasant woman took out her only cake she had and gave her a half.

The old woman ate it and drank some water. Then she took the peasant woman by the hand, brought her before the rich ladies and said, “Now, I shall tell you whose hands are the most beautiful. The hands of the poor peasant woman are rough because of work, but they give us food; they are far more beautiful than your hands which have never done anything.”

( )36. The three ladies ___________.

A. had a quarrel every day B. were rich but unkind

C. had a talk about their hands every day D. lived by the side of the river

( )37. The old woman asked for something to eat, ___________.

A. but none of the three rich ladies gave anything to her

B. but only one of the three ladies gave her half a cake

C. because she wanted to know whose hands were beautiful

D. because she wanted to know which lady was the richest

( )38. The peasant woman’s hands were not so white as the three ladies’ ___________.

A. because of the hard work she had done B. but she was stronger than any of them

C. so she didn’t quarrel with the three ladies D. but she was more beautiful than any of them

( )39. The old woman said that the peasant woman’s hands were beautiful than the three ladies’ because _____.

A. she liked dark hands better than white hands B. the peasant woman gave her half a cake

C. her hands had worked hard to provide food for people D. the three ladies didn’t give her anything to eat

( )40. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. Half a Cake B. A Peasant Woman’s Hands

C. The Rich Woman’s Hands D. Smooth(光滑的)Hands and Rough Hands


The first chocolate was eaten by people in South America hundreds of years ago. In those days, the people did not really eat chocolate. They used the cocoa bean (可可豆) to make a chocolate drink and they enjoyed it very much. Many years later, the cocoa bean was brought to other countries and people came to love the taste of chocolate.

In 1824, John Cadbury opened a small shop in Britain. One of the things he sold was chocolate drink. In 1831, he opened a factory to make chocolate drink. He wanted to encourage people to drink chocolate instead of other drinks. A few years later, a man called Joseph Fry found a way to make chocolate instead of only drinking it. But at that time chocolate was very expensive and only the rich people could buy it. Later, ad more and more chocolate bars were produced and sold, it became cheaper.

However, a T first only plain chocolate (a kind of chocolate without milk and with very little sugar) was produced. Milk chocolate came later and this was made by adding milk to the chocolate. The first milk chocolate bar was made in Cadbury's factory in 1897. Their most famous chocolate, Cadbury's Milk Bar, was made in 1905, It has been the most popular chocolate in Britain and around the world for over 100 years. The Cadbury factory is still in Britain and the chocolate produced there is eaten all over the world. Every year, thousands of visitors visit the factory in order to see how chocolate is made. ( )41. Hundreds of years ago, people first began to drink chocolate in _____.

A. South America B. South Africa C. Britain D. Australia

( )42. John Cadbury opened a factory to make chocolate drink in ____.

A.1824 B.1831 C.1897 D.1905


( )43. People had the chance to eat chocolate instead of drinking it for the first time ____.

A. when chocolate was cheaper B. when more and more chocolate was produced

C when John Cadbury started to make chocolate drink

D. when Joseph Fry found a way to make chocolate bars.

( )44.At first, not many people bought chocolate______.

A. because it was very expensive B. because people didn't like the taste

C. because they wanted to have other drinks D. because there was no chocolate sold in the shops

( )45.Cadbury's Milk Bar______.

A. was first made in 1897 B. is a kind of plain chocolate

C. is famous neither in Britain nor in America D. is popular not only in Britain but also around the world


You want to know about my staying in America, right? Well, to tell you the truth, it is really an eye-opening experience study here.

In China, I had English classes five times a week since fifth grade. However, I didn’t know how different textbook English could be from everyday English until I came to Hotchkiss School, Connecticut.

When I first studied English, I was told to say, “I am fine.” when people say “How are you?” But in the US, I found that people say, “I am good.” or “I’m tired.”

One day, someone greeted me with “What’s up?” It made me confused. I thought for a moment and then smiled because I didn’t know what to say.

Since then, I have discovered more and more differences between Chinese and US cultures. To my surprise, US girls spend a lot of time in the burning sun to get a tan. However, in China, girls try every possible way to get their skin paler, or “whiter”.

I also surprised by how hard-working US students are. In China, schoolwork is almost everything, so we study hard and that’s it. But here, a “good” student gets good grades, does a lot for the public and plays sports or music.

The kids here are so talented, I am starting to be sorry that I gave up playing the piano at an early age and that I have never thought about sports.

( ) 46. According to the writer, textbook English is _________everyday English.

A. quite different from B. the same as C. more difficult than D. less difficult than

( )47. What does the word “tan ”in the sixth paragraph mean in Chinese?

A.晒黑 B.晒白 C. 能量 D.温暖

( )48. A good US student spends his/her time ________.

A. only in doing homework B. only on sports or music

C. on studies, sports or music and public work D. On volunteering

( )49.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The writer is now in US. B. American girls love to have white skin.

C.US students are talented and hard-working. D. The writer gave up playing the piano. ( )50.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. My Own Travel in the US. B. My Studying in the US.

C. My Opinion about the US. D. My trip to the US.


I have been a friend of Bill Gates for a long time. I knew him when he was a student at Harvard University. We were surprised when he left university to set up his own company “Microsoft” and make his own software(软件). But he was the clever one! He is very good at writing computer languages and almost all computers now use Microsoft software. The program “Word” is used from Britain to China!


Of course he has made a lot of money and that makes people very jealous(嫉妒的). They want to stop his success. Even the government is against him and has tried to break his company into two parts. The government says that it is unfair to other people who want to sell similar software. And what’s more, because he fits his new software free in every new computer, the government says he is stopping other companies from selling their programs. This is not fair. Everyone should be able to do what they can to make their company bigger and stronger. Bill Gates has only done what he can to stop other competitors(竞争对手). He is very rich, but he is generous. He has given millions of dollars to help the education and health of many children around the world. You can not meet a better man than Bill Gates.

1. 将文中划线句子翻译成汉语。


2. 根据短文内容回答问题。

What are the two reasons for which the government has tried to break Bill Gates’ company up?



3. 从文中找出与下句意义相近的句子。

Each person in the company should try his best to make their business more successful. ____________________________________________________________________

4. 文中划线单词generous的汉语意思是:__________________

5. 判断正误。(T/F) Bill Gates is jealous. ( )


6.You must pay a__________ to your pronunciation.

7.Don’t _________(担心)him. He can do everything very well..

8.Please keep the __________(medical) in a cool place .

9.If I _____(be) you. I would not stay here any longer,

10.Don’t take anyone else’s things without_________(允许).


11.you how do for a test study ?

12.dark to be afraid used I of the ?

13.teenagers choose be allowed to clothes their should own.

14.you what rained would do if it ?

15.lot It changed seems YuMei has that a.


“零食”很熟悉的字眼吧?健康饮食是身体的保证,而身体是学习的本钱,作为尚西小主人的你想要说些什么、做些什么呢?请以“say goodbye to junk food”为题,切合实际,写一篇不少于80字的文章。

考号_______________ 班级______________ 姓名_______________





2 (1).________________________________________________________________________.




4.___________. 5.( ).


6.___________ 7.___________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.____________ 连词


___________________________________________________________________________? 12

___________________________________________________________________________? 13.

___________________________________________________________________________. 14.

___________________________________________________________________________? 15.






_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


_______________________________________________________________________________ 6

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