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校区: 学生姓名:


A. 根据录音内容,选出相符的图画。听两遍。

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( )


B. 听录音,选择合适的应答句。听两遍。

( ) 6. A. Yes, I will. B. I’ll see you then. C. Good idea.

C. On Sunday morning. ( ) 7. A. At half past six.

( ) 8. A. Yes, I’m Peter. B. At 6:00 this morning. B. Hold on, please. C. Who are you?

( ) 9. A. Sorry, I’m new here. B. About ten minutes’ walk. C. It’s not City Park.

( )10.A. Good luck! B. Bad luck! C. Congratulations!

C. 对话理解,找出你所斩到的问句的正确答案

( )11.A.Near the window. B.Under the window. C.Near the tree.

( )12.A.It’s light. B.It’s heavy. C.It’s full.

( )13.A.Yes, they are . B.No, they aren’t. C.Yes, it is.

( )14.A.She wants two. B.She wants four. C.She wants three.

( )15.A.It’s here. B.It’s over there. C.It’s near the tree.

D. 根据所听到的短文内容,选择最佳答案。听两遍。

( )16. What’s Uncle Wang?

A. Teacher. B. Doctor. C. Bookseller.

( )17. How does Uncle Wang often go to work ?

A. By bus. B. By bike. C. On foot.

( )18. How long does it take him to get there on foot?

A. Forty minutes. B. Twenty minutes. C. Thirty minutes.

( )19. What time does him often leave home by bike?

A. At 7:50. B. 8:10. C. 8:30.

( )20. What time does he usually get back home?

A. At 4:45.

B. At 5:05. C. 5:30.



( ( ( ( ( II. 翻译下列词组(10分)

26. 弹钢琴________________

27. 在床底下_______________

28. 与学校相邻_______________________

29. 家谱________________

30. 制订旅行计划_____________

31. 邀请某人做某事_____________________

32. 不健康的食品________

33. 游泳课________

34. 玩电脑游戏_______

35. 跟我朋友说话____________

III. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

36. The monkeys usually ________(eat) bananas.

37. There _________ (be) some books on the desk.

38. What's in __________ (Jim) room?

39. ________ Tony______(like) swimming?

40. Where _________ (be) Lucy's trainers?

41. Let's _________ (look) at the map on the wall.

42. Miss Gao is ___________ (they) teacher.

43. Would you like __________(play) games with us?

44. Kate is a new student. She's _________. (America).

45. Where are your _____________ (box)?

IV. 单项选择(15分)

( )46.There _____________ some milk in the bottle.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

( )47. This is _________ room.

A. Tom and Tony’s B. Tom’s and Tony’s C. Tom’s and Tony D. Tom and Tony

( )48. -- A: ___are these English books ?

---B: Aren't they you teacher's ?

A. Where B. How C .Who D .Whose

( )49. Daming, ________________ is my friend, Tony.

A. he B. that C. she D. this

( )50. Look ,here ____Liu Ying's mother and father .

A. are B. is C. Be D. am

( )51. She is Jane Black. You can call her ____.

A. Miss Jane B. Miss Black C. Black Miss D. Jane Miss

( )52. Can you ask Tom ____________to the party?

A. come B. coming C. came D. to come

( )53. What's this in English? It's___ orange. It's ___big orange.

A. a; an B. an; a C, the; the D, a; the

( )54. -Can I see your photo?


A. Thank you B. Give you C. Here you are D. you are here

( )55. –Let’s go to the cinema tonight.


A. Not at all B. You are right C. That’s a good idea D. Nice to see you

( )56. We will give him __________ rice.

A. more some B. some more C. some much D. any more

( )57. -What time is it?


A. six half B. half six C. six past half D. half past six

( )58. --__ do you play football?

--Threes times a week.

A. How many B. How long C. How soon D. How often

( )59. Which of the two pencils ___ yours ?

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( )60. Becky is _______ Australia __________ her parents.

A. with, in B. in, in

V. 完型填空(10分) C. in, with D. with, with

Dear Annie,

Thank you for your . I’m you like your school.

I to school from Monday to Friday. have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. We have many things to do class. On Monday and Wednesday afternoon we have sports. On Tuesday afternoon some of have a singing class and on Thursday afternoon some have a drawing class. On Friday afternoon we practise(练习) 67 English. My Chinese friends would like to 68 with me in English. They think I am like an English . Isn’t it great?

On Saturdays and Sundays I don’t go to school. Very often(经常) I go to the parks and have a good time my family there.



61. A.book B. pen C. letter D. bike

62. A.sorry B. fine C. glad D. good

63. A.go B. like C. have D. want

64. A.We B. You C. They D. Teachers

65. A.after B. before C. for D. in

66. A.them B. you C. me D. us

67. A.saying B. telling C. speaking D. listening

68. A.tell B. talk C. say D. have

69. A.student B. boy C. girl D. teacher

70. A.in B. with C. of D. at

VI. 阅读理解(30分)


( )71. What is Emily talking about in her letter?

A. Joy’s birthday party.

B. Emily’s birthday party.

C. Uncle Paolo’s birthday party?

( )72. Where are they going to have the party?

A. In Central Park.

B. Near History Museum.

C. At Uncle Paolo’s restaurant.

( )73. What can they do from 6 : 30 to 7 : 45?

A. go to a concert B. eat and talk They can . C. go to the museum ( )74. What time does the party start?

A. 6 : 30 It starts at about . C. 8 : 00 B. 7 : 45

( ) 75. Are Emily’s friends and classmates all coming?

A. Yes, they do B. No, they don’t C. Yes, they are

根据上面短文内容,判断正误, 正确的写T,错误的写F

( )76. Everyone likes the idea of early morning classes.

( )77. Nilmi says there are no buses early in the morning.

( )78. Hwa-Jeong does a lot of things in the morning

( )79. Isabel goes Jogging in the morning.

( )80. Nilmi watches TV in the morning.

Now there are many thousands of computers all around the world. Some of them are big and some of them are small. They are very useful. People can use them to send and get e-mails, look for things on the Internet, play computer games ... But in 1946 the first computer in the world cannot do these things. It is for calculating. It is as big as a room! Only some scientists can use it. Some people say the first computer is in China. Why do they think so? Because the first

abacus(the oldest calculating machine) appeared much earlier in China than the big computer in America.

Notes: calculate 计算, scientist 科学家, abacus 算盘, appear 出现


81.What can people use the computer to do ?


82.Can the first computer do these thing in 1946?


83.What is the first computer used for?


84.Why do some people think the first computer is in China?


85.What do you think of it? Do you think the first computer is in China ,too?

VII. 完成句子(5分)

86. 足球赛在下午四点钟开始。

The football match ________ __________4:00 ______ ________________.

87. 你愿意和我们一起去游泳吗?

_________ _________ _________ ______________ _________ _______ us?

88. 你有一个大家庭还是一个小家庭?

_________ you ________ a big family _________ a small family?

89. 欢迎大家来我们的电脑室。

_____________________ our computer room.

90. 袋鼠产自欧洲吗?不,它产自澳大利亚。

_____the kangaroo ______ _____ Europe ?No ,it ___ ____ ___


91. What food do you like best? (同义句)

______________ ______________ _______________ ________? 对划线部分提问)

_________ ________ you like _________ ____________ with Mother?

93. 对划线部分提问)

_______ ______does his mother ________ up?

94.Jack likes hamburgers. (用vegetables改为选择疑问句).

______ Jack______ hamburgers ______vegetables?

95.They don’t have the same habit.(同义句)

They have ___________ _____________.


根据下面的提示,以“My School Day”为题写一篇不少于65个词的短文。

提示:1、早上6:00起床,6:30步行去上学。 2、8:00开始上课,在学校吃午饭。

3、有时放学后在学校踢足球,5:30回家吃晚饭。 4、6:30开始做作业,7:00看电视。 5、通常9:00上床睡觉。 My School Day



1-5 CADBE 6-10 CABAC 11-15CBCAB 16-20 CBABB



II.26.play the piano 27.under the bed 28.next to the school 29.family tree 30.make a travel plan 31.invite sb to do sth. 32.unhealthy food 33.swimming lessons 34.play the computer games 35.talk to my friends

III.36.eat 37.are 38.Jim’s 39.Does like 40.are 41.look 42.their 43.to play

44.America 45.boxes

IV.46.B 47.A 48.D 49.D 50.A 51.B 52.D 53.B 54.C 55.C 56.B 57.D

58.D 59.B 60.C

V.61.C 62.C 63.A 64.A 65.A 66. D 67.C 68.B 69.B 70.B

VI.71-75 BCBAC . 76. F 77 F 78. T 79. T 80. F

81. People can use them to send and get e-mails, look for things on the Internet, play computer games ...

82. No, it can’t.

83. It is used for calculating.

84. Because the first abacus(the oldest calculating machine) appeared much earlier in China than the big computer in America.

85. 可根据自己的理解回答,答案不唯一。

VII.86.starts at , in the afternoon 87.would you like to go swimming with 88.Do you , or

89.Welcome to 90.Does come from, comes from Australia.

VIII. 91.What’s your favourite food 92.Where would to go 93.What time get 94.Does like ,or 95.different habits

IX One possible version

I often get up at 6 in the morning, and I go to school on foot after breakfast. Lessons start at 8:00 and I have lunch at school. Sometimes I play football with my classmates after school, and I go home for supper at half past five. Then I start to do my homework at 6:30 and watch TV at 7:00 after I finish my homework. Usually I go to bed at 9:00. This is my school day.


A. 根据录音内容,选出相符的图画。录音听两遍。

1. Who can play table tennis with me now? 2. The man is a teacher. He’s giving a lesson now.

3. I like singing, but she likes dancing. 4. He’s looking at the note. What’s he going to do?

5. It’s very fast to travel by air.

B. 听录音,选择合适的应答句。录音听两遍。

6. Shall we go shopping this Sunday? 7. When do you get up every day? 8. Hello, may I speak to Peter? 9. Excuse me, where is City Park? 10. Bob won the first prize in the English contest.

C. 对话理解,找出你所斩到的问句的正确答案

11. A: Can you find my bag? B: Yes, it's in the teacher's desk. Q: Where is the bag?

12. A: Look! The green blouse is Lucy's. B: That's nice. Q: What color is Lucy's blouse?

13. A: What's the time, please? B: Sorry. My watch is at home. Q: What's the time?

14. A: This is the twins' bedroom. B: Her trousers are on the bed. Q: Where are the trousers?

15. A: Come here, Jim. "Put on your coat, please. B: Thank you, Miss Gao. Q: Whose coat is it?

D. 根据所听到的短文内容,选择最佳答案。录音听两遍

Uncle Wang works in a bookshop in the middle of the city. The shop is not far from his home. It’s about two kilometers away. So Uncle Wang seldom goes to work by bus. He usually goes there by bike, sometimes on foot. It takes him twenty minutes to get there by bike, and forty minutes on foot. Today his bike is broken. He wants to walk there. Now he’s having breakfast. He leaves home at ten minutes to eight. He walks to work twenty minutes earlier. His work starts at half past eight in the morning and finishes at a quarter to five in the afternoon.

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