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Unit 7 It‘s raining.

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Unit 7 It’s raining!

班级__________ 姓名____________ 学号_________ 等级______________




2. —Hi, Bob. How is it going?

— __________________. The weather here is hot and humid.

3. —Does your mother often ___________________ dinner for you? —Yes, she does.

4. I often __________________________ T-shirts and shorts when it is hot.

5. ____________________________ New Year!

B) 阅读短文,填写单词。

Dear Jackie,

(1) _______________ is it going? What are you (2) ________________? I’m having a great time. I’m visiting my grandmother in Florida. The weather is hot and (3) _________ every day. I (4) _______________soccer here every day. I’m really very (5) ____________ in my grandmother’s house.

Please write soon!

Love Anna

C) 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,必要时可加助动词。

1. —___________________ Barry ________________ (like) cold weather? —Yes, he does.

2. —What are the boys doing on the beach?

—They ____________________________ (play) beach volleyball.

3. Hi, Joe. Can you ______________ (help) me ______________(clean) the room?

4. Thank you for ______________________________ (tell) me the story.

5. I like _______________ (talk) with people and I want _____________ (be) a reporter.

6. It ____________________________ (rain) now. It's a humid day again.

7. Listen! Someone ____________________________(play) the piano.

8. He is ____________________________ (surprise) to see her.

9. Look! The boy ______________________________ (lie) on the beach.

10. The weather ______________________________ (look) bad.


( ) 1. Do you like __________sunny day? —Yes, I do.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 2. Many people are__________ vacation __________ Hainan.

A. in; on B. at; in C. on; in D. in; at

( ) 3. —________ is the weather like in Beijing? —It’s sunny now.

A. How B. Where C. Why D. What

( ) 4. —How is it going? —It’s _________. I like this city.

A. terrible B. bad C. great D. not good

( ) 5. It’s winter in Beijing now. The weather is_________ and windy.

A. cold B. hot C. snowy D. A&C

( ) 6. Thank you for __________ me with my homework.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help

( ) 7. The weather ________ sunny and beautiful.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) 8. I often wear a raincoat (雨衣) when ____________.

A. it’s hot B. it’s warm C. it’s cool D. it’s raining

( ) 9. —_________ —She’s cooking.

A. What’s Mary doing? B. How is it going?

C. What’s Bob doing? D. How is the weather?

( ) 10. Look, a group of __________ are walking on the beach.

A. man B. boy C. girl D. people

( ) 11. —_______ is the weather ________ Shanghai?—It is windy.

A. How; about B. What; in C. How; in D. What; about

( ) 12. The students are cleaning their classroom. _______ are cleaning the windows,

________ are cleaning the chairs.

A. Some; others B. Some; another

C. Others; the others D. Others; others

( ) 13. Not everyone _______ rich in America.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 14. Would you like to _______ a photo for us?

A. give B. make C. take D. get

( ) 15. Look at the _______! It's ______ heavily now.

A. snow; snow B. snow; snowing C. snowing; snow D. snow; snowy


1. 东京冬天天气如何?

__________________ the __________________ in Tokyo in winter?

2. 我很惊讶那些孩子们能在这么热的天气里玩。

I __________ _____________ that the children can play ________ __________ _________.

3. 看!幼儿园里每个人都玩得很开心。

Look! Everyone is _________ _________ _________ __________in the


4. 情况怎么样? 好极了!

-___________________ it _____________________? -Great!

5. 有一个人正在公园里照相。

One man is ___________________ a _____________________in the park.


1. ____________________________________________?

It is cloudy in Beijing today.

2. ____________________________________________?

Yes, he is listening to the music.

3. ____________________________________________?

Not bad.

4. ____________________________________________?

It’s sunny in Shanghai.

5. ____________________________________________?

She is doing her homework in the classroom.


Tina: Hi, Mike! (1) ______________

Mike: It’s great! I love San Francisco.

It’s a great city.

Tina: (2) ______________

Mike: It’s pretty warm and sunny.

Tina: (3) ______________

Mike: Oh, I’m enjoying the sunshine (阳光). It’s so good.

Tina: (4) ______________

Mike: I’m not sure. I really want to stay here. I’ll call you later.

Tina: (5) ______________ Have a good time. See you.

Mike: Bye-bye.


Jack is having a great and relaxing summer. He is visiting his grandmother in Florida. The weather is hot and sunny. He is staying at his grandmother’s home. It is very nice and near the beach. He goes to the beach with friends every day. They play volleyball there a lot. He watches TV or reads in the evening. He is reading an interesting book this week. It’s really scary. His grandmother is making dinner now. She wants Jack to help her.

( ) 1. ___________ is in Florida.

A. Mike B. Tina C. Jack D. allan

( ) 2. The weather is ___________.

A. hot and rainy B. hot and sunny C. cold and sunny D. windy and cold

( ) 3. Jack is visiting his ____________.

A. grandmother B. grandfather C. uncle D. friends

( ) 4. He watches TV or reads ____________.

A. in the evening B. in the morning C. at night D. in the afternoon

( ) 5. He is reading a(n) __________ book.

A. boring B. scary C. interesting D. awful


Dear Jane,

I’m in London with my friend Karen. We are staying here for four days. It was sunny and warm yesterday (昨天), but today it is windy and a little cold. I’m drinking tea in my hotel room and Karen is out shopping. We are having a great time in London. There are

many interesting places here. My favorite places are the British Museum and Hyde Park. There are many beautiful old buildings (建筑物) here. We are really having lots of fun.

It’s raining hard now. There are lots of cars (小汽车) in the street. The cars and buses are moving slowly (慢慢地). The people are walking or running. I think London is really a good place. I love it very much.

Yours Alice

1. Who is writing the letter?


2. Where is Alice?


3. What’s the weather like today?


4. What are Alice’s favorite places?


5. What are the people doing in the street?



以“ My Favorite Season” 为题,描述你对一年四季(spring, summer, autumn, winter)的看法。提示:1、春季天气暖和、万物开始生长。2、夏季天气炎热、经常下雨。3、秋季天气凉爽、很忙碌。4、冬季天气寒冷、下雪。




A) 1.windy 2. Terrible 3. cook 4.wear 5. Happy

B) 1. How 2. doing 3. sunny 4. play 5. relaxed

C) 1. Does,like 2. are playing 3. help,clean 4. telling

5. talking,to be

6. is raining 7. is playing 8. surprised 9. is lying 10. looks 二.

1-5. ACDCD 6-10. BADAD 11-15. CAACB


1.How’s,weather 2. am surprised,in this heat

4.How’s,going 5. taking,photo


1. How’s the weather in Beijing today?

2. Is he listening to the music?

3. How’s it going?

4. How’s the weather in Shanghai?

5. What’s she doing?


1-5. DAEBC


1-5. CBAAC



2. She’s in London.

3. It’s windy and a little cold.

4. The British Museum and Hyde Park.

5. They are walking or running. 3. having a good time

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