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1.(2011·河北)Cici enjoys dancing.It's one of her ______.

A.prize B.prizes C.hobby D.hobbies

2.(2011·安徽)—I have great ________ in learning math and I'm so worried.Could you help me?

—Sure.I'd be glad to.

A.trouble B.interest C.joy D.fun

3.(2011·内江)—I have trouble learning math this term.

—You should pay more ________to your teacher's advice.

A.money B.attention C.time

4.(2010中考变式题)I don't think looking after children is just ________ work.

A.woman B.woman's C.women D.women's

5.(2010中考变式题)________ mothers can't go to the meeting, because they have gone to New York on business.

A.Alice and Lily's B.Alice's and Lily's C.Alice's and Lily

6.(2010中考变式题)—How far is your home from school?

—It's about two ________ walk.

A.hour's B.hours C.hours'

7.(2012中考预测题)—Do you know the young lady over there?

—Yes.She's ________ mother.

A.Lily and Lucy B.Lily's and Lucy's

C.Lily's and Lucy D.Lily and Lucy's

8.(2012中考预测题)After walking for more than half an hour, we decided to take ________ rest.

A.a few minute's B.a few minutes'

C.a little minute's D.a little minutes'

9.(2012中考预测题)—Where are the________?

—They are playing________ basketball on the playground.

A.man teachers; the B.men teachers; the

C.man teachers;/ D.men teachers;/

10.(2002黑龙江)Do you know if ____ back next week? If he ____ back, please let me know.

A.he comes, will come B.will he come; comes

C.he will come; comes D.will he come, will come

11. (2012·遵义中考)— Which of the two T-shirts will you take?

— I’ll take _______. One is for my brother and the other is for myself.

A. either B. both C. all

12. (2012·六盘水中考)—Jack, who helped _______ make the model ship? —Nobody! I made it all by _______.

A. your; my B. your, mine C. you; myself D. you; mine 13 The population of Shanghai is larger than __ of Jinan.

A. that B. this C. it

14. (2011·济宁中考)—Is this your key, Jenny?

—No. _______ is in my handbag.

A. His B. Hers C. Mine D. Yours

15. (2011·宜宾中考)I have two brothers. One is a teacher, ______ is a doctor.

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

16. (2011·宁波中考)—Who helped Jessie with her English?

— _______. She taught herself.

A. Anybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Everybody 17 Miss Li invited __ have dinner with her .

A. me and you B. you and I C. you and me

18 I have lost my pen. I have to buy ___.

A. one B. it C. /

I9 found ___ very difficult to make progress in my study .

A. it’s B. it C. that

20.It __ my father a whole month to go on business .

A. spent B. cost C. took

21.On May 5, 2005, at ________World Table Tennis Championship, Kong Linghui and Wang Hao won the gold medal in men's doubles with ________ score of 4: 1.

A. a; a B. 不填; the C. a; 不填 D. the; a

22.If you go by ______ train, you can have quite a comfortable journey, but make sure you get ______ fast one.

A.the; the B.不填;a C.the; a D.不填;不填

23. Today is my little sister’s ______ birthday. My family will get together to celebrate it.

A. nine B. ninth C. the ninth

24.------ How many people were invited to the meeting?

------About six ________.

A. hundred B. hundreds

C. hundred of D. hundreds of

25. of the coats made of cotton. They feel comfortable.

A.Two-thirds; is B. Two-thirds; are

C. Two-third; is D. Two –third; are

26.There are months in a year. month is December.

A. twelve; Twelfth

B. twelve; Twelve D. twelve; The twelfth C. twelfth; The twelve

27.Our English teacher bought us many new books. ______of them is very interesting.

A. All B. Both C. Every D. Each

28.My host family tried to cook ________ for me when I studied in New Zealand.

A. different something B. different anything

C. something different D. anything different

29.Tom speaks Chinese better than _______ else in his class.

A. no one B. another C. anyone D. the one

30.—Look! There are lots of old people in the park.

—They look relaxed. Some are playing the card , ___________ are chatting.

A. another B. the other C. other D. others

31. ---I always listen to the teacher _____ in class.

---It’s very clever of you to do so.

A. free B. freely C. careful D. carefully

32. ---Is chemistry more difficult than physics?

---No, chemistry isn’t as ______ as physics.

A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult

33. ---Dick, is Nick your twin brother?

---Yes, and I’m thirty minutes ______ than him.

A. fatter B. taller C. heavier D. older

34. ---Have you decided which you’d like to buy, the black shirt or the yellow one?

---The black one. Because it is _______ of the two.

A. the nicer B. the nicest C. nicer

35. ---Remember, boys and girls. _____ you work, _____ result you will get. ---We know, Miss Gao.

A. The better, the harder

B. The harder, the better

C. The harder, the good

36. Now telephones are very popular and they are much ______ than before.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

37. Of all the sports shoes, John bought ______ pair. Then he had some money for socks.

A. a cheaper B. the most wonderful C. the least expensive

38. ---Who can run _____ in the 100-metre race in your class?

---I think Li Ping can.

A. farther B. faster C. farthest D. fastest

39. I don’t think English is _____ Chinese.

A. as important as B. not important as

C. not so important D. important as

40. ---Is your toothache getting better?

---No, it’s _____.

A. bad B. serous C. worse D. the worst

41.--Mike, who____football in the yard?

--Let me go and see. (2004顺义)

A.has played B.will play

C.was playing D.is playing

42.Those workers____here these months.

A.are work B.are worked

C.work D.are working

43.Look!What___the children___ over there?

A.are;do B.are;doing C.is;do D.is doing

44.You ____ always _____ the same mistake!

A.do;make B.does;make

C.is;making D.are;making

45.Father______when I _____yesterday morning.

A.still slept,got up B.was still sleeping,got up

C.is sleeping,got up D.sleeps,get up

46.--When___you___for London? --Next week.

A.will;leaving B.are;leaving C.shall;leave

47.There___two meetings tomorrow afternoon.

A.are going to be B.are going to have

C.is going to be D.will have

48.--What did he say yesterday?

--He said he____to Sydney next week.

A.goes B.will go C.would go D.are going

49.--How long have you____here? --Since 1997.

A.arrived B.moved C.come D.lived

50.The train____when we got to the station.

A.leaves B.have left C.were leaving D.had left


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