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第二部分 笔试部分

Ⅰ.单项选择( 20分)

( )21.-----Can you ____________English ? -----Yes, I can .

A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell

( ) 22.------______________do you want to join ?

-----I want to join the music club .

A. What club B. How C. What sport D. Where

( )23.Bob can play ________tennis but he can’ play ______violin .

A. the ; the B.不填;不填 C. the ;不填 D. 不填, the

( )24. My brother can’t sing __________play the guitar.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 25. Miss Read is good ____music .She can be good ___children in the music

club. A. at ; at B. with; with C. at; with D. with ;at

( ) 26.I________ sing , but I ______dance

A. can; can’t B. can; can C. can’t; can’t D. can ; may

( ) 27.We have breakfast ________seven _________the morning.

A . in ; at B . on; in C. at; in D. at; at

( )28. What time ________she___________?

A. do; go to bed B. does; goes to bed

C. does; go to the bed D. does; go to bed

( )29. He ___________his homework at school .

A. doesn’t does B. don’t do C. doesn’t do D .doesn’t

( ) 30.Either you or I _________ wrong .

A. are B. is C. am D. be

( ) 31.------_________do you go to school every day ?

------I go to school at half past seven .

A. Where B. Who C. What D. When

( )32.-------What time do you take a walk in the morning ?


A. On weekends B. With my friends C. At about 6:30 D. For an hour

( )33.-----___does Mary get _________school ?

------She takes the subway .

A. What ; for B. How ; for C. What ; to D. How; to

( )34 .------______is it from your home to the school ?

------About twenty minutes’ walk .

A. How far B. How long C. When D. Where

( ) 35.How does he go to Hong Kong ?

A. take train B. By train C. When D. Where

( )36.------________does it take you to go to the park (公园) ?

-------About 30 minutes .

A. How B. How long C. How far D. How many

( )37-------What does he _________the trip ?

--------It’s interesting .

A. think of B. think over C. think hard D. think up


( )38. It’s easy __________to school .

A. to get B. for get C. get D. gets

( ) 39 Liangliang is ___________boy.

A. eleven years old B. a eleven--year--old

C. an eleven--year--old D. an eleven--years--old

( ) 40 There is a very big river ____their school ______the village .

A. to; in B. between ;and C. at; to D. in; in

Ⅱ.完形填空( 15分)

Hi !I’m Tony .I don’ the morning ,I get up at eight .Then I go to school at eight thirty. I don’t havetime for breakfast, so I usually eat very . After school ,I play basketball for .When I always homework first .In the evening ., watch TV or play computer games . At ten thirty , I brush my teeth and then Mary is my sister .She always shower and breakfast .After plays volleyball .She always eats ice—cream after dinner .She knows it’s not good for ( ) 41. A. like B. like to C. likes D. to like

( ) 42. A. at B. on C. after D. in

( ) 43.A.many B. long C. much D. lot of

( ) 44.A.a quick B. quickly C. quick a D. a quickly

( ) 45.A.hamburger B. a hamburgers C. hamburgers D. hamburgeres

( )46. A. half a hour B. a half hour C. half an hour D. an hour half

( ) 47. A. get home B. get to home C. to get home D. to get to home

( ) 48. A. a B. my C. one’s D.I

( ) 49. A./ B. not C. either D. also

( ) 50. A. go to bed B. go bed C. go for bed D. to bed

( ) 51. A. take B. takes C. makes D. talks

( ) 52. A. good B. a good C. good a D. well

( ) 53. A. lots of B .lot of C. a lots of D. lot a of

( ) 54. A. sometime B. some times C. sometimes D. some

( ) 55. A. he B. she C. hers D. her

III. 阅读理解(20分)


( )56. We can ask __________ to play the piano for us.

A. Lixin B. Lucy C. Mike D. Jack

( )57..You can watch Beijing Opera __________ .

A. at 3:50 am on Thursday B. at 3:50 pm on Thursday

C. on Tuesday D. at 8:00 pm on Sunday

( )58. On weekends, we can watch _______ in the auditorium.

A. Chinese kung fu B. Beijing Opera

C. the drawing show D. the piano show

( ) 59.. We can see the piano show in _______ .

A. the auditorium B. Class Five

C. the music room D. the art room

( )60.. _______ sings songs for us _______ .

A. Lucy; at 3:40 pm B. Mike; at 2:00 pm

C. Lucy; in the music room D. Mike; in Class Five


My name is Sabrina. I’m 23 year old. I come from London. Now I live(生活) in Beijing. I love teaching English . I think it’s interesting. I can speak Chinese, too. I have experience(经验) in teaching English in China.

My e—mail address


I’m Bill, an 18—year—old student. I live in Nanjing now. I can play the guitar well. I like to be a teacher. I have free time on weekends. Do you want to learn the guitar? Please call me at 15069606503.


I’m June Smith. I’m 25. I can swim well. I want to be a swimming teacher. I love kids and I’m good with kids. I can help them learn to swim. If you need a teacher in your club, please e—

( )61. Sabrina wants to be _______ .

A. a Chinese teacher B. an English teacher

C. a guitar teacher D. a swimming teacher

( )62. Bill lives in _______ .

A. Nanjing B. Beijing C. Shanghai D. Hefei

( )63. June wants to work in a(n) _______ club.

A. English B. music C. swimming D. soccer

( )64.. Lisa needs a swimming teacher . She can _________

A. call June B. e—mail June C. call Sabrina D. e—mail Sabrina

( )65. Bob wants Bill to teach him the guitar on__________

A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Sunday


Dear Grace,

How are you? Thank you for your last e—mail. You want to know about my school clubs, right ? Well, it’s time for us to join the school clubs now. there are many clubs in my school, like the English club, the art club, the music club and the sports 3

club. I have two good friends, Jack and Lisa. We all want to join the school clubs.

I want to join the music club, because I can play the guitar. I can’t speak English well, but I also want to join the English club.

Jack likes sports. He can play soccer and basketball . He is in the school soccer team(队). He wants to join the sports club. He can play the guitar, too. But he doesn’t want to join the music club.

Lisa likes drawing. She wants to join the art club. She also speaks English very well. I think she can be in the English club. But she can’t be in the music club. She can’t play any instruments(乐器).

Are there any clubs in your school? What club are you in?

Please write an e—mail and tell me about your school clubs.



( )66. Grace wants to know Jane’s _______ .

A. school clubs B. school life C. new friends D. favorite sports

( )67.. Jane wants to join the _______ club.

A. art B. sports C. music D. science

( )68.. 下面哪项陈述是正确的?

A. Jack speaks English well B. Jack is Jane’s good friend

C. Jack is in the art club D. Jack can play the violin

( )69.Lisa can NOT__________.

A. draw well B. play the guitar

C. join the English club D. speak English well

( )70.. Grace 下次给Jane写的邮件的主题可能是什么?

A. Grace’s birthday party. B. Grace’s favorite subjects.

C. Grace’s school clubs. D. Grace’s school day

( )71.. It takes Jill _______ minutes to get to the train station.

A. 30 B. 35 C. 40 D. 45

( )72.. What time dose Jill’s train leaves?


A. At 7:45 a.m. B. At 8:15 a.m. C. At 8:30 a.m. D. At 8:45 a.m.

( )73.下面哪项陈述是错误的?

A. Dave’s friend lives in a small village.

B. Dave’s sees his friend on Saturdays.

C. Dave gets to the village at 12:00.

D. Dave leaves the small village at 6:10.

( )74. It take Dave _______ minutes to go from the village to his home by train.

A. 100 B. 120 C. 160 D.180

( )75.. How long does it usually take Clark to go to work by train?

A. 20 minutes B. 30 minutes C. 35 minutes D. 45 minutes

IV.根据句意和提示补全单词( 10分)

76. Can you come and s________ English with us ?

77. -------Let’s dance music in the music room .

------S________ good .

78.She __________(刷 )her teeth every morning and evening .

79.I’m the last one to take a _________(洗澡).

80.Langlang is a great __________ (音乐家) in the world .

81. Ice---cream usually __________( 尝起来) good ,so the students like to eat after school .

82. He is __________ (像) a father to me .

83. He has a good _________( 工作) 。He works at a radio station .

84. I’m never __________(迟到) for work .

85. The school needs help to __________( 教) music .

V. 翻译句子(5分 )

86.你很擅长于讲故事 。

You’re very __________ _________ telling stories.

87. 我们需要你帮助说英语的学生开展体育活

We need you to ________ ________ sports for English---speaking students .

88. 我喜欢和我的同学玩

I love to ________ _______ my classmates .

89. 这是你的衣服,快穿上吧 !.

Here are your clothes . Go and _________ _________ quickly .


Can their dream ________ ____________ ?

VI.书面表达(10分 )

假如你叫Jack ,请用英语写一篇短文介绍一下你的情况。


1. 你几点钟 起床、吃早餐、放学后几点回家?

2. 你乘什么交通工具?学校离你家多远?花费多长时间?

3. 你有什么特长? 你在俱乐部里吗?




第一部分:听力( 30分)

第二部分:笔试部分( 120分)

76._________ 77.__________78._______79._______ 80.________


86._______ _______ 87._______ _______ 88.________ _______

89.__________ ________ 90.________ ______






21-25 AADBC 26-30 ACDCC 31-35 DCDAB 36-40 BAACB

41-45 BDCBC 46-50 CABCA 51-55 BBACD

56-60 CBACA 61-65 BACBD 66-70 ACBBC 71-75 ABBDB

76. speak 77. Sounds 78. brushes 79. shower 80. musician

81. takes 82. like 83. job 84. late 85. teach

86. good at 87. help with 88. play with 89. get dressed

90. come true



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