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九年级英语What would you do课件4

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I’m full of energy. I never get tired.

Answer the questions and try to think what you are like.

?Are you afraid to speak in public?

?Do you like to meet new people?
?Do you like art and music?

?Do you often get nervous when you have to
meet new people? ?Do you often feel tired?


outgoing, serious, funny, smart,

friendly, unfriendly, shy, creative,

quiet, calm, confident, unconfident, energetic…


energetic shy



confident 1._________ People aren't afraid to speak in public. 2._________ outgoing People like to meet new people. creative 3._________ People usually like art and music. shy 4._________ People get nervious when they have to meet new people. energetic 5._________ People are hardly ever tired.

I’m outgoing and energetic. What are you like?

I’m shy and quiet.
A: What are you like? creative outgoing B: I think I'm _______and________.

Make sentences
If you are
outgoing ___________, you

like to meet and talk
to new people.

If you are energetic __________, you are very active and have a lot of energy.


shy If you are______, you feel nervous and embarrassed when talking to other people, especially people you do not know.

If you are __________, you are sure that confident you can do something or deal with a situation successfully.

creative If you are________, you use your imagination or skills to make things.

Listen. Celia is asking Bill questions from a personality survey. Check the questions Celia asks. Then circle Bill’s responses.


Ask and answer the questions in the personality survey.
A: What would you do if someone asked you to be in a movie?
B: I’d say “yes”.

A: …
B: …

If you answered ____ C for most questions, then you are probably pretty confident. Social situations don’t bother you in the slightest. You know how to get it. Sometimes you


not...at all

might annoy people because you’re so

If you answer ____ B for most questions, you are outgoing and fairly confident. You have plenty of friends, and you enjoy the company


of other people. People come to you when they

a lot of / lots of

want advice. Your friends would probably say
that you are easy to get along with.

get on with

If most of your answers were ___ A , you are
probably a shy person. You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group. You

would also rather stay at home and read a
good book than go to a party. You have a small circle of very good friends. Your friends
would rather … than…: 宁愿… 而不愿…

而不是 instead of

would probably say you are a good listener.

Write your own personality survey, ask students the questions and then discuss the results.

If a friend said something bad about you, would you …? a. talk to the friend right away? b. say nothing? c. think about what he or she said?


A: How many people would talk to the friend right away? B: Three. And two people would say nothing.

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