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初一英语专题 首字母填空


My sister is a successful musician. She can p the guitar, the violin a the piano. She can also sing and dance. Do you want t know about her? Let me tell you about her weekdays.

On Monday she goes to play the guitar w her friends. They play it for the kids. They think it is v interesting.

On Tuesday, she finds a j in a school. She is a good music teacher. O Wednesday and T she goes to Beijing to learn art. She thinks a is really relaxing. She likes to paint and she wants to d nice pictures. Then she goes to play the violin with her partners(搭档) in a TV show.


There is a zoo near my house. I like to go there and see them. In the zoo we can see many a . Look! There’s a k____ in the tree. He’s eating leaves. Isn’t he cute? Under the tree, there’s a g . Her neck(脖子) is so long(长). She’s a c girl. Where’s the p ? She’s there eating the bamboo(竹子). She’s k of shy. But the e is interesting. He’s playing with kids with his long nose(鼻子). They’re v fun. Look! In the pool(池子), there are two d . They’re f to people. They are playing with their balls. How happy they are!


T for your letter. I’m happy you like your new school. Let u tell you about my school life in C .

I go to school from M to Friday. I have f classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. My favorite subject is m . I have m things to do after class. I often play soccer and s . On Tuesday evening, we have an English party. We all s English there.

The g food at school is very nice. I really like it. I hope you can come to see me soon.


I am an American girl. My name is Alice Green. I am a middle school s . I am fifteen. I have two b . They are middle school students, too. We go to school from M to Friday. We don't h any calsses on Saturdays and Sundays. My father and mother are teachers. They always s

ay China is great. I like reading. I am reading a Chinese storybook. I t it's very i . My brothers and I like p football and basketball. What s do you like? Let’s b good pen pal, OK? Please w to me soon.


We have two new students in our school .They are from Canada. They s English. They look the s . Their n are Lily and Lucy. They live with t parents. There are four people in their f . Their father and mother are t . They have milk and eggs f breakfast. They say they want to v Beijing. They like China very much.


Meimei is a student. She is o______ her bed. N_______ to the bed is a desk. A computer and h______ bag are on the desk. U_______ the dresser is a soccer ball. A TV i_______ on the table. Meimei a______ her mother like i_______ very much. Two p______ are on the wall. A hat is b______ CDs and cassettes on the desk i______ them.


On weekends, I o go to movies with my friend Jack. My f movie star is Jack Chan. He’s a great a He has a n movie, Speed. It’s a very s action movie. I think it’s e Jack l Michelle Yan best. He likes her f movie, Sleepless Night. It’s a thriller. I don’t t it’s great. In fact, it’s b .


I am an American b . My name is Jerry Black. You can c me Jerry. I h a sister, Ginny. We are twins(双包胎). But we are very d . I have a long face w a high nose, while she has a round face with a small nose. I like football. But she l basketball. I like loud music. She likes light music. My father is a doctor in a h . My mother runs(经营) a clothing s . We have a family member, Beibei. She is a lovely dog. She will have a puppy(小狗) s .


Dogs are f of man. They work for us. They hunt with us. They also p with us. But a long time ago, all over the w , dogs were wild. Dogs can go back to the Stone Age. All dogs had the same ancestor(祖先. It is believed that this ancestor was much like a wolf. Other a , like fox, also came from this ancestor. T of years ago, man began to tame(使

(驯训服练))the wild dogs. When the dogs were tamed, they were trained

w . The strong dogs then became working animals. They were trained to pull heavy loads(担子. They learned to keep w over sheep and other animals. Working dogs could do other t , too. Some dogs were not strong. But they could help man hunt. Other dogs were best at pets. At f , there were only a few k of dogs. Today, there are more than 100 kinds.


Can you make animals w for us? Some scientists think that one day we can teach a________ to do a lot of work for people. They say that in a f________ or on TV, you may see elephants, monkeys, tigers or some other animals always have a little f____ __ to eat after they do something. Scientists say that people can teach m___ ___ different animals to do some of the work when they know they will get something to e______. We all k______ elephants can carry large things, and d______ can look after houses. And we can teach animals to work in factories. In America, for example, people t________ apes to make cards, and scientists think that those b________ monkeys may drive trains one day.

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