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John gets up early from Monday to S 1 , because he must go to school before 7:30 on weekdays(工作日) and go to the D 2 Club at 8:00 on Saturday mornings. He draws very well. He usually goes to the b 3 to look at the new books on Saturday afternoons, and after supper he watches TV until(直到) m. 4

He doesn’t get up early on Sundays. John’s parents b 5 work on Sundays. John always watches TV after he gets up. Then he usually goes to KFC to have a h. 6 and some juice for lunch. After that, he goes back home and b 7 to play computer games until his parents come back. He does his homework after supper. He usually has a lot of w 8 homework, so he must s 9 three hours on it. He usually goes to bed at about 11:00 p.m. on Sundays. He often complains(抱怨) he has too

m 10 homework to do.

1、S 2、D 3、b 4、m. 5、b

6、h. 7、b 8、w 9、s 10、m


A woman is going shopping. She is going by b 1 .The boat is going a 2 the river. Her basket is empty(空的). Oh dear! Look! Her basket is in the w 3 "help!" she says. "Look! My basket is in the river."

A boy sees the basket. He say, "Don't w 4 ! I can get it! I'm a very good s 5 ." He takes off his shoes and shirt. "Look a 6 my shirt and shoes, please!" he says and then jumps into the river.

A d 7 sees the basket. "I can go by basket !" it thinks. It gets to the basket. The boy’s

swimming in the river. "Where's the basket?" he calls. "It's over there!" calls the woman. "It's behind you! It's u 8 that duck!" The boy gets to the basket. "Go away!" he says to the duck. The duck j 9 out of the basket and swims away. The boy takes the basket to the land. "Oh , thank you!"says the woman. "Thank you very much!"

"Not at all," says the boy. " Do you have my shirt and shoes , please?"

"Yes , here you are. Oh, what's in the basket? It's the duck's e 10 !"

1、b 2、a 3、w 4、w 5、s

6、a 7、d 8、u 9、j 10、e


An important question a ____1____ eating out is who pays for (付账) the meal. If a friend of yours asks you to have lunch with him, you may say something l____2____ this, “I’m afraid(害怕、担心) it’ll have to be some cheap place, because I have very little m___3___.” The other person may say, “OK, I’ll m___4___ you at McDonald’s.” This means that the two agree to go Dutch (各人付自己的帐), that is, each p____5____ pays for himself. He may a ___6____ say, “Oh, no. I want to take you to lunch at Smith’s,” or “I want you to try (品尝)the Chinese dumplings there. They’re great.” This m____7_____ the person wants to pay for bills(买单) of you. If you feel f 8 to this person, you can go with him and you don’t n___9___ to pay for the meal. You may just say, “Thank you. That will be very n_____10______.”

1.a 2.l 3.m 4.m 5.p

6.a 7.m 8. f 9.n 10.n


Near my home there is a big supermarket called“Da Tonghua”. You can buy school t____1 there , such as exercise books, rulers, pens, color pencils, erasers and maps. And you can buy drinks, vegetables, fruit, and all k__2__ of food. Some of them are c 3 but some of them are expensive. The supermarket is o 4 every day f__5___8:00 a.m.to10:00 p.m. The people in the supermarket are very f 6 .They always have smiles on their faces. They work hard all day. They are h 7 to answer your questions. They help you find w 8 you want. On Saturdays and S__9___,the supermarket is full of people. They buy a lot of things there. And sometimes they have their m 10 there, such as KFC, Aunt Boiled Dumplings and so on.

1、t____ 2、k__ __ 3、c 4、o 5、f__ _ __

6、f 7、h 8、w 9、S__ _ _ _10、m


Dear friends,

Do you k 1 you are lucky when you are sitting in the bright c 2 and having your classes or enjoying your nice food at home? Can you feel many children in Haiti(海地) are very 1 3 , too? We know an earthquake(地震) happened in Haiti on January 12th,2010. Many people died(死去). Lots of children don’t have enough f 4 to eat, and they c 5 go to school now.

They need our help. So we’d like to collect s 6 and clothes for them. You can

d 7 your old pens, rubbers, rulers, pencil-boxes or old clothes. And you can also donate some money . We will s 8

them to the children in Haiti.

We hope to raise m 9 than 10,000 yuan , then we can help 50 students to go back to school. If you would like to donate things, please c 10 us on 83301666. Thank you. Gao Shan and her classmates

1、k 2、c 3、1 4、f 5、c

6、s 7、d 8、s 9、m 10、c


Every year there is a S 1 Festival in China . Usually it is in January or F 2 . In

2006,it is on January 29th. It is the most i 3 festival in China .So before it comes, everyone has to prepare(准备) things. They buy pork , beef, chicken, fruit and many o 4 things , and they often make a special kind of food called “d 5 ”. It means “come together”. On that day before the festival, parents buy new c 6 for their children. On the Festival Eve ,all the family members come back to their hometown. This is a hapy moment. They sing, dance and play all kinds of games. Others get the dinner ready. When they enjoy the meal ,they give each other the best w 7 for the coming year. Children usually get some Lucky Money (压岁钱) or red p 8 . At 12:00, people let off f 9 to welcome the coming of the Spring Festival. All the people , rich or p 10 , old or young ,are the happiest at this time .

1、S 2、F .3、i 4、o 5、d

6、c 7、w 8、p 9、f 10、p


(A)Saturday 、Drawing 、bookshop 、midnight、both、hamburger、begins、weekend 、spend 、much

(B)boat across water worry swimmer after duck under jumps egg

(C)after like money meet person also means friendly need nice

(D)things, kinds, cheap, open, from, friendly, happy, what, Sundays, meals (E)

know classrooms 1ucky food can’t stationery donate send more call (F)

Spring February important other dumplings clothes wishes packets fireworks poor

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