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周闸初中教学开放日八年级英语第七单元第三课时教案 执教:周德华 班级:八(3) 时间:2011.11.17 第二节课

Unit7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Section B 2a—2c、Self-check Period 3



1.单词butter、turkey、slices 、beef、, relish 、lettuce、 boil、add

2. 词汇与语法:blender , yogurt , turn on , cut up , peel , pour , put

into ,ingredient ,teaspoon ,amount ,watermelon .first, next ,then ,finally butter, onion, tomato, turkey slices, beef slices, relish and lettuce.

How do you make a banana milk shake ?How many bananas do we need ? How much yogurt do we need ?

用how many 和how much 分别对可数名词和不可数名词的量提问.


通过听力材料,了解对可数名词和不可数名词的量提问,能正确运用how many 和how much






3:正确运用how many 和how much 分别对可数名词和不可数名词的量提问


Listening and speaking、 Pairwork、 Cooperative learning.



Step 1. Greetings and revision

1. Who knows the recipe for making a banana milk shake?

2. The way of making a banana milk shake

3. Read words and phrases. Review the grammar focus .

Ask Ss to say the questions and answers .

Step 2. Have a dictation about the words and phrases.

e.g. yogurt;watermelon, teaspoon, blender, milk shake, peel, cut up, put into, pour into, turn on ,drink and so on.

Step3 Lead-in

Let’s make a sandwich .

Ask Ss that what ingredients they need .Ask two students to say and write the ingredients on the Bb .

Then ask ,How do you make your favorite sandwich ?

Step 4 Open your books

Point to the sandwich ingredients in the picture 1a. .Say each word and ask Ss to repeat it .

Read the instructions and point to the lines where Ss write the things they like in a sandwich .

Point out the conversation in the box .Ask Ss to work with a partner .As Ss work ,I move around the room monitoring .

Ask some pairs to say their conversations to the class .

Step 5 Listening(2a)

Read the instructions to the class .Point to the foods in activity 1a .Play the tape the first time .Ss only listen .Play the tape again .Ss circle the words in activity 1a .Check the answers .

Step6 Listening(2b)

Listen carefully and write the ingredients on the correct lines in the chart .Check the answers .

Step7 Pairwork (2c )

Ss work in pairs .Ask several pairs to act out .

Step8 Consolidation

Do self-check 1.2


Go through the new words and useful expressions learned in this period, as well as the key sentences, the procedure of making a sandwich.

Homework :

1.Copy the new words and expressions learned in this class.

2.Tell your partner how to make a sandwich .

The design of the blackboard

NOV.17th 2011

A Open Teaching Plan

(Unit7,Section B, period3)《Go for it》 Class Three,Grade Eight

Designed and taught by Zhou Dehua Junior Middle School,FuduTown

Wuwei County,Anhui ,China

Teaching material:

Unit7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Section B 2a—2c、Self-check

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